IT WAS AN EDIT im sorry

anonymous asked:

How did you make your icon? Is there a base for the background ?

I did the Bootleg Version™: 

Took a screen shot from my phone and did a whole lot of editing to make it look as close to the one in the games. Maybe, those who have an android might have an easier time creating these from the game files? 

As for the background of the icon, I basically made that, too. I didn’t really feel like finding the perfect disco lights background or a PS brush for the stars and everything tbh. lololololol

I hope you found this useful, anon~~!!

(template + background below)

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tumblah is unfollowing ppl for me i think

this is like the first time its happen to me i think so if i unfollow u im sorry ;; i have bad memory too so this is like some mindgames shit lol

edit: i’ll refollow you if it happens to unfollow you! the two people it unfollowed i just refollowed back ^^

callout post for @caked-in-cake 

  • wants to diddle pepe the emo detective
  • genuinely wants edgeworth to ram a case file up her ass
  • idk who remembers her absolute gift of a wattpad before she changed the bio and shit but used that completely unironically
  • Types Like Sherlock™ and then actually has to go back through her message and edit it to make it more Relatable
  • constantly forgets to make sure our son is hydrated
  • unreasonably good makoto impression
  • is actually an angel and is too perfect and deserves the whole universe