anyway season 2 of still star crossed:

  • escalus lives, and him, ros and ben run away together to plan how to fight back
  • esc/ros/ben heal all their wounds and fall in love poly ot3
  • isabella figures out how to save the city with livia’s help and the two of them kill paris and rule verona together (as girlfriends)
  • stella shows up at some point and esc falls in love with her too and basically the ot3 turns into the ot4
  • all the adults realize they need to fix their shit and leave their kids alone

I recently started a new dress up game and I bought this hair and it instantly reminded me of how @thesociallyanxioussociopath draws Techie so I bought this dress to match! (I know the hair isn’t red but I don’t have any good recoloring apps anymore) I think Matt would enjoy seeing him in this dress!