kim taehyung appreciation

today has been hectic and we’re all feeling shitty so it’s time to remember that the sunshine that is kim taehyung exists so we can all feel happy and not want to die

we will start slow and work our way up to the soul destroying stuff

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but like, imagine this

when your otp is setting up for christmas, which one gets stuck in the tree fixing the lights, and which one laughs their ass off and the other trying to get out of the tree.

which one falls off the ladder when putting lights on the house, which one catches the one falling.

which one sings in the other room (very nicely) Silent Night, which one quietly listens to the other sing.

which one grabs the other around the waist and dances with them, which one started the slow music for that dancing.

think about it

imagine after a nice romantic date with ashton, he brings you home, all the lights are turned off except for maybe a few lamps and he decides to just put on some slow music but like really soft and he just twirls you in and you guys start dancing in the living room while ashton sings the lyrics softly into your ears wow what is life

!!! if you’re learning Spanish and you totally missed over the whole “i should probably practice listening” phase, definitely go check out Coffee Break Spanish on Spotify!! As far as I know it doesn’t even play any ads which is so nice! If you need practice with conjugation and grammar, definitely check out Season 1&2, but if you’re just looking for listening practice that starts off slow and steadily gets harder while also giving you GOOD, not forced conversation, skip to Season 3+. They explain everything they said, albeit in short spanish descriptions, explain harder vocabulary !!IN SPANISH!! (my fav way to learn new words), have an “intermission” where they teach a tongue twister and a useful way to make your Spanish sound more natural/not just simple phrases, and finally end with explaining harder grammar concepts that might have appeared in the listening. The best part about it all is if you get confused by what they said, you can go back and hear it again, or you can skip over stuff you might already know. I know they have a website with notes on all this, and I’ll try to find that and post it later!!! 

Quick Roleplay Tips about Low Activity

// If you want more interactions, you have to give interactions. That’s literally the only way. It is kinda obvious, but I’ve seen a lot of roleplayers who make ooc posts about wanting interactions, and then call it quits when that doesn’t do the trick.

Making an ooc post on your blog complaining you don’t have roleplays rarely works, because it’s so quiet (only your followers who are online at that exact moment will see it) and it’s really off-putting, because you’re starting from a bitter place.

So, if you’re coming off a hiatus, starting a new blog, or have just had a slow time, my quick tip list to increase your activity and interactions are:

  • Offer blog ratings, people love hearing about themselves, and it can lead to plotting. The idea is to get your name out there. (PS: Also send people ooc love. It’s just nice to do anyways.)
  • Send a shitton of ask memes to people. A good trick is to set aside a period of time (a day, an hour, whatever works) where you send an ask for every meme post on your dashboard. A lot of these can lead to short threads, and will get your blog on people’s radar.
  • Reblog karma is actually really good for this. If you reblog the meme after sending it, a lot of people will return the favour :)
  • Also send people ic asks. Make sure to check rules first (some people are mutuals only) but you can get lots of cool interactions out of this!
  • Like starter calls, I mean obviously. Also make your own starter calls. Some people like having permanent starter calls, so look for one / see if this works for you.
  • Check out plotting memes, either to reblog or send. Mostly focus on sending though~
  • If you feel up to it, do a ‘free scribble drawing of your muse’ meme. These can be really fun, and they don’t have to be masterpieces. Giving creates good karma, gets your name out there, and puts your muse on people’s radars. It doesn’t have to be scribble art, quick edits, drabbles, or small icon giveaways are all good.
  • Approach people for plotting - be prepared to offer to do the starter - and if people say no, it often means they’re busy and not that they’re uninterested. Feel free to ask again later, plus again offering to do the starter helps a lot.
  • Stay upbeat and welcoming. We all have down days and it can be disheartening af, but the best way to get involved is to get involved.

In short the best way to build interactions is to take the first move, engage people, and go in with lots of positivity. Give interactions, give kudos, and give effort.

