ok I said I wouldn’t make a post on this but im going to. This really upsets me. I hate seeing him like this. We all know his body dis morphia problems have been going on a while. For example how he always gets rated the least good looking by his OWN members. (The last time it happened he looked all ready eyed, knew he was gunna be last again so he went into the corner and he obviously felt uncomfortable. It also annoys me that the boys know him better than anyone, and yet they still didn’t back off.) and also in AHL when they asked “who’s hungry?” And Jimin hesitated to raise his hand and in the he end didn’t. Jin has also mentioned that Jimin works too hard and is worried. There is also another time when at the start of this year, he said he’d ‘try and improve his looks.’ When there is nothing to improve and we all think he’s perfect the way he is. I can’t do much about this, and it upsets me so much that I can’t reassure him and make him feel happy but us as an army can. So, on Twitter, im going to use the hashtag ’#ParkJiminYouArePerfect’ just like it’s been done for the other boys. SO SPREAD THE WORD GUYS! I think it would help a lot more if all the A.R.M.Y’s came together and helped, to let this boy know that we love and care about him, that he doesn’t need to always be trying to change himself :)

i am ashamed of the fact that the day is almost over and i just realized that it’s rose tyler’s birthday.

happy birthday to the wonderful character that took over my heart and soul ♥

just look at this little ball of sunshine and let her smile light up your universe

center stage love affair || a bellarke au

for her entire life, all clarke griffin wanted was to be a prima ballernia. she spent years working her way through the ranks of the new york city ballet company, despite everyone and their mother telling her she wasn’t built right, didn’t have what it’d take, or that she’d be better off with the rest of the “smart girls”. her mother especially had been riding her for ages about giving up her “hobby” and starting columbia’s pre-med program, but they’d made a deal when clarke finished her secondary studies: if clarke wasn’t a soloist by twenty-one, she would follow her mother’s wishes and give up her dream. she’d been on the right track–member of the corps by eighteen, demi-soloist by nineteen–but the last thing she expected was octavia blake.

bellamy blake worked two jobs while attending nyu part time to support himself and his younger sister while she chased her dreams, and when they’d received word that she’d been accepted into the new york city ballet company, they couldn’t have been more thrilled! octavia deserved it more than anybody bellamy knew, and it was the first good news they’d gotten in a long while. octavia was notoriously forgetful, though, and bellamy often found himself running home during his lunch break to grab her extra tights or lucky leg warmers. the last thing he expected was the irritable blonde sharing a dressing room with his sister that he’d accidentally walked in on.

it’s a rocky start, before a common bond over world war II and miles davis turns into trading books and cds whenever bellamy happens to stop by with something for octavia–admittedly more often after their relationship had taken on a more positive note. but between work and school, bellamy doesn’t have time for whatever is going on with clarke, and with clarke trying desperately to make soloist before her birthday in a few months time, neither does she, especially when the person in question is her competition’s flesh and blood. but somewhere along the way, they both make the conscious decision to make time.

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I love hearing you talk about Cait 😍 will you tell us about the first time you slept together? (Not like making love)

The first time we slept together, I finally felt at peace with everything around me. I felt a sense of calmness and well being rush over my entire body. Having her head lay on my chest was the best feeling in the world, and when I’d be holding her from behind she’d wiggle her butt into me and curl up in a ball. I felt at home in her presence, and hearing her breathe so easily gave me so much relief.
She never sleeps, and she always has nightmares but that night. She slept like a rock, and even if she was starting to have a nightmare she’d squeeze my arm or my thumb and realize I was right there with her and I would immediately feel her shoulders relax the second I would pull her closer into my arms.
She is my home and I want just want to go home already.

You know, for the record I love Red in the three piece suit. I really love Red when he ditches the jacket and goes a little more casual.
But holy hell, if Red ever started dressing like James….people we’d have a whole new show. And with two buttons undone, it’d be a whole new world!!! Lizzie wouldn’t stand a chance.

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Good day, miss Bunny. All trans people I know have started their transition in their older teens (19-21), and I'd like to ask you, as a person who stated HRT and all that while being a bit older. Do you think it's ever too late? I'm starting my transition now, but I'm almost thirty, and sometimes I feel it's pointless for me, seeing how I'm older then most of people during transition. I think I need both a real advice and a thumbs-up. Oh, and I love the natural hair you're having right now :>

My first trans role model was a woman in her 70s. She told me it was never too late to transition. She said she felt the same way…that it was too late for her. But the happiness she felt when she finally did it was worth it to her. I was told that a decade ago. I’m 28 now and 9 months in. I will always mourn not transitioning earlier. I could have saved my hairline. But the benefit is that I have been a boy, a man, and now a woman. I have seven years of growth and business experience behind me too. And I have all this knowledge that ten years ago I didn’t have. I have the confidence and strength now to take this on with an adult mind. So, there you have it.

