Shingeki AU in which Arthur is the grumpy captain (a la Levi) and Alfred is the trainee that’s under his tutoring and has a huge crush on him and every time he kills a titan he dedicates it to Arthur and even though he doesn’t express it he thinks it’s cute and enjoys it.

[ to europe, the crackpots you are, and your celebratory music contest that may in fact lead to a third world war and/or the English annihilation of Ireland. ]

people that call other people in different parts of the world weak for not putting up with hot weather are so freaking ridiculous like oh man!! it’s like in different locations across the world people experience different kinds of weather!! isn’t that cool!! did you know that people in greenland wouldn’t adjust to weather in california that easily because they aren’t used to the heat??? did you know that people in brazil wouldn’t adjust easily either to iceland’s weather because it’s colder than what they’re used to??? wild facts am i right!!

As the City squad touched down in Toronto, eight members of Patrick Vieira’s EDS side joined the likes of Vincent Kompany and Sergio Aguero on the tarmac.

Manuel Pellegrini has been keen to give promising youngsters a chance to write their name into his first team plans on a series of both post and pre-season tours over the last two years and has again rewarded a collection of youngsters for their showings this season.

Brandon Barker, Bersant Celina, George Evans, Seko Fofana, Manu Garcia, Pablo Maffeo, Olivier Ntcham and Jose Angel Pozo have travelled with the first team squad, and we’ve run the rule over the less familiar faces looking to make their mark in North America.

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Psst. Saying you want Chris to work more in “England”, not cool. Cause um, I’d love to see him do some good BBC dramas and hey, the BBC moved the majority of their TV production to Cardiff, which is a city in Wales, which is part of the UK, which is NOT the same thing as England.

So you know, say you want to see Chris working more in the UK all you want. But let’s not limit him by saying you want to see him only work more in England. ;-)

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I'm from England and my fiancé is Australia We are both asexual. Romantic aces. Both virgins and want to live together as husband and wife. When we got engaged people started asking us about our sex life, then it comes up we are virgins. So then we get the are we waiting until marriage questions. we tell the truth, we are deeply in love and romantic, we just don't want sex. Then they tell us we shouldn't get married, as one of us is just looking for citizenship and that we will breaking the law.

It amazes how difficult it is for some people to grasp the idea of different sexualities, especially the lack of it. What you guys choose to do or choose to not do is absolutely none of their damn business. Pardon my language, but I hope someone sternly tells them to fuck right off for saying something so ignorant and rude. I’m a pretty bubbly, happy person all around but I have little patience for people who say those kinds of things.

I’m happy you’ve found someone you love that loves you back and that you make each other happy. That’s the important part of a relationship.

Going back to France in just a week… Time goes by very fast.

My sister comes down to make a smoothie after bullying me all day and then because of the stress she’s causing me I accidentally drop a mug and she starts yelling at me “that’s dads” “its from England” “you’re so fucking rude” “no one likes you” and I just can’t deal with this I am literally breaking in two its another three hours until my mom comes home I’m literally holed up in my room just watching the time go by…..

I hate my life……