I’ve been in this fandom for over a year now and it took me that long to get a t-shirt ; w ; As soon as I saw wristbands were back and there was a new pin I decided to order everything. My brother got a wristband, too. We match~

(PS - I am officially going to buy every SPG-related pin I possibly can. I love pins.)

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any rh demon au thoughts

I’m not sure if you meant “demon” or “daemon” but I’ve already talked about daemon AUs a bunch so I’m going to take you literally. :::PPP

  • There’s a silver collar around Stocke’s neck, hidden below the scarf and the neckline of his shirt. In Alistel, it’s considered polite not to comment on those when you see them. There are silver bands around his upper arms, too; those are less common, and less easily-seen.
  • It’s still not enough to bind him entirely- sometimes his fingernails lengthen into claws or there’s a faint suggestion of scales or feathers about him. See him out of the corner of your eye and you might swear that for a second he had too many eyes; meet his eyes too long and you might see something else in them and the next thing you know someone is shaking you awake.
  • The binds loosen a little when he fights, and fire dances around him. When he shouts on a battlefield it comes out in three voices, none of them the one people thought of as his.
  • His back is a mass of scars; when Sonja asks, all he says is, “Wings.” He doesn’t elaborate, and she doesn’t ask him to.
  • Rosch has wondered if you could taste the scent of hot metal and smoke on his skin, and then immediately forced himself not to think about it.
  • Heiss commands him by a true name he can’t hear, the sound of it addressed to him hitting him like the toll of a bell. It’s a formality, really- he does what he’s told even without it- but the silver bands burn cold in response.
  • His blood corrodes metal, except silver, which it hisses and splutters on like water on a hot stove. He goes through a lot of armor; all it takes is a few drops in the wrong place and by the next morning there’s nothing left but rust.
  • And Stocke looks normal next to Eruca.


I wasn’t thinking that no but that is officially AU canon now goddammit.

Jane just kind of looks at Jake and Dirk’s sheepish smiles and speeddials her drywall guy like “Yeah it’s the strider/english apartment again. Apparently they tried to kill a spider.”

Also Dirk and Jake are so dysfunctional with shopping that they continuously live off of instant ramen and chips so sometimes Jane brings them fresh groceries with veggies and stuff like you guys are going to have to shape up I’m your landlady not your maid. But they hug her and thank her and she’s like yeah yeah stop playing video games and go shopping for yourselves jesus christ.

They bake her a cake on her birthday but it falls and they put the frosting on before it cools so it’s a mess but she’s so touched by their effort she starts tearing up and hugs them again and they end up going out and buying her a birthday dinner and an actual edible cupcake.