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I'm going to start school soon and I think it would be super cool if you'd made some school headcanons. I know that lots of people had already started and they might like them too. I think your ideas are great thanks for doing what you do.


Pidge in the robotics club. Pidge is The President (yes the capitals are necessary) of the robotics club, because Pidge is The Best. Pidge is also the most savage person in the entire school and has blackmail material on most if not all of the school. They’re also the kind of person that can walk down the hallways during classes and none of the teachers even bother to ask what they’re up to because A) Pidge is plenty smart anyway and B) plausible deniability.

Shiro is the student body president. He didn’t plan on running (Allura nominated him and then ran a winning campaign for him). He’s still surprised he won. He’s the kind of guy that everybody genuinely likes and everyone has a crush on. And he’s a big dork, too. He’s quiet and smart and prom king and it’s adorable when someone compliments him because he turns bright red. He stops any and all fights he comes up on and places all of the kids who are bullied under his protection, and he’s also a state track star.

Allura is also a track star. And soccer. And tennis. And math, and science, and wrestling…She’s brutally efficient when she wants to be and she goes at everything with all she’s got. A month into her senior year she’s already got scholarship offers. Everyone respects her and if you don’t well…good luck with that.

Lance is head cheerleader. He’s too flexible for his own damn good and he will drop into the splits anywhere and everywhere. He’s the class clown, he is loud and everyone knows who he is. He’s impossible to ignore. He’s competitive and will fight for the stupidest reasons (and always with Keith) and he is absolutely the idiot who went out the night before a big basketball game against their rival school, stole their mascot, and then posted about it on twitter because he’s an idiot and hid in Hunk’s car for three hours before Hunk finished his project and took him home.

Keith is the yearbook photographer. He has no idea why he is, but he’s pretty sure it was Shiro’s fault. Maybe Allura’s (Lance is a suspect, too, because he just so happens to pop up every time Keith has the camera; he also can’t rule out Pidge, who steals the incriminating photos he captures and adds it to their collection). He tries to keep to himself, but Shiro doesn’t let him, and neither do the others. Whenever he ends up in trouble, it’s only his fault about 40% of the time (he has a temper and he doesn’t like the way some of his teachers talk to him like he’s stupid. He’s not, he’s just quiet and doesn’t like to participate.) The other 60% it’s either Pidge or Lance’s fault. He has no idea what he did to get where he is.

Hunk is everyone’s favorite. He won Homecoming King. He also won an award and a scholarship for engineering. He’s always known for having some sort of baked goods on him, always homemade. He used be bullied when they were younger, but the others put a stop to that real quick once they found out and now Hunk tries to do the same for other students. He tries to be a peacemaker always. He goes to every football game, partly to support Lance and the other cheerleaders, partly because Shay’s on the team and yes, okay, he definitely has a crush on her, so sue him.

someone went and grabbed two hotdogs off the roller grill that i put on no more than 10 minutes ago. i even told them i just put them on and werent ready to eat and would probably be cold. they put their finger against the hotdog and decided it was hot enough and took two of them. have you never cooked anything in your life thats not how things work

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I hope you feel better after having your wisdom teeth removed! I was wondering if you could do something like if the brothers were yandere, like maybe how they'd react to their s/o just hanging out with other guy friends or something like that. Hope it's not to much to ask and once again I hope you're feeling better soon!

Sorry this took so long to get to, but thank you so much for the well wishes~! I assure you I read this and smiled (to the best of my ability at the time) at your kindness!

Yandere!Matsus…? With pleasure, dear anon~

Osomatsu wouldn’t even hesitate to break in between them and threaten them outright with an aggressive growl. He’d already have his blood boiling just seeing them with his s/o, so if they were to do anything to further provoke him, it could turn deadly really fast. He wouldn’t hide the fire in his eyes as he glared at them, wrapping a possessive arm around you and gripping hard at your waist, “Back off from Y/N…they’re mine.”

Karamatsu wouldn’t say anything, but his intimidating presence alone was enough to send off it’s own warnings as he slowly approaches and pulls you close. His dark eyes and tense brows would give off a look of territorial possession, and if the other guy knew any better by now, he’d be off running as fast as he could should he not want to face harm later. “I see you’ve met my beautiful Y/N…The’re quite the angel…aren’t they?”

Choromatsu wouldn’t waste a second springing over by your side and making his presence well known to your little ‘friend.’ He wouldn’t even try to hide his piercing glare as he introduces himself, and would do absolutely everything in his power to scare them away with daunting questions and vaguely spiteful comments in order to tell them to back off…or face something more terrifying later on. “So you’re Y/N’s friend… Well, I guess you’ll have to watch out then. Wouldn’t want anyone getting too close, you know?”

Ichimatsu would look on from the shadows, lurking in the darkness, but making his looming presence well known to your friend. They would rightfully begin to feel increasingly nervous as they felt his evil aura suffocate them from where he was watching, and once they met his glowering gaze, nothing in the world would be able to keep them from running for dear life. From his spot, he’d grow a devilish grin and laugh, “Serves you right for straying near my kitten…”

Jyushimatsu would instantly launch himself by your side to put an immediate stop to whatever may have been going on with your friend, though at first it wouldn’t be apparent at all that he was upset. With an wide-open smile and enthusiastic shake of the hand, he’d actually seem to be kindly introducing himself–that is, until the atmosphere completely changes to something darker, and much more sinister. He’d still have that big smile plastered on his face, but his eyes would bore into them a silent threat that no person would dare repeat. “HEY, YOU LIKE BASEBALL, RIGHT? MAYBE WE COULD PLAY SOMETIME–JUST YOU AND ME…”

Todomatsu would stride right over there and introduce himself with a sugary smile, his laugh and words sweet enough to top pastries with. It wasn’t until after they exchanged names that he would narrow his eyes and grow a creeping smirk, somehow threatening them in a way that sounded as if he was suggesting getting ice cream together sometime. From his looks alone, he appeared innocently polite, but for anyone who could hear, it wasn’t hard to pick up on the razor-sharp warnings underlying the cuddly blanket of ‘kindness.’ “It’s such a pleasure to meet you, but I’m afraid I have to warn you if you come close to my Y/N again, I’ll have to really hurt you, okay~?”

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[Mr.X] #INX #Bonkuk 

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