This is called: “I parted my hair on the other side” and also “I’m wearing gold eyeshadow on my lips and you can’t see it in this light but they look like a sunset”

Alternatively: “I’m the emo daughter”

ok i need help with a make up decision im buying new eyeliner because mine is crap and my friend sent me a good brand and now i need to pick between black and brown? I’ve always used black eyeliner before but lately ive been using eyeshadow bc it’s softer so maybe brown because it has that “softer” look? but then again brown is like a less reliable color for looking good on diff skin tones so maybe i should go with black bc its more consistent in color? i could buy both but im a broke college student?

So I’ve decided that I’m going to start wearing eye makeup again. I used to love it but had to stop a few years ago because my eyes were acting up and we thought it might be allergies or something. 

I mean my eyes are still acting up but it’s not allergies and I am tired of having invisible eyelashes. 

people always say i’m crazy for waking up at 4:30AM but it’s 5:30AM rn and i’m eating pancakes with dulce de leche and drinking my coffee

and soon i’ll be the cutest of the cuties

and they will be late for school, ugly and hungry

all this for a little bit more sleep