If you look closely in antonela’s left hand (I guess?) The bracelets contains the letters of her and Leo (L and A) and the other bracelet are letters of their babies (T and M) just thought of letting u know bc it’s too sweet 💕

Antonella wears a bracelet with the beginnings of leo, thiago and mateo

That’s so cuuuuute!!! <3333333333333333

Anonymous said to fyleonella:

I think the jump suit was an excellent choice it was beautiful and made her look so beautiful *_*

Anonymous said to fyleonella:

I thought anto looked really pretty last night. Her overall get up was so nice and unlike her choices. I mean it was soo bold and different rather then the usual stuff. Also her bracelets they had initials L&A T&M. She is so cute:)

I liker her black jumpsuit from last year(?) better but she looked really pretty in blue too *_____*

I wish there were pictures that showed her back tho, the detail looked cute :)

Anonymous said to fyleonella:

La marca Sarkany es conocida en Argentina porque la usa mucha gente famosa. Generalmente son personas con un poder adquisitivo alto quienes compran sus productos porque son carísimos, una locura pagar casi 290 doláres por un par de zapatillas. También Ricky Sarkany ha sido muy criticado por copiar diseños de otras marcas.

Muchas gracias por la info!! :D Tengo mucha curiosidad de ver como será la tienda de Anto y Sofi y que tal les irá :)

Anonymous said to fyleonella:

Anto lowkey jamming to shape of you like same girl love that song too ! She’s too cute !!!

Haha, she looked adorbs tbh <333

Anonymous said to fyleonella:

If you followed anto’s Instagram from the start it should be obviously by now that semaan-fabregas-taktouk get all her attention on social media. She doesn’t do this with her family or other friends but dani’s family only. Maybe they have special bond like that or she just likes to show some love to her friend family. But whatever is her reason, anon shouldn’t panic everytime she does because it’s always be like that🙄. This has nothing to do with messi’s family/siblings. Stop creating drama!


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Favourite Narry fic pls, I want to read one

No! why would you do this to me! I have so many fav fics you have no idea omg

I made this post awhile ago and it has over 100 fics (and all of them are my favs) and this is my rec page in tumblr with every fic i like.

my absolutely fav narry fic is What’s A Fella T’ Do? by  iwanna_seeyou_undoit (pretend boyfriends au that will make you cry)

This is going to be long so take a seat

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