dear americans,

to give you some perspective as to how hot england is rn, London Victoria (one of the biggest train stations in london) had a big stand with industrial strength freezers today to sell ice cream to the melting british public. however, it was so hot here today (it reached 37 celsius, which is 99 fahrenheit) that the ice cream was melting INSIDE the freezers. it was hotter here today than in Cairo, Hawaii and Sydney. fuck off with your “shut up england u don’t know what heat is!!1!” people have DIED because we are just not used to this heat. get your head out of your arseholes and have some consideration jfc


I just want everyone to know that by ‘prickly’ and ‘sweet’ they 100% meant being a goddamn tsundere I literally cannot stop laughing. 

The Katakana reads ‘tsuntsun’ and ‘deredere’. 

Credit goes to hetascanlations for the top translation!

10. Watch Recent High School Grads Fail Miserably When Asked Some Simple American History Questions - - Stories -

Seniors at Centerville High School in Northern Virginia had just received their diplomas and were leaving the school auditorium when MRC’s Dan Joseph and his video crew approached some of the students and asked a couple of simple questions about America and American history.

Many of them failed and failed miserably. A couple of wrong answers were off by more than a century.

Image source: YouTube

There were a few who remembered the year America declared its independence from England and even some who knew the name of the current speaker of the House of Representatives.

Watch MRC’s quiz of the recent high school grads:

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UK girls’ and my favourite cider, Kopparburg. I have thought its from England.