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International video personality Lilly Singh (@iisuperwomanii) has toured the globe performing for her 7.8 million fans, better known as Team Super. In her travels, she’s noticed one disturbing trend: woman-on-woman hate. “I’m not sure when it became ‘cool’ to tear other women down or unnecessarily compete against one another,” says the 27-year-old Toronto native, “but somehow girl-on-girl hate has become the norm.”

In response, Lilly started the #GirlLove movement — an online campaign encouraging women of all ages to lift each other up. “The strength of women is much greater when we work together,” Lilly explains. “We need to teach young girls that it’s cool to compliment other women. It’s our responsibility to speak above all other negative influences and set a tone when it comes to sisterhood.”

As for the future of #GirlLove? “Ideally, years from now we won’t even need this campaign because #GirlLove will be the norm. Hopefully it will become a campaign less about awareness and more about celebration. It’s not about just posting a picture or tweet, it’s about making a long term change to build other women up.”

She was the type of person you wrote poems about.
But they weren’t the poems people expected.
They weren’t poems about towering confidence and a smile that would melt hearts.
None of the poems talked about musical laughter or contagious joy.

These poems were dark.

They told of a girl who drank away her sorrows and took solace in strange men.
They talked of potential, of the endless potential people saw in her and how she got lost along the way.
They talked about missed opportunities and dreams that never came true.
They talked of a life that ended too soon and the girl who no one could save.

These poems were dark.
And the worst part was that they were true.

—  f.a.w

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Remember that once your best friend has been declared contagious and terminal, it is always a good idea to smuggle them out of the containment unit and into the general population for one last party. That never goes wrong. Remember to use mass transit systems at all times when doing that, and never private transport systems.

These are Real Medical Facts™ that I, a doctor, can vouch for.

My favorite episode, this is hard, so I’m going to pick two. The first episode, the pilot, the rush of that episode was nothing that I have ever felt before. We were out there in the dark shooting in Philadelphia and I was out there acting my heart out. I felt alive and different and it was so real and raw and I felt like after that night we were bonded as a cast in this show. It was lighting in a bottle and a feeling I won’t ever forget.

My second favorite is the episode with the amazing Cicely Tyson. The scenes with her and Viola are so real and raw. Its such a slow pouring of emotions it almost leaves you breathless. I remember melting as I watched that and its that same intensity and raw talent that Viola brings to set everyday. Its such a contagious feeling and as the lead of this show she makes us all believe and strive to be better actor, take bigger risks.
—  Aja Naomi King || Which episode of #HTGAWM is your favorite?

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I just wanted to say how awesome you are - I think you're one of the few, (if the only artist!) I follow the posts stuff practially everyday, on top of all the work you have to do, and it's always such high quality. You're an inspiration to me and my work, and your enthusiasm is contagious! Please don't work too hard, take care of yourself :) You're a shining star on my dash <3

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG anon~ This is too sweet!!! >////< I’m so happy that my work and posts brightens your dash, it’s one of the reasons I love what I do, brightening things even if it’s just a little ^____^ I will try not to work too hard, but I suffer from feeling like if I have a break or a moment to myself that I’m being a lazy no good artist who doesn’t WANT IT ENOUGH, so I do have to work on being less overworked ahah ^_^;; And EEP high quality?? AWW >////////<

I can’t word well enough to explain how special it is to hear this, all the work, it’s going to brighten dashes and days, and that’s what keeps me going when it gets crazy ^_^

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! *Note: picture is accurate :P That is totally me right now **

If i die tomorrow, there will be people who have totally different memories of me. To one person I might be the bitch who thought she was better. To another person I might be the ugliest person on this planet, to her I might be the gorgeous, lucky girl who she despised because I was spoiled rotten. To another girl I might be the girl who got really good grades, so jealousy erupted. To him I might be the girl with the annoying laugh. To another guy I could be remembered as the girl who wasn’t anything to him. Maybe I’ll be remembered as the girl who was always on her phone, or the girl my roommate disliked. But none of that matters. you know why? By my best friends I’ll be remembered as the girl with the contagious laugh and the girl they would go to if they ever needed anything. But most of all, I’ll be remembered by my enemies as the thing they couldn’t add up to.

i just want to make a point really quick.

my mom is currently getting over a case of strep throat. she is still a little sick but past the contagious stage.

we live in the same house, used the same bathroom, and ate at the same dinner table all of the nights she was still contagious.

i did not catch strep throat from her.


she moves with ease and while it may not always be swift and graceful she still is lovely

he told her that he wanted to get to know her in ways no one has ever tried

while that may be frightening to some, she was ready, she was ready to show the world the little pieces of herself that nobody had seen or tried to find

the way that her body curved and every imperfection that seemed to not really be an imperfection

how her laugh was contagious but only when it was real, how her brown eyes looked when they were brimmed with tears, begging not to be spilled out

how she loves tomatoes and painting her finger nails any shade of orange, how she touches the tip of her nose when she is nervous

she wanted someone to find her and decided that she was something to behold

she knew she wasn’t art and that she’s not a masterpiece

she’s something altogether different

she’s waves and waves of emotions, she’s a banyan tree and the roots connect her to every person she’s ever met

she has memories that would make you sigh, she has fears that would make you upset, but she has so much hope and love still to give

this boy was going to be lucky enough to see something that no one every has seen, she wasn’t some new landmark to explore, she wasn’t just a stop on the way. she was going to be the whole journey for him, he wasn’t just looking for a destination, he was going to enjoy the ride 

she’s depth and feelings, she’s your new favorite song and she’s thunderstorms on a summer night, she knows that you’re not perfect and she still wants you by her side. 

she might not always get it right but my goodness this girl is alive and she’s every changing and nothing in the world has ever seemed to make as much sense as to get to know her more

this boy knew he was about to embark on a journey that would not only change who he was but he knew that it could possibly change the whole structure of his world

she was something to behold, no doubt about that

The Seven when they’re sick:

Annabeth: Just completely ignores it unless it’s a stomach bug. Needs to be dragged to bed and forced to rest

Percy: Not overly dramatic, but Sally has taught him well about taking care of yourself, so if he’s able to (not fighting a monster), he slows way down and spends all his time sleeping. He won’t ask for it, but he really likes it when people give him attention

Jason: Goes to the infirmary immediately, warns everyone he’s sick, avoids people until he’s not contagious. He grew up in close quarters group living, so it’s been drilled into him not to let viruses spread or he could risk infecting the whole legion 

Hazel: Knows all sorts of home remedies, which she insists on using in addition to the “usual” treatments. When her throat hurts she refuses to speak and uses really unhelpful gestures to communicate. Has the CUTEST sneeze 

Frank: Apologizes for sneezing/blowing his nose and “being gross” even though everyone assures him it’s fine. Feels unreasonably guilty about cancelling his plans. Takes really long, very hot showers

Leo: If he’s in front of people, he’s the biggest drama king, but in a facetious way. When he’s alone or focusing on machines, he ignores it same as Annabeth. He and Frank are the only ones who accept Hazel’s remedies. 

Piper: Enjoys it when people fuss over her, because growing up, being sick was one of the few times her dad paid more attention to her. Walks around everywhere with a blanket draped over her like a cloak, and eats 3 times more than usual

Avenged Sevenfold wishes Jimmy a happy birthday on twitter  

 Happy birthday Jimmy!                                                                                            We love and miss you. You were a legend and your smile was contagious.  You continue to put smiles on everyone’s faces even if you’re not here with us.  We’ll always love you! Happy birthday Jimmy Sullivan <3 

❤ Gone but never forgotten  ❤