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Vandermarin in the snow

“I don’t much like the snow.” Mona shivered, as she was trying to unlock the door to her house. She had invited Hanna over, so that they could try and plan a strategy about Alison. Mona glanced over at the blonde who was busy staring up at the sky. It took Mona a long moment before she finally realized that Hanna was trying to catch a snow flake on her tongue. “You’re so weird Marin.” She called, though her tone held a warm tone to it. Mona was positive that there was nothing that Hanna could do, to make her love her less. Mona turned her attention back to the door, trying to work on opening the door. 

It was a few seconds later that she felt something cold hit her back. She wasn’t unaccustomed to people throwing stuff at her, after all she had been Loser Mona. She whirled around, her eyes searching for the attacker. However all she found was Hanna bent over laughing. Mona glared at her, but couldn’t help the smile that tugged at the corner of her lips. It was refreshing to see Hanna smiling like she had before all of the Alison drama. It was also funny, because the blonde was shaking from laughing so hard.

“That was really cold Han.” Mona said, folding her arms over her chest. “I’m afraid I’ll have to punish you.”

Hanna tried to stop laughing, forcing herself to straighten up. But the laughter and the happiness didn’t leave her eyes. “Oh you’re going to punish me? How you gonna do that?” She asked, smirking at the shorter girl.

Mona moved away from the door, and slowly approached Hanna. She made sure her movements were slow and calculated. “Oh, I have my ways.” Mona replied, her gaze intense. She saw Hanna jolt to the left, to try and escape the snow covered yard, but she didn’t get to far before Mona pounced on her.

Mona tackled Hanna into the snow, playfully cramming some snow down the girl’s shirt. She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively, enjoying the rough housing. “Looks like I got you all wet.” She teased, her words holding a double meaning.

Hanna flipped them over, pinning Mona down to the snowy ground. She knew Mona had let her, Mona wasn’t the type to be on the bottom. Mona stared up into the blue eyes of the girl she loved, and smiled back at her. Hanna was so beautiful to her, and Mona didn’t want to waste anymore time apart from her. Hanna was her happy ending Mona was sure of it. 

The blonde’s breath caught in her throat and she let out a little shudder. It never failed to amaze her the way that Mona would look at her. Hanna knew Mona saw her in a different way then other’s did. Mona saw her as beautiful, kind, and bright in her own way. 

Hanna let out a shaky gasp, and then leaned down gently brushing her lips to Mona’s. It was a light kiss, one full of deeper meaning. However it soon turned passionate, ending only when Hanna pulled away. 

“We should go inside.” Hanna said staring down at the girl laying in the snow. “I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold.”

Mona swallowed thickly, and raised a brow. “It wouldn’t matter much to me, as long as I have you to warm me back up Han.” 

Hanna rolled her eyes playfully, and stood up. “Smooth Vanderwaal, very smooth.” She offered the girl her hand. “Tell you what, let’s go take a hot shower and have some coco. I’m not done with you yet.”

The shorter girl’s face lit up and she nodded. “You’re speaking my language.” Mona took her hand and pulled herself up. She wrapped an arm around Hanna’s waist. “I love you Han.”

“I love you too Mona, and I always will. You’re my girl.” Hanna promised, leading Mona back towards the door. “And you always will be. You’ve got a magic touch.” She mused, watching as Mona finally got the door open. “Now let’s see about that shower.”

141004 Tohoshinki - SMTown World Tour IV in Tokyo (Day 1 twitter compilation)

[TVXQ’s ment - Trans by TVXQSound]
Changmin: "So, everyone good evening!!!“
Yunho & Changmin: "This is Tohoshinki!!”
Changmin: "For real… as we came out, I really wanted to say something like “WELCOME TO SMTOWN 2014!!!”
Yunho: "You could’ve said it, it’s fine"
Changmin: "Well but…isn’t it about to end in reality?!“
Yunho: "It is ending right~~”
Changmin: "It is…“
Yunho: "Yes. Really… Then, today, the whole concert is broadcasted on live TV”
Changmin: "That’s right"
Yunho: "Right. So I’d like to greet again the people watching us through broadcast"
*waving to camera*
Yunho: "Can you see us well??“
Changmin: "Good evening~”
Yunho: *pretending to hear what people watching from broadcast are saying* “Aaah.. oohh.. right…”
Changmin: "…can you even hear that?“
Yunho: "Ah this. That’s because our hearts are connected right~”
Changmin: ???
Yunho: "It’s different"
Changmin: "There’s also wind blowing, it’s autumn right?“
Yunho: "Autumn. Autumn right. Today… today it’s really adlib (TN: they didn’t prepare any special MC talk). All of it.”
Changmin: "However… the heat/fever of everyone who’s here for us, well, that-“
Yunho: "You’re drenched in sweat”
Changmin: "Today somehow… here, in this venue, this place, I think it’s the hottest of all"
Yunho: "Thank you. You know right. As Tohoshinki (???), being able to perform in an even bigger venue than last year together with really wonderful senpai and really loveable kouhai, it makes me truly happy. Everyone, are you having fun today??!!“
Changmin: ??? (probably complaining the response was weak)
Yunho: "Just a little more…”
Changmin: "There’s no spirit" (???)
Yunho: "Everyone, ARE YOU HAVING FUN?!!“
Fans: *SCREAM*
Yunho: "There’s something I’d like to try”
Changmin: "What is it?“
Yunho: "Well… of course the persons who know Tohoshinki will know about this thing, but EVERYONE WE ARE..”
Fans: "T!!!!!!“
Yunho: "You know pretty well~”
Changmin: "Feels good~ So, from here, we’d like to move on to the last part (???)-“
Bigeast: "Eeeeeh”
Changmin: "…more and more…“
Yunho: "It’s not Tohoshinki’s own concert ne~“
Changmin: "Isn’t there’s a tour next year?”
Fans: \o/
Changmin: "So! I’d like to move on to the next song!“
Yunho: "The next song is…”


