Why the Signs are good for you
  • Aries:They're probably the most entertaining. With their charisma, they're the biggest people pleasers ever. There is never a dull moment with them.
  • Taurus:They're super sweet & will protect you no questions asked.
  • Gemini:They're quick witted & intelligent, which you can pick up.
  • Cancer:They always ask how you're doing & will try to cheer you up when you're down.
  • Leo:Their confidence is contagious! Treat them right, & they'll teach you to love yourself. They won't let anyone bring you down. No questions asked, they'll defend you until the end.
  • Virgo:They're always mindful of others & know their limits.
  • Libra:Excellent listeners & they'll tell you when you're wrong. They always offer excellent wisdom & advice. They may be harsh about it, but they're just making sure nothing gets past you.
  • Scorpio:They'll *probably* rip the head off of anyone who hurts you. (As long as they're not close with them as well.)
  • Sagittarius:They always dream big. They'll fill your head with positive imagines & "what ifs." They offer the sweetest dreams.
  • Capricorn:They always think logically & won't let your head get clouded with foolish thoughts.
  • Aquarius:They're great listeners. Although their thinking & advice might seem a little off & eccentric.
  • Pisces:They're actually hilarious once you get close to them. They're extremely real & will leave your sides splitting.

One OK Rock, 4/7
The Blue Note - Columbia, MO

I’ve decided that I want to engage with everyone more on this blog and start conversations and go in-depth about my experiences in the pit. The first thing I wanna talk about is how absolutely insane and wonderful One OK Rock fans are! I’m thrilled to join the ranks as a fan with such genuinely kind and loyal people. :)

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve seen my photos re-posted all over the world and spoke with a few fans from several different countries and, honestly, the  excitement for not only my photos but the band itself is contagious. This is the first photo pit gig I’ve shot in 4 years, and I was actually pretty bummed out with my photos. I was stressed out and mad at myself for not delivering the way I wanted to, but the overwhelming kindness and over these photos has put me right in the mindset I need to be in: that this is a learning process and no one is going to be mad to see their favorite bands in places they’ve never seen them before, even if I’m mad I didn’t capture it the way I thought I should. And hey, regardless of my performance, One OK Rock ruled and I’ve gotten to come into contact with a fanbase that excites me past my nervousness and makes me want to keep improving.

Hopefully I can shoot these guys again for you all sometime. :)

Stiles imagine for anon

“The CDC are here to quarantine the school, apparently it’s some kind of contagious virus”

I listened in shock as Scott explained what he was overhearing with his wolfy senses. It had all happened so fast, a girl collapsed in class and she had a rash on her arm next thing you know the CDC had the entire school on lockdown and we knew this had to be the work of assasins, with the deadpool in play it was almost certain. To make things worse the virus was affecting us too.

I leaned back against the lockers feeling flush as my ears filled with loud buzzing noise, I had the urge to scream but when I opened my mouth nothing came out, this virus was sending my banshee senses haywire

“Y/N are you okay?”

I tried to focus on Stiles voice but the ringing kept drowning it out.

“We need to get you all in the Hale vault before you all begin wolfing out or screaming the school down”

I began to move but was quickly swept off my feet as Stiles picked me up bridal style

“I’ve got you, I promise I’ll take care of you”

I smiled slightly as I leaned against my boyfriends chest, Stiles and I had always been friends but when I found out I was a banshee as well we grew a lot closer with him helping me to harness and control my abilities. Once we got down to the basement entrance of the vault it was easy to convince Malia to open it without revealing the secret of who her real father was. Now that was a whole other complicated story.

“Stiles im tired, I just need to take a nap”

I could feel my eyes growing heavy and I wanted nothing more than to just sleep for days but Stiles loud voiced snapped me awake

“No no Y/N don’t go to sleep, I need you to stay with me okay”

I tried my best to focus on his face but suddenly my vision began to blur more and more until finally I couldn’t see a thing, everything went black

“Stiles I can’t see”

I shouted in a panic just as Kira and Malia began to do the same. I clung to Stiles in fear ad I began to feel worse and worse

“Y/N I have to go out there okay, Scott says they’re looking for us but I’ll be right back okay I promise”

I was reluctant to let him go but I knew I had to

“I love you Stiles”

As soon as the words left my mouth he pressed his lips to mine in a hard kiss

“I love you too, I’ll be back soon”


I could feel my heartbeat weakening as it got harder and harder to breathe. I was dying, we all were and I could feel it. The urge to scream was so strong but I didn’t even have enough strength to do so.


I heard Stiles shouting from the other side of the door before I slipped unconscious.

“Y/N come on wake up!”