So you want to take one of the zodiac signs on a date..
  • Aries: Something brilliant out of the box and energetic, sitting won't do, maybe an amusement park?
  • Taurus: Something casual but not super touchy feely close, they want to take it slow something classic like dinner might be good?
  • Gemini: Something where they are able to talk and really understand you and tell you about themselves, maybe coffee? Causal is better with them.
  • Cancer: They love romance! But they also can be shy so don't overdo it, a picnic could be nice for them?
  • Leo: Something fun and easygoing, not overly thought out but just easy! Maybe an arcade?
  • Virgo: They can sometimes be very shy on the first date and maybe a bit timid start off with something simple like say a movie? Make a bit more interesting and go to a drive in theater!
  • Libra: This sign loves to be charmed just as much as they love to charm, take them on an enchanting date! Maybe to a nature exhibit? or horse back riding? Something with views and thrills.
  • Scorpio: They may be nervous and quiet at first so take them somewhere not too loud where they can get comfortable with you, maybe a bookstore where you guys can show each other the kind of topics you are into?
  • Sagittarius: Do something filled with thrills, they don't want to get mushy on the first date so maybe to a show or a concert?
  • Capricorn: This sign wants to talk but also may feel a bit awkward so maybe take them to a game? Baseball or something where you can get a snack and talk and then sit and enjoy the noise of the game?
  • Aquarius: Do something where they get to learn or pikes their interest where they will start telling you all about what they believe, maybe a museum or an art gallery?
  • Pisces: Do something sweet simple and cute for this sign, maybe go to a lake or the ocean and go for a swim?
  • Check your Venus too!

me, describing this video to thefutureisbroken:

just watched a weird video


i’m imaginging how this video was shot

and it’s really weird

probably was fun as hell to shoot

basically, what they did

they took this slow-ish piano song and sped it up so that when they do the slow-mo playback it syncs up with the original song

and then they just start throwing things

like, at first it’s confetti

and it starts off nice

but then it looks like someone’s just throwing fistfulls of the clearance bin from party city at this guy and his piano

then, like, water balloons?


there’s spaghetti and meatballs being thrown?

like, dramatic close-up of slow-mo spaghetti and meatballs


tbh i’d shoot something like this, it looks fun as hell




To start, I’m sorry to whoever’s blog I stole this from. I can’t remember who you are, but thank you.

Stephanie and I actually slow clapped for this picture yesterday. This is unprecedented. This is a nice suit. On Boy Band Fashions. This is probably the best dressed any boy bander has been on this blog since we started it last November.

Dalton, we just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank you. I see no pants chains. There are no bro tanks. I can’t see your feet, but I’m assuming that you aren’t wearing tennis shoes. A+++++++

This is the best possible way to kick off our summer. Bow down to thisisdaltonsusername, the Little Boy Bander Who Could.

Go buy yourself some ice cream, Dalton, you deserve it.


(PS–Eyeliner on point.)

5sos ot4/ofc imagine [smut/orgy/a bit of spanking, nc17]

( part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 )

( as the public demands, here’s more )

I start jerking Luke off, his cock nice, throbbing and hard wrapped inside my hand, and he moans deliciously, staring at me even though it is difficult and awkward because our faces are so close. He rubs my boobs, movements and pressure of his palms varying depending on what I’m doing with his cock. He leans up, attaching his lips to my neck, sucking gently and sweetly.

If Luke is being incredibly slow and tender, Calum is having his fun with rough, almost painful thrusts into me. I can feel his bones against the back of my thighs and he is squeezing my ass in his hands, gripping my hips to force me to meet him halfway to make the pounding even more powerful.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Cal”, I groan, turning my head to look at him, also giving a better access to Luke who is admiring my neck with his mouth, “you’re killing me here.”

“Too much?” he asks, sighing in pleasure and moaning: “Oh my f–” He slows down, not bothering to wait for my answer, and I can feel how he aims for getting deeper instead of doing it so hard. It’s better, I like sex intimate and less rough. 

“Could I–”, he starts, hesitating a bit, looking down at my ass and then back at me, not really sure how to say his suggestion in a fairly polite way, “–spank you? I mean, I just, fuck, I like it a bit–”

“–rough”, I finish for him, “go on.”

I have never been spanked so the first time he brings his palm down, I feel the jiggle and the way it stings in a hot way. It’s something that you think about sometimes, fantasize of someone gently spanking you but the real deal is more painful. It’s still weirdly arousing to me, and the second time he spanks me, it goes straight into my nerves, down to my pussy and I moan because I’m actually enjoying it for myself, not just for him.

“Fuck, Cal”, I sigh and Luke whines underneath me, I haven’t noticed how I’ve stopped working my magic on his cock and I squeeze, circle my fingers teasingly around the tip, sliding my hand up and down his cock that has been slicked by pre-come and lube, I don’t know when but I’m not surprised I haven’t payed attention to it before.

