maggie rhee in season eight ★ 8x01 ‘mercy’ 

“we practiced. we’ve been through it over and over again. we all know the plan doesn’t end this morning. that we might have to live in uncertainty for days, maybe even more. that we have to keep our faith in each other. if we can hold onto that with everything we have, the future is ours. the world is ours.” 

Bruce is Jason’s DAD ok.

I mean Bruce is all of his kid’s ‘dad’ but he’s Jason’s only dad.

Allow me to elaborate.
Dick grew up with loving parents before bruce took him in, and Tim reconnected with his dad as a teen, and Duke had loving parents up until recently and Damian calls him ‘father’ very formally but Dick is also pretty much his dad too (he’s also his brother but still), so like Damian basically has two fathers. But Jason? Jason’s birth father was an abusive drunk who repeatedly beat the shit out of Jason and his mom, and got sent to prison and killed in there while Jason was really little, Jason’s only semi-healthy/loving parental relationship was with his mom Catherine, and she overdosed in front of him so that’s not wonderful but hey at least she never beat him. Sheila was his birth mother but she’s the reason he’s the vigilante representative for why it can be a bad idea to tell people your secret identity, she watched and stood by while he was getting beat to death. So, the others all had healthy father son relationships with other people before Bruce right? BUT JASON DIDN’T. BRUCE IS HIS ONLY DECENT FATHER FIGURE AND THAT’S ONE OF THE MANY REASONS THAT THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS SO IMPORTANT.

This is basically a long winded way of saying that I want Jason to call Bruce ‘Dad’ in canon. Also for Bruce to be very obviously, awkwardly emotionally moved by it because no one else calls him that.

I was looking at fanfic, and there was a note in one of the summaries that the author would not be posting their ending on Ao3, because Ao3 allows stories with rape, and therefore this author is boycotting it.

And like, I mean, I’m not someone who thinks that there’s no such thing as a story that shouldn’t be written? There are totally things that people should not write, though I think that has a lot less to do with the events in the story than with how those events are portrayed.

But like, to me, refusing to post your work to Ao3 because it’ll be in the same database as works you find morally abhorrent is like refusing to allow your work to be stored in libraries that also contain 50SoG or Thomas Jefferson’s diary or Mein Kampf or something. It feels like protesting the Library of Congress or the OED. Ao3 is an archive; its purpose is to maintain as complete a record as possible of what fans write. An archive that only hosted works that a certain group of people agreed with wouldn’t be a very good archive, you know?

I can totally understand boycotting specific authors, and I can totally understand feeling protective of a place that exists to educate or provide community, like a middle school library or your book club. But Ao3 isn’t that. Ao3 is trying to be an archive, and it can only succeed if it acts like an archive. Most historical archives contain a ton of highly objectionable work, because people in general write a lot of highly objectionable things.

I don’t see that as a good reason to withdraw your own works from the record. I see that as a reason to write things that are actually good, so that when people look at the groups I was a part of–fandom, Catholics, early 21st century American writers, whatever–there will be entries for that place and that era that outsiders don’t want to brush off as total garbage.

Unforseen Consequences

He wish he had known.

He wish he had known that he would be up most nights. It was so, so hard to get his mind to shut down. Images of golden hair, thick and always disheveled, vibrant sapphire eyes that glinted in just the right way when the sunlight hit them, and a smile so wide and so full of life, kept him awake more often than he wanted to admit.

He wish he had known about the ‘what ifs’ that flooded his mind on the daily. What if he had stayed in Konoha? What if he had sought power within the confines of his village? Where would he be now? Would he still be with his team? What if the bond he had swore to break was never broken at all? What if he had accepted the blonde? Accepted his friendship? His humor? His passion for others? His lo-…

He wish he had known about the pain that he felt deep, deep in his chest and his stomach and his lungs and his throat and his head. The pain some days was unbearable. It was an unwelcome and debilitating feeling. It made it hard to breathe, sometimes hard to think rationally. It crushed his spirit, and the ideals he had held onto for so long wavered. It was like a gust of wind was threatening to blow them away.

Maybe if he had known how much it would hurt, he would have never left Naruto’s side.

When Pidge Makes You Wear A Cowboy Hat…^^^

Cryptic Hunting With The Gremilin (We Found Big Foot!!!!) ^^^

Conspiracy Time ^^^

Happy Birthday To My Favorite Spicy Boy!!! I Had Too Much Fun Taking These Photos (Haha)

Also I Know I Don’t Look The Best But I Don’t Care.

(Pidge @oceanspiritus )

(Keith Me)

A Message

If you are dating someone of the same sex (or anyone close to your gender that would count as homosexual), and it is unsafe for you or not your time to come out, you don’t have to.

I hear way too many times, “If you love me you’ll tell people about me.” Or, “If you don’t tell people about us, we’re breaking up.”

Please, please please, if it is not your time to come out, and your S/O is pressuring you to, you don’t need them. (Or you could work on it if you want to)

Do it when you’re ready, not when someone else is.

gabys-scribbles  asked:

puffin-mcmuffin deactivated their account !!! do you know what happened ? My WiFi was not working for the night , I have no freaking idea what and when happened !!!! Jfc they were on of my fave headcanon writers 😭😭😭 I feel so bad ....💔😖

I have no idea! But their Red Riding Hood fic is gone from Ao3 too!

I’ve been kinda laser focused on making commissions for the last couple weeks so I haven’t a clue why their blog and Ao3 are gone! But I followed them too and I’m worried. I hope they’re okay.

Maybe they just got too overwelmed and just needed to leave? 

Does anyone know if they’re alright???


Inktober day 23: High strung


I adore using red and blue colors in the same piece… and Fatal kinda lends himself to it! He’s so cool XD 

PS: It’s up to interpretation who he decided to ‘string up’ :3

Fatal_Error by @fatal-error-blog