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Stiles:  Derek put me down!

Derek:   How about no?

Stiles: Derek! For the love of— put me down now, or I swear I’m going to end you! To your end!

Derek:   I turn my back for five minutes and you manage to get yourself possessed by a Japanese fox demon and mated to a coyote. Don’t think I’m letting you out of my sight any time soon.

Stiles:  DEREK!!!

reasons to love harrison ford

1. hates donald trump
2. got his ear pierced at claires because why the FUCK not
3. legit asks people to beat him up in action scenes EVEN NOW AS AN OLD ASS MAN
4. is arguably one of the most iconic star wars characters yet couldnt give less of a shit abt star wars
5. the universe tried to kill him (or at least permanently incapacitate him) twice in 2015 and it only mildly inconvenienced him
6. flies helicopters in search and rescue missions
7. was in his 40s for the majority of the indiana jones series which is fucking insane when you think about all the stunts involved
8. quote “the director yells cut and harrison cracks open a beer and then builds a fucking shed”
9. arguably sexy
10. points angrily and its super effective

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