“Can you boys come, I want a go”, Michael whines on the bed. He’s not touching himself anymore, it’s probably too much and he wants to last for me. It’s kind of sweet and cute. The red-head is distracting himself with combing Ashton’s hair with his fingers, occasionally bringing his palm down to pet the drummer’s cheeks.

( moarrrrr? )

( edit: next part here )

Request: Yes
Pairing: Luke Hemmimgs, Michael Clifford, & (Y/N).
Rated: R

You & Luke had an innocent relationship so when he walked in on you naked, masterbating. He didn’t know what to do. He watched as you fingered yourself nice and slow while your other hand massaged your boob. You moaned Luke’s name making him harder by the second.

He quickly undressed and kneeled in front of your bare clit. Your eyes were closed, still not noticing him. He leaned forward and started to kiss your thighs making your eyes shoot open. You screamed once his tongue entered your hole while you continued to finger yourself.

“Oh God Luke,” You moaned, “I’m so close!” He hummed against your clit setting you off, you instantly came on his tongue and your fingers. He pulled away smiling, taking your fingers out of you. He brought your fingers to your face and made you taste yourself. He smiled and kissed you gently.

He reached over you and grabbed a condom, ripping open the package open and rolling it on his length. He lined up perfectly at your whole before sliding inside. You moaned loud as he waited for you to adjust. You nodded quickly and he immediately started pounding in you. You screamed arching your back. Suddenly you heard the door open showing a nervous and obviously horny Michel Clifford.

Luke hadn’t stopped not caring that his best friend was there watching, “Well are you gonna stand there or are you going to come fuck her?” Michael immediately came inside the room and shut the door. He undressed and Luke pulled out making you groan. “All fours, now!” Michael demanded. Shocked you got on all fours. Luke at your whole & Michael at your mouth. “Use that pretty little mouth and suck his baby,” Luke told you before slipping back inside of you.

You took Michael’s length inside your mouth and swirled your tongue making his moan. Luke sped up and Michael pushed you further down making his length hit the back of your throat, Your nose at the tip of his pubes. You reached one hand up and played with his balls. Suddenly you felt another orgasm build up, You came all over Luke making your eyes roll back. “Oh shit I’m close!” Luke yelled. “M-me too!” Michael yelled. You felt Luke came inside you making you both moan. Michael slowly came after, his come sliding down your throat. They both pulled out and laid down next to you. You cuddled to Luke’s chest, “can we do that again?” Michael laughed and Luke smiled. “Anything for you,” Luke told you kissing you.

Think about your first shower with Michael. It’d be the first time you go visit him on tour since your relationship started and you’d be cuddled up on a hotel bed just being with each other but you’d feel so gross from traveling all day so you’d slip out of his arms with a quick “I think I’m gonna have a shower” but Michael would grab your arm and pull a grumpy pout trying to pull you back to him so you’d giggle and peck his lips with a whispered “why don’t you come with me” and Michael would have this kind of ‘wait, are you serious’ expression on his face and when he realized you were, he’d jump up and start taking his clothes off quickly making you laugh while he pulled you to the bathroom, but then things would be so sweet and slow, he’d just stand and admire your body and use just the tips of his fingers to caress your wet skin and he’d have this cute little smile because this was just so nice but then you’d get the soap and start using it on him, your hands running smoothly over his whole body and things would start heating up really fast and before long he’d have your body pushed against the side wall with one of your legs slung over his hips while he drilled into you and you would both just completely forget about the shower bc fucking was way better than washing each other’s hair

nice musical things in repo
  • the violin lick in mark it up
  • the kazoo solo in thankless job
  • “you used my mother’s death to use my father, you’d use my father’s death to use me too” *piano riff*
  • when the beat drops in legal assassin
  • the acoustic slow part in legal assassin 
  • the harpsichord sounding thing in chase the morning
  • when amber’s face falls off and her back up singers start singing “you didn’t see what you just saw/ you didn’t hear what you just heard”
  • graverobber’s bass note
  • “zydrate comes in a little glass vial” “a little glass vial?” “a little glass vial
  • all of zydrate anatomy tbh
  • when beat drops in we started this op’ra shit
  • the lead guitar in seventeen
  • seventeen in general cause its fun fuck you
  • nathan’s voice change in tonight we are betrayed
  • iiiii rEEEEMEEEEMmmmbeeerrrr
  • shilo: will he live?
    nathan: *snaps a man’s neck* it’s looking grim
  • “You break my friggin’ heaaaaart!”
  • the end of night surgeon goes so hard

feel free to add more

Fun headcanon

If soul eater was a musical Soul would be the guy who is just confused why everyone is singing.
Blackstar would try and cut in on every solo
Maka has the nice slow song with no dancing but in every group shot she’s off on her dancing by like half a beat

