Happy birthday to meeee, happy birthday to meeee, happy birthday dear Kalifraaaaak, happy birthday to meeeee! I told the party-goers at a DJ Boss Party a few weeks ago that I would do a cake shot for my birthday, and I did not lie! 

The cake shot is actually a move you can do when you equip the Birthday Blaster, a present your character receives on their second birthday. The first shot fires one ready-made cake for your enjoyment, the second move fires three. Triple the cake, triple the fun! But considering I made these shots into literal shots, even better! Since all my classes were canceled today (I don’t even know why) I spent all day baking and and making delicious alcoholic drinks! What an ideal birthday. 

-MJ & K

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Yes, I know, another repost, but what can I say except IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

Because it is! Yay Me!

So here have some Malcolm doing his happy happy birthday cake twirl before very generously sharing ONE piece of his delicious C*nt cake that could be from anyone

(and that he otherwise appears to consume entirely by himself) with random waiting room lady.  And I just for the very first time realized there is also random waiting room guy, but no cake for him!