Luke, Leia and Ezra all share a birthday and a very strong connection to the force

I’m not saying Ezra is actually triplet number three …  but I’m not saying he isn’t, either.

So I was thinking about this last night and it’s been forever since I’ve read Young Avengers again but

Headcanon that Wiccan’s cape is detachable; partially at Kate’s insistence (because a cape is really easy to grab and a hazard) but also because Billy will drape the cape around people they’ve rescued if they’re showing signs of shock

The Twins

“He’s weird and he’s fast.”


betsyselanoican: “They look like Pepsi and Mountain Dew.” YEAH YEAH. :U

This is an AU I made with Betsy BECAUSE WE NEED MORE OF THESE TWO IN OUR LIIIIVES! It’s been a long while since I drew these two. TwT

I was actually super jelly of all the amazing artists making Wanda and Pietro in AoU SO I placed my own twist! HEHEHE. Hope you like it! I designed Billy’s outfit myself and sort of Tommy’s. XD

Anyway~ Read more just below the cut! I don’t want to bombard people with my WALL OF TEXT.

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so on the train back from geneva, pretty much all I had to read was the children’s crusade (don’t ask…) which got me to thinking about mcu wanda and how absolutely heartbreaking it would be for her to have a child who was identical to pietro


thomas mcdonell as wiccan