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Maggie 100% does not approve of the DEO's black-bag-over-head Gitmo-wannabe vibe it has occasionally, but every once in a while, when there's a kid involved and a parent or guardian that's too connected, too rich or too sneaky for the law to get, or where time is a factor, she'll mention it to Alex. And the person in question will be a little late home one night, physically unhurt, but inclined to behave themselves for long enough for Maggie to work on the legal options.

Yes yes yes yes yes absolutely yes.

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Tbh I love that one 3-part anon's stuff? It was both funny and heart wrenching @ the same time. Bring them back. Make OCs for that lost gang(or just any adopted humans) Those 27 children better go on some great motherf*ckin' adventures I stg? Also please give Jack a happy ending Jesus Christ

I’m glad you enjoyed them!  Lol!  XD  I still have some asks to respond to about the space orphans, as i like to call them, so keep an eye out.

And don’t worry.  Jack’s going to get his happy ending!  I don’t want anyone to think the posts have to go in order, or that they can’t send anything else after I post an ending idea for an arc, though.  I still love hearing about all the creepy slag that goes down in the middle.  >:3