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Listen, I have bad blood circulation in my feet and if I don't wear wool socks to bed my feet will FREEZE. Socks to bed isn't that bad lol

Okay, you get a pass. You are free to wear socks to bed. Everyone else, BARE FEET.

@ all the belles yeah we’re bffs now sorry i dont make the rules get ready for the angel of music story and spilling tea about or beast beaus meet ya’ll in the library xoxo

So I saw a post about Sam and Cas being friends, and since I always write them as such, I figures I might write an introduction. Also, friends Dean and Jess for the win.  

“It’s just… weird.”

“If you are saying what I think you’re saying, Winchester, I’m throwing that ring right back into your face.”

He laughed, able to tell that Jess didn’t mean it.

“Nah, I don’t have a problem with it being a guy. God knows he’s been mooning over Doctor sexy long enough for me to figure certain things out. It’s just - Dean is in a relationship”.

“Yes he is” Jess confirmed, still not understanding.

“In a relationship”.

She raised an eyebrow.

“In a committed, monogamous relationship. My brother”.

“I don’t find that surprising. Remember Lisa?”

“I do, that’s why it’s strange! We all know how it ended…”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you underestimate your brother sometimes”.

“Yeah” he said, mustering his girlfriend - no, fiancée - cook the meat because she was convinced he was far better at preparing salad than “anything substantial”. “Maybe you’re right”.

After all, the last thing he would have expected was Dean being so open about his attraction to guys.

And, if he was being honest, Dean sounding so smitten. After he had listened to his brother vainly trying to describe the exact shade of his new boyfriend’s eyes, he had decided he had to meet him.

Because apparently Cas was going to stick around for a according to Dean’s wishes.

Cas. Castiel. The name of an angel, said the man himself, and Dean didn’t seem far away from taking it literally.

He smiled.

It was nice to know that his brother was happy. They hadn’t had the easiest start in life. Dean deserved all the luck he got.

And if Cas held what Dean promised, it was indeed a stroke of luck that they had met.

Not because he was a well-paid lector in one the country’s biggest publishing companies but because he was nice to Dean and constantly surprised him with dates or burgers at work.

Dean needed someone to take care of him.

So he was rather curious about this Castiel. And he really wanted to make a good impression himself.

He knew Dean.

His brother had surely talked him up beyond all reasonable measure.

Jess pushed a cup of coffee in his hands and smiled. They never needed much words.

Then it was six o’ clock and Dean, punctual as ever, was right at the door with his boyfriend.

“Sam, Jess, this is Cas” he announced and Sam didn’t believe he’d used that tone of voice for introducing anyone else than him yet.

He studied the blue-eyed man with the dark hair and serious smile; he was not what he would have supposed was Dean’s type, but it didn’t matter.

Nothing mattered. Nothing except for the fact that Dean was grinning brightly and holding Cas’ hand and looking like he was on cloud nine.

Jessica was beaming back, obviously thrilled; and soon, Sam came to the conclusion that he agreed with her.

Because Cas wasn’t just nice. He wasn’t just smart. He wasn’t just charming in an admittedly now and then strange kind of way.

Sam had been wrong about him caring for Dean.

He adored Dean.

He corrected Dean when his brother put himself down again to compliment either Sam or his boyfriend, insisted he was smart, held his hand during dinner, talked about them taking a holiday when Dean had never been on a holiday - well, ever.

His brother was being spoiled.

And Sam loved every minute of it.

He hadn’t seen his brother blush that much since he was a high schooler and going out on his first date.

But he still really wanted to talk to Cas alone.

The opportunity presented itself later that evening when Jess forced Dean to help her put away leftovers - obviously with the design of allowing them to talk.

And it was only then that Sam realized that Cas was drawing as much confidence from Dean as Dean was from Cas (Sam had just about chocked on his drink when he’d mentioned casually that he was thinking of taking a course at community college).

He was avoiding Sam’s eyes.

“Cas? You okay there?”

He figured it was best to be direct. Dean had told him Cas was more comfortable with people telling him the truth than being polite.

It worked.

“I’m just - I want to make a good impression” he admitted. “You are very important to Dean, and I’m not really good with people - “

“Trust me, Cas, you’re good enough. Especially when you keep that smile on his face”. He paused. “Scratch that. ONLY if you keep that smile on his face”.

Cas’ eyes flew to the kitchen door, and he smiled, the soft, happy smile Sam recognized, the one he undoubtedly wore when he looked at Jess.

Cas was as much in love with Dean as Dean was in love with Cas.

“I intend to” Cas said softly.

Sam raised his glass.

“I’ll drink to that”.

“Do you think he likes him?” Dean inquired anxiously.

“Which way around?” Jess asked. “Sam - Cas or Cas - Sam?”

He glared at her. “Both, of course.”

“Dean” Jess sighed. If this was going were she thought this was going, then there was the hole problem in a nutshell. “First of all, yes. On both. And second: Would it matter?”

Dean had always been ready to drop anything and anyone when it came to Sam.

He frowned at her then declared, “No”.

That night, after they had left, Jess turned to Sam and said, “He’s going to marry him”.

She was proven right two years later.

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Sirius is shit at asking people out because everyone always asks him first, and he always manages to get anyone he wants, pretty much by looking at them sideways.

When it comes to someone… a certain someone… who won’t ask him out… he literally has no idea what to do.

So… he just decides to flirt relentlessly until they eventually cave and ask him, and is beyond flustered when he can’t get them to do it. XD ))