Do it because you have to. Do it for yourself. Age is experience. And I relish that I have the benefit of being able to better understand the genders from living both lives. I’ve only really been a woman for five months full time. I’ve learned so much. Imagine what I’ll know tomorrow. Ten years from now, how will I look at gender then? Who will I be? It’s exciting that I can’t see myself not growing in the future. I have a lot of life and love to grow into, and going into my 30s isn’t going to stop me from enjoying it all. ;)

Besides. Geeks never have to grow up anyway.

small victories

did my weekly weigh-in. FINALLY IN THE 150′S OOOOOHHHHHHHH

I think the plan for now will be: finish my paid package with the Hot Athletica classes (4 more? probably?), drop a few more lbs of fat and then spend the summer training karate, running and lifting at my regular gym.
Ah! I’m gonna do the thing!! Uuuu EXCITE.

I’d love to start eating three meals a day with lots of fruits and yummy vitamin drinks and take aesthetic photos but I’m way too broke for that shit

I’m super particular about the art I buy, especially when it comes to jewelry. I didn’t even know crystals were a thing I’d be into until @skullerygram started releasing her beautiful quartz necklaces- now I can’t stop. The yellow feather was my first, then the macaw galaxy, and my most recent purchase is the morpho butterfly. I am so in love with her work (I have a large collection of her resin skulls, too) and I’m always excited to see what she creates next!

#skullery #skullerygram #crystal #quartz #resin #specimen #etsy

We’re A Fandom Now, Haters

The most interesting thing for me about trying to rate the Season 3 episodes of TMP has been realising how much harder it is for a fandom to agree on how a relationship should look, than it was for them to agree that a relationship should be the aim.

This only makes me love the show more. Because maybe if we saw more stories about relationships cobbling together some kind of functionality than stories about everything before the relationship starts, maybe we’d all know what we want better. At least maybe we’d all be able to reach a consensus on what we want to watch.

In New Girl S2, one of the moments that irritated me most was the scene where Jess breaks up with that Old Sophisticated Guy because she wants a relationship with ‘passion’, then immediately goes home and fights with Nick. Because while the fight itself was cute and hilarious, the implication was that the fighting made her relationship with Nick passionate, and that passion was what made that relationship worth pursuing. Not their mutual respect and care for each other. Not how well they got along despite being vastly different people. Not how they backed each other up and supported each other even when they were undeniably wrong. Just some kind of fuzzy amorphous concept of ‘passion’, delineated by a stupid fight.

This irritation morphed into me wanting to slam my head into a wall when the relationship was handled so fucking terribly in Season 3.

And here, in TMP S3, we’ve seen how passion looks long term. We’ve seen how amazing it can be when you remember to be on each others’ side. We’ve seen how terrible it can be when you’re at loggerheads and have no desire to change. We have seen an honest, open, terrifying, heartbreaking and exhilirating account of what a relationship between two stubborn, self-centred people actually looks like, especially when they’re essentially stuck together.

And I am so proud of how much of this fandom has discussed vocally how weak they found the endless romantic gestures, the emptiness of words that aren’t backed up by actions. I’m so proud of how we’ve all spent a year sharing our own relationships, discussing what it’s like for us to navigate what Danny and Mindy are navigating. I’m proud of how we questioned the romanticisation of gestures and comments that were misogynistic or outdated, how we questioned characters when they weren’t at their best.

I’m impressed with the writers, and with Mindy Kaling in particular, who promised us at the beginning of the season that exploring this relationship was going to be one conflict after another, that seeing these two build a life together would be more interesting than any amount of UST could be. She was right. She’s amazing.

But you guys are my MVPs. Because you took something new and interesting and fresh and turned it into a year-long discussion spanning feminist politics and individual preferences. The show made me think. You guys helped me understand.

You’re the best. Hey, foxtv? RENEW MINDY.

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I have a feeling Aomine's stuff would just start building up at Kagami's. He'd unofficially move in since he's there all the time, but he'd still have to go home. And then after they graduate and decide to officially live together, it's almost no different except now Kagami can go to sleep with Aomine next to him every night instead of just on weekends and they're both so excited that they stay up almost all night talking about stupid stuff and cuddling and laughing and just being happy dorks.

Yeah! Yeah I love this, mostly because, you know, it’s canon that Aomine’s a very messy kind of guy - so he’ll just leave his stuff at Kagami’s, because he forgets it or he’s too lazy to bring it back or he placed it someplace he can’t find it anymore

And at first it’s mostly clothes, so Kagami’ll find his stuff and roll his eyes, shake his head, and then wash it and put it aside to give it back the next time he sees Aomine. Only he never gets around to giving it back, and Aomine’s clothes just keep on piling up in Kagami’s bedroom until one day he realizes that he has a whole drawer only for Aomine’s things. Which at some point turns into two drawers and a side of the closet. Kagami can’t believe it.