I felt a pair of wet lips on my face and snapped awake to see Stiles leaning over me, his face streaked with tears

“I thought I lost you!”

He sobbed as he pulled me into his arms, I felt 100 times better and quickly clung to him relieved that we were okay

“I love you so much Y/N”

I pulled his face to mine and kissed him like my life depended on it

“I love you too Stiles”

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If a fish dies, is it OK if I leave him in there for a while because the other fish eat him?

…, not really, the reason it died could be contagious… and I’m honestly a little appalled you’d want to?

Real Superheroes & Antiheroes

Bible Thumper slugs nonbelievers with a hardcover version of the Old Testament until they see the light, and also enlists rehearsed verse and well-placed prayer to find his way out of many faith-testing situations.

Supersonnet is a poetess who composes rapid-fire rhymes on the fly to slow her foes and throw them into throes. Her words inspire frighteningly contagious enlightenment.

Scaroid, who has a chronically receding brain, compensates by constantly flexing his oversized muscles. He carries a large quiver of needles to intimidate others into using performance-enhancing drugs.

Politicia fights backroom deals in Washington by flinging frequent Freedom of Information Act requests in the face of Congress and calling for open meetings.

CEOdin is a corporate exec with a god complex who believes that all humans serve him and that he is entitled to unlimited power and pay. He often uses a golden parachute to escape personal financial ruin while companies crumble in his wake.

Factivist combats ignorance with the power of sound logic and facts. Unfortunately, few are swayed by such intelligent speech, so she must often resort to toting a large picket sign in public places to amplify her message.

Methampheta-Man is a toothless, paranoid fiend who creates addicts, known as methamphetameanies, who become his mindless followers.

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Currently opening for All Time Low, Issues is a band whose endless energy is hard to forget. With relatable lyrics mixed with upbeat music, they have a song for everyone. Heartbreak? Listen to Mad at Myself. Dealing with loss? Disappear (Remember when). Struggling to be yourself? Never Lose Your Flame.  Want  to dance and go crazy? Love, Sex, Riot. Need something relaxing? Their album Diamond Dreams is full of acoustic versions of their songs. Tyler Carter’s voice along with Michael Bohn’s screams are a combination to be remembered. Joining Carter and Bohn on stage is AJ Rebollo on guitar,Skyler Acord on bass, and Josh Manuel on drums. Together, the band creates a unique sound that is sure to catch your attention. It’s impossible to keep your eyes off of the group of men jumping around on their stage. With a Pokemon themed stage set while on the Future Hearts tour, it’s easy to tell that they love what they’re doing and the energy is contagious. This band is going to become legendary.

Future Hearts Setlist-

Life of a Nine

Stingray Affliction

Never Lose Your Flames

Sad Ghost

Mad at Myself

Princeton Ave



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Name: Giovanna

Nickname: mainly Gio or Vanna

Birthday: February 8th

Starsign: Aquarius

Gender: female

Height: 5'2" 

Sexual orientation: straight

Romantic orientation: ???

Favorite color: black,purple and blue

Time and date at the moment: 6:14pm April 20th, 2015

Average hours of sleep: 8

Lucky number: don’t have one

Last thing I googled: Pierce The Veil I Don’t Care If You’re Contagious

First word that comes to my mind: hippo(don’t judge me I’m weird)

One place that makes me happy: my room

How many blankets I sleep under: 1

Favorite fictional character: Don’t have one

Favorite famous person:

Celebrity crush: 

Favourite books: Percy Jackson series

Favorite animes: I don’t watch anime

Favorite tv shows: Don’t have one

Favorite musicians/band(s): Linkin Park,Pierce The Veill,Dangerkids,Sleeping With Sirens etc.

Favorite games: none

Last movie: Kingsman The Secret Service

Dream holiday: two weeks in New York

Dream job: Photographer

Wearing right now: jean shorts and a hoodie

Last book I read: can’t remember

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It's p. much ur fault that I care what house mako is in in the first place


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You gasp as Jenna walks into the room. "you look beautiful!" you exclaim as she does a dramatic twirl, the long skirt on her wedding dress billowing out around her. "thanks" she grins modestly, blushing. "Tyler wont know what hit him" josh smiles, his eyes crinkling at the corners. His smile is contagious and you can't help but catch it. It always has this effect on you. He glances over and sees you staring, and you look away back to Jenna. "um, I can't wait for the wedding" you say quickly

idk if i should post this since u forgot to go on anon but i like it

If it wasn’t for my son, days like today would be so lonely. He brightens up my life with his contagious laugh, his innocent sense of humor, and his amazing ability to recognize when mommy needs a hug.

Thank you, baby boy. You give my life such meaning. You and Daddy are my biggest blessings.