the lost woods resort is in the middle of nowhere, and the creepy guy said no-one comes here much anymore since they built the interstate. middle of nowhere? woods? no-one around? dollhouse?? i feel like everything is connected and it’s driving me mad. i’ve watched from 2x20 - 2x25 and there’s so many hints that could be linked to charles and the dollhouse. i feel like though Mona was -A back then, that’s not the only thing that was going on. Charles was still involved. I feel like the writers have gone back and tried to connect things so it’s not all complete mush and all continuity errors. Janel has promised Charles’ agenda/ revenge goes back to before Mona was -A not that whoever they are just tookover and that’s it. And apparently we’ve seen him/ her from very early on, even in the pilot. The writers have been plotting who the next -A after Mona would be for ages. Argh. It’s driving me mad!!!

i have to see my friend because she’s making me and it’s like a chore because a) she drives me mad because she dumb af about life and b) I have to be careful what I say because she can’t keep her trap shut

Mad Max: Fury Road AU where everything is the same but all the vehicles are replaced by Those Animals

Still really fcking upset that Wo Fat killed Ian Wright in H50. I was so excited after watching 4x08 (Akanahe). The last scene when Ian hacks the ATM machine that Steve’s using and he’s like “I’ll find you” and Ian writes “good luck” it was such a good ending. And I was just waiting for the episode where Ian comes back and then he does and I was expecting some cray shit to go down but no no no, fucking Wo Fat comes and saves the day. I did like that part though, that he was the one who saved Grover’s daughter, but it would’ve been better if Ian survived and that Steve would chase him down later in the season. Idk. It just pisses me off.

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Also in the dame soundtrack (Across The Universe) you should also listen to their version of I Want You! Ohhh man that thing has so much Bog in it and has the same sort of tone of the movie's rock and roll style! IMAGINE BOG SINGING THST TO MARIANNE ALSO LATER ON IN THE SONG THE SINGER CHANGES AND I CAM SEE MARIANNE SINGING BACK TO BOG KILL MEEEE OMG

OH GID, HIM SINGING IT TO HER ALL DRAMATICALLY AND GLOWERINGLY DURING A SPARRING SESSION/FIGHT. He should be fighting her, should be so angry at her, but he is in such a state of tormented lust because seeing Marianne get all fierce and ferocious turns Bog into such a hot mess. SO HE JUST GROWLS IT OUT, SNARLING THE LYRICS, AND HE CAN’T KEEP HIS EYES OFF HER, AND MARIANNE JUST SMIRKS AT HIM. 

And then later when the fight is over, Marianne watches him cool off or collect himself and slowly starts singing it to herself. OR NO, SHE SINGS IT TO HIM. YES. SHE STARTS ALL SOFTLY, AND BOG SLOWLY TURNS AROUND, EYES WIDENING AS HE RECOGNIZES THAT SONG, AND HOLY HELLS SHE’S SINGING IT TO HIM?!


i really dont get why when i meet a new person and we start talking about music and i refer my love for Axl, they start saying that he’s a big douchebag and that’s he’s not a good singer nor a good person..and all this crap…really keep your opinion for yourself! i dont care of what you think about Axl! First of all, i’m sorry but we cant all espouse your point of you and we can’t all like the same things. Second of all, I am not going to listen to you if you keep trying to force your opinion on me, while offending someone i admire and i like; therefore offending me, and last but not least their opinion (most of the times) is based on crappy, skin deep arguments…

I know that not everybody can like Axl (or any other musician) but if you really know something about music, you should aknowledge the contribution of Axl to music and his value as a musician…