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Hi. I'm not sure who to ask about the different creatures that've been on Supernatural. I haven't caught up with the seasons quite yet, but has there been changelings on an episode or two? Has Sam or Dean talked about them?

Yes, there have been Changelings. They were the MOTW in episode 3x02 “The Kids Are Alright”, in which we first meet Lisa and Ben Braeden.

wanderingnova24  asked:

89 with Mustang!

I literally gasped when I saw what word was associated with this but…since you caused me pain, here it is…

89 - psychotic (Mustang)

“Mustang, hey,” Ed was pleading now, shoving precaution aside as he reached out his automail arm to try and bring the inconsolable man back to reality.  “Whatever it is, we’ll fix it.”

Ed watches helplessly as Mustang runs white-knuckled hands through his hair, eyes widened and pointed down at the floor the two are kneeling on.

“Fullmetal.”  When Roy speaks, his voice is low, dangerous.  “They’re gone.”

Ed feels an icy horror settle into his stomach.  “What do you mean, they’re gone?” He asks hesitantly.

Roy drags his gaze up to meet Edward’s, and when he sees the older man’s dark eyes, he has to consciously stop himself from reeling backwards.  The look in those eyes is entirely too close to being described as psychotic.

“My team,” Roy’s voice sounds like it’s on the brink of breaking, and part of Edward breaks alongside it.  This was his superior officer, Roy Mustang, The Flame Alchemist, one of the strongest men he knows, and he was breaking.

“My team is gone.”

a-lover-of-jugo  asked:

your thoughts on a prim & proper sniper Mccree working with a sword wielding punk Hanzo?

So like an au or style swap kinda thing?
It would be cool to see how their personalities would react with the change.

I don’t think we have to stretch canon too far to get a punk sword wielding Hanzo. If that thing hadn’t happened with Genji, I think it could have been canon if the bros escaped the Family –seeing as how Hanzos punk rock at heart.
Hmm. With Jesse tho we might have to squint our eyes a little on that one personality wise.
However, we know that under that cowboy act McCree is a prodigy/genius when it comes to everything he does and is.
So maybe– maybe if their origins were swapped? Hanzo and Genji grew up on the run in street gangs, and Jesse was the young heir raised in a family of assassins?

In that case I think the dynamics would be pretty similar to they way they already are. Jesse is militantly precise and attentive to detail, but knows how to manipulate situations and people with his charm and a smile, who clashes with a broody and passionate Hanzo who is as equally headstrong and a bit of a control freak -because he’s fiercely protective of Genji and any he deems worthy of his care.
(*throw in a chaotic neutral Genji who drives them both up a mcfucking wall) And then again those are things they could also learn how to work with and bond over and they still make a pretty darn good team.

This is a really fun concept dude!
You got any thoughts or headcanons?

I joined the ‘Teacher Weight Loss Challenge’ at my school and I’m currently in second place having lost 4 pounds last week.

I may have been skipping out on the gym the past few months (life has been stressful), but I’m totally ready to get back into a shape that I feel comfortable with.