so im watching nge and all i can think about is how gross kaji’s character is. or at least some of his actions. and it just made me realize how often his occurs in anime/manga?? like idk why people think its hot to be like ‘pft. i dont care what you are saying. even tho you are blatantly telling me not to come onto you. its cos your body says otherwise’. like idk buddy. im pretty sure thats not how it works. like its not cute at all, and it comes off as rapey and it honestly makes me kind hnnn and i think its gross

i think it’s super nice how everyone’s just forgetting abour my birthday, they’re all making plans, everyone is going somewhere or something like that BUT IT’S BEEN CLEAR THE WHOLE TIME THAT I’M GOING TO CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY THIS MONTH OK. I HAVEN’T HAD A NICE BIRTHDAY IN LIKE 4 YEARS AND NOBODY CARES

I really want to start going clubbing.

Not to hook up or drink or do anything illegal, I just… want to go dancing and meet people? I want to go out late and walk the streets at 4am? I want to dance and forget about the world.The world is soft and warm here and I 

want to be bad. I want to taste danger. I want to get lost.