(Aomine sometimes will call him in the morning and ask if he’s left that one black and blue shirt at his or if he’s definitely lost it in the chaos that is his room, and Kagami’ll complain about his stupid being messy but will go look in the drawer to check anyway)  

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Hello and Welcome!

This is where an Autumn Fic Exchange shall be conducted and it is just on the brink of starting out. It’d be very convenient of anyone to follow this blog to keep up with the updates. 

Signups will hopefully be opened sometime later in the month of June, depending on the amount of people willing to participate and considering the exchanges that are currently running.

If you are following this blog and waiting for the signups, then it’d be a good time to start mulling over prompt ideas.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and hopefully please do reblog this post so the word can spread. The more the merrier!

Thank you and have a nice day.

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Do you write angst? Haruka makoto rin sousuke had a terrible fight with their so and now their so left slamming the door on the way out. How do the boys react? Do they go after them or stay where they are etc? Sorry my english is terrible Dx

sorry for the wait! Don’t worry, your english is perfectly fine! It’s not my first language, either, hehe (^^;)

Haruka stood alone in the living room, recalling the fight between the two of you. You had stormed out a few minutes ago, saying that you needed to get away for a while. Haruka was frozen, realizing the harshness of his words. After a few moments of gathering his thoughts, Haruka began his search for you. 

He had looked anywhere that you’d usually be, but to no avail. How could he be so stupid? Did he have to be so harsh? Starting to give up and walk back home, he went to look in the park, and there you were, sitting on a bench by the small pond. You’d often go there when you were feeling upset. Quietly, Haruka walked towards you and sat down next to you on the worn out bench. Not knowing what to say, the both of you stayed silent before Haruka decided to speak up and apologize.

“I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry.”

Makoto was already beginning to regret everything he had said. He had hurt you, badly. With tears in your eyes, you stomped out of the house, slamming the door on your way out. Makoto was left there, silent. He didn’t know what to do. Should he go after you? What if you rejected his apologies? Should he stay where he was? They’d come back eventually, right? With all of these thoughts swarming his head. Makoto could only act on impulse. Grabbing his jacket, he ran out to find you and hopefully get you to forgive him.

Makoto had been searching for a good twenty minutes, out of breath from running and shouting your name into the night. Only, there was no reply. Starting to tear up slightly, Makoto began to walk home. 

Upon arriving at his home, he spotted a very familiar figure on the couch, tears running down their face. “___-chan?!” he choked out, relieved that you weren’t in any danger. You only looked up once, not answering his call. Makoto slowly walked up to you, trying to form a coherent sentence. Not saying a word, you looked away as you tried to hold the tears back. Makoto was now spewing out apology after apology, tears once again forming in his eyes. Giving in to your frantic boyfriend, you let him sit down next to you as he wrapped his arms around you tightly. 

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you. Please forgive me, I love you.”

Rin was still angry. His fists were still clenched at his sides as you stormed out of the room with tears in your eyes, into the bedroom that the two of you shared. Sitting down on a kitchen chair, Rin hid his face in his hands as he thought back on the fight. He couldn’t help but feel bad as he stood up and walked towards the bedroom. Upon twisting the doorknob, he found the door be locked. He didn’t blame you, though. The things he had said were harsh. Too harsh. Sighing, Rin knocked on the door, hoping that you’d let him in. Of course, there was no reply. Knocking once again, Rin tried calling your name. Nothing. Sitting down beside the door, he sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He had decided to wait until you came back out.

Rin slowly opened his eyes, looking over at the clock that was situated on the wall across the hallway. 3:00 A.M. What was he doing here again? Why wasn’t he wrapped up in bed with ___? Rin took a few seconds to recall what had happened before he realized something. Oh. Looking to his side, he saw a figure leaning against his shoulder, mouth slightly opened. Rin grinned fondly as he wrapped his arm around your sleeping frame.

“So, I take it that you forgive me, then.”

Sousuke was tired of fighting, he had finally snapped at you during quite a lengthy fight that you just wouldn’t back down from. This had caused you to flee the room, not wanting to put up with the fight anymore. Sousuke was now standing alone in the kitchen, thinking about the fight. He regretted hurting them that bad already. He could hear your muffled sobs from the bedroom, but there was no getting in there, as you had locked the door. Running his hands through his hair, Sousuke decided to go and sleep on the couch. He didn’t want to bother them right now. It took him a long time to fall asleep, though, as the couch wasn’t the most comfortable place to spend the night but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. 

Sousuke’s slumber didn’t last for long as he felt a nudge to his side. Grunting slightly, he saw you standing there, trying to wake him up. Chuckling slightly, he pulled you down with him, holding you close to him as he kissed the top of your head. You didn’t even bother to fight back as he leaned to silently whisper in your ear.

“Sorry about earlier, forgive me?”