  • (cr sivasingh) CM: I really wanted to say “WELCOME TO SMTOWN2014!!!” but.. YH: ..the live is already reaching its end (laughs)
  • (cr roomnumber32) Yunho said: “the moments I spent with everyone will always be…” and then he hit his chest above his heart
  • (nanosei3015) YH: “There are people watching it in theaters right? Can you see us well?” *brings hand to his ear* “aaa I see!”
  • CM: “That… how could you possibly hear them?” YH: “Because our hearts are connected~~”
  • (cr shokorara) During “HOPE”, Yunho gazed at the seats in the back for a long time and said “everyone in the back, thank you!
  • (mayamin26) YH & CM stayed quite a while after "HOPE” ended. Changmin was waiting for KyuHyun, so Yunho waited for Changmin~
  • (cr y3k212_tvxq) Yunho: Changmin is soaked in sweat riiiight~ Bigeast: KAHDGHFDHJZGZZ!!!!
  • (cr LuvBoA) During HOPE, BoA had fun dancing with some of the younger artists, and ended up going to hit Yunho playfully~ XD
  • (cr Chiyuli555) Yunho’s last words: “Did you have a good time?! Thanks to you all, SMTown made me very happy!!! It felt super, super good!! Thank you so much for today. The time I spent with you all, those moments will forever be..” *hits chest*
  • YH: “Thank you so much again. And everyone in the back too, thank you very much!”
  • “YH looked upset when he missed his entrance for "Rising Sun”, he must be really tired, that’s unusual..“ (cr jgh0203lsm0101)
  • (smf_lovestyle) CM: I really wanted to say "WELCOME TO SMTOWN 2014! YH: It’s ok if you say it. CM: But it’s nearly over already.


  • The time Yunho said this at the end, "The moment spent here continuously with everyone” I was touched. (sy0206yh+roomnumber32)
  • During the stop at the Rising Sun intro, Yunho: 「One More Time! OK? Let’s liven up more the atmosphere!」 (kyoumo0206)
  • When Yunho was talking at the finale, while Changmin touched YH’s arm ([pointing at the]clock pose) and said “Faster, faster!"�� [kyoumo0206]
  • When TVXQ came out, the pink secretly changed to red penlight, a solo concert? The whole venue was changed to red ocean. (tvxqyoonmin)
  • When TVXQ was talking, the SJ fan beside me said 「Because they can talk (well)~ nice」 She also thinks they’re no doubt amazing. (kyoumo0206)
  • Yunho gently and calmly said 「This is not a THSK concert」. The time to be proud of something. More (reason) to like Yunho.
  • Changmin: Only three people, it has been completed! ChangKyu: Brother! (Hyung-nim) Minho: Let’s go guys~!! [YunhoBunny]
  • At the end of Ichigo performance, KH first went down followed quickly by CM and MH. CM then came out again wearing the Strawberry head cr: homin106 + kyoumo0206


  • (cr. chimichami) During Something, after the "Yabai yatsunara” part Changmin stucked out his tongue
  • (cr. lightofchangmin) Changmin’s narration was so good, both the content and his voice was perfect.
  • (cr. roomnumber32) During MC, Yunho randomly said “Changmin is very sweaty right…” HAHAHAHA
  • Yunho: We areeee~ Everyone: T~ Yunho: Whoa everyone knows! (/‘ω’)/ (cr. baburusuKJ)
  • During Gee, Changmin at the right side of the stage preparing for We Are, doing the “Gee Gee Gee” part XD (cr. chamiaya218tvxq)

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Translation: TVXQSound + paulisteu + clefaire

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