“At least out loud, I won’t say I’m in love…”


Relating to this song hardcore at the moment :| 

Which is really ridiculous but it’s the truth D: 

It’s nice that I’m on Spring Break now so I get a week off of classes and work, but I don’t want to be home here

I want to be back at school

more specifically, at the boy’s place watching our dumb tv shows and snuggling on the couch and eating pizza/chinese food

and making fun of James Hurley because Twin Peaks is a great show but jesus christ he has no personality

I need boy snuggles I am snuggle deficient



So basically I had this song playing on repeat yesterday, because in my head my stories play out as movies, and there’s a montage to this one.

Since I’m writing it, though, that means I have to expand on the montage scenes. Today at work, while waiting for various people to take me off hold, I wrote one instead of adding to the chapter I’m working on.

Oh, boo. You can’t add read mores to anything outside of text posts. Well, here’s this explaining what the next post is, I guess. Sorry for flooding your dash with  my ilk.