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Dont you ever stop fucking moaning abut shit? Its driving me mad cause youre a decentish writer but i dont want to keep seeing a day to day crap of how you're feeling. Unfollowed.

I am British. Of course I never stop moaning. It’s how we harvest energy to survive. We need at least 5-10hrs moaning every day, otherwise our life span is cut short by nearly half! It’s more needed than sleep at this point - which is good because I’m an insomniac and I need energy from somewhere. Oh, darn. Was that me moaning again? I do apologise if my existence is such a burden. I just need to absorb the moaning energy to live!

I wonder if that’s the same for you and your trolling?


“INSOLENCE! Why have you come to torment me, squirming Woman-child? Was the last fickle attempt to drive me mad not sate your undying desire of misery?”

And she’s triggered. Just the mere sight of Cynthia is enough to put her in this state. She doesn’t even have to ask whether she wants something or not. She already knows the answer. Hatred runs through her veins but her angry soul can be silenced after a little coaxing.