Why Jaebum gotta look at his members like they’ve been his best friend and he’s been in love with them for years????? WhY he goTta dO dAT????

Me: The Hobbit Films, if you think just putting the Shire theme music in your soundtrack is enough to make me cry–you’re wrong. I am a soulless emotionless robot with a heart of bronze and eyes of steel

An Unexpected Journey: (plays the Shire theme music in the first minute of the film)


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Loving someone with a common name is such a curse.
You’re reminded of them all the time. And that can be a smile when you’re still together but once they have broken your heart?
It’s the worst.
It’s 4 years later and I was having a great morning. I went to college to collect some papers and while entering the library I heard someone say your name and it all came back to me and I almost tripped on the stairs.
It’s not fair. I was okay.