Halfway through you just hear the group start singing “maka can’t dance, maka can’t dance, maka cannot dance, she only reads books and she cannot dance even if she was reading a how to dance book”

Finding Day

Shout out to the Anon for requesting a moment between Reader and Pap, and fire-n-snow for the really really nice messages that motivated me to start writing at 5 am ffs. I cannot thank all of you guys enough for all of the wonderful messages I’ve been getting! If you sent me a message and I haven’t responded it’s 100% because I was probably crying while reading it so I’m keeping it forever now.

Thank you all so much again for taking the time to read my fics, it means so much to me.

The pace slowed down and this chapter was running super long again, so I cut it at a less cliff-hanger-y spot this time. I didn’t want to kill you guys twice.

[Sans Days] [First] [2] [3] [4] [5] [Previous] [Next] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14]

Warnings: Emotional breakdowns, terror, damage, more rain.

Update: Some awesome fanart to go with this chapter! And some more!

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If you’d like to see more of my art to see my style, head on over here and here!

  • Payment through PayPal ONLY
  • If you Commission me for Lined Greyscale & Colored work I’ll send you a sketch of it first before I start lining and coloring to see if you’d like anything changed/altered.
  • If you’d like specific things for you commission, please tell me when you email me. Ex: (Simple background, full-body Greyscale Lined piece.) (Background, Bust, Colored piece) Only pieces that will always be full bodied are Chibis.
  • If you’re interested, email me at

Since I’m starting up school soon and moving, I’m gonna take this nice and slow and try doing Slots? I’ll start off with 5 and if I handle that well, I’ll move up to 10 later down the road.



  • NSFW Stuff im alright with doing stuff with clothes ON, but pls ask me first
  • Mecha stuff
  • OCs X Canon Characters

I don’t understand the fandom’s universal hate/disregard for Act 1, and how they always say “Oh it starts off boring but jeep reading!”

Act 1 is like, the best act. It’s nicely sized, well-paced, and it has clever humor. There aren’t a million things happening that you have to remember 3 years later. Character introduction are nice and they take time out see development instead of just shooting them off 3 at a time with barley an established personality. 

Act 6 is fandom-favorite like 90% due to the dirkjake kiss and it being canon. 

Act 5 is the “skip-to” act because of the trolls. 

The first two acts are so good for new readers because it will make them laugh and its well-paced enough that it will grab attention the fandom just psyches out new reader with their “It starts slow but keep reading it gets so much better” and that just makes them not want to start. 

Act 1 is an undiscovered goldmine

Closed Starter


It had been a slow night, as it usually was when Adalind took “normal” civilian jobs. Non-criminal work in general had a tendency to be a nuisance, considering the need to falsify her credentials each time, but they were also a nice occasional break from murder, mayhem, and the thrill of battle. Something mundane, something calm…

Normally, anyway.

The beginning of the fiasco had started earlier that morning and not seemed worth noting. Only a simple incident of her aggressively telling some pervert off before realizing her unprofessional mistake and more politely asking him to leave. Sure he had seemed somewhat familiar, but she could ignore that fact. No harm done unless one counted a half-hearted manager-to-server scolding in the back room…some mundane incident and nothing more.

Then he returned, no longer alone. By this time, all but one customer had left. He and his group of lackeys flashed their otherwise-concealed guns as they walked past her to sit in a booth as though nothing had happened. Less ‘normal’, more of a warning sign. Then, after they had all ordered their drinks, she remained all too aware of their eyes boring into the back of her skull, undoubtedly some glare intended to be threatening.

Any attempts to reach out to the dead proved fruitless. Whether due to a long lucky streak or a fairly recent exorcism, no spirits were within range. She couldn’t use them for diversionary tactics this time around and had been required to come to work unarmed. What a bullshit rule. She spared one glance back at the remaining customer, who honestly appeared to be hopelessly drunk, as she relayed the men’s orders to the bartender. 

“A little help here would be great,” the look in her eyes would have said to anyone sober enough to interpret it.

Or a drink of her own. That would have been nice and helpful, too.

kids taking out their embarrassing parents to play

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