Mermaids have a special ability. Through touch, they can erase memories of themselves from that person as a way of defense and a method of keeping safe.

Did I say this au would be fluff only? whoops.

Sojiro Shimada headcanons
  • he has an older sister who ran off with a lover when they were young. She visits sometimes to give his kids too much sugar and encourage them to do wild shit like express themselves. Of course you can finger paint on the walls Genji.
  • He liked sweets he kept a stash in his office.
  • God damn he loved his wife
  • it was a kind of business marriage, probably arranged for him, but they were lucky and fell in love. She was super funny?? It surprised him she seemed so quiet and reserved in meetings between their families he was not expecting dick jokes on the first date
  • They worked wonderfully together, he was a practical businessman and she was ruthlessly clever and charismatic. A perfect team the family had never done better. 
  • She died having Genji. His father never blamed him though. 
  • God damn he loved his kids!
  • He was always busy but still a damn good dad. He never ignored his kids and tried not to tell them “not now” if he could help it. He took every opportunity he possibly could to go out and do fun kid stuff with them. He’d do Hanzo’s hair for him and help him with his homework. He’d let Genji paint his nails and scribble on papers he didn’t need, just please, not the walls again.(Hanzo’s responsible attitude developed quite early. Think like, 4 years old following Genji while he crawls around, just kinda herding him away from things he shouldn’t touch. Probably making a face and sighing like he’s too old and tired for this, even tho he is doing it completely by his own will.This was helpful for poor busy dad.)
  • He told his kids stories before bed almost every night. Even when it was just Hanzo. When they were a little older and he pulled that “once there were two dragons who were grounded because they stayed out past curfew” Genji told him he should have ditched the family and written children’s stories. He low key liked the idea. 
  • There’s a picture of his wife on his nightstand and he talks to her sometimes. About things that are stressing him out, about how smart Hanzo is or how Genji looks exactly like her. 
  • He tried not to put excessive pressure on Hanzo, but Hanzo would just make up for it by putting pressure on himself. This is a little bit frustrating, he doesn’t wanna say, “maybe you shouldn’t aim so high”, but he hates to see Hanzo so stressed out trying to reach the bars he set for himself. He appreciates that Genji seems to take care of and support his brother, tho. 
  • He never pushed Genji to accept his role as heir to the family, but he did try to convince his son that there was a nobility in what they did. Even if they dealt in weapons and drugs and death, they provided jobs and second chances to unfortunate people, they were fair with their justice and they protected their city. 
  • He was constantly at odds with his wife’s older and younger brothers, who joined the family’s council of elders when they married into the family. The pair of them were greedy and underhanded and blamed Genji for the death of their sister. They went behind his back and gave the poor kid shit all the time.
  • He always has been and would still be very proud of his kids.

A graduation trip to outer space with your friend? What could be better?
Okay, okay I did promise I’d hear you out

I was suppose to do one for the civil war arc but asdfghjkl I couldn’t resist drawing this scene because s p a c e   d a t e

(Caption-less gifs and Phone Backgrounds undercut)

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happily dancing with his lightstick and then…

Me: *Procastinating*

Me: Stares at Keith and Lance elevator pic

Me: @bibocas-valkiria put the cinderella shoe on Keith rn



A villain quirk that doesn’t just forcefully activate another person’s quirk but AMPLIFIES IT to the point that their target suffers and is a danger to themselves and those around them

Mina starts to melt everything so much that she starts to burn herself

Kaminari in danger of permanent brain damage but no one can get close enough to help him

Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow forcing him to be in a room so full of light that he can’t even see or a room so devoid of darkness that no shadow could possibly exist

Shouji growing body part after body part after body part until the ends of his tentacles reach the opposite ends of a room and don’t even look human anymore

Kirishima unable to move because his body is so stiff to the point he can barely breathe

Midoriya, who can’t move a muscle or risk breaking his body if he even twitches and when he does he has to stay perfectly still or risk breaking more of himself

Bakugou, who has to be isolated or risk blowing up everything within a mile of him


This is the worst villain any of them could face EVER


So this might just happen…

Max + girls || Run Back To Me


“do you remember what we did the first time we came here?,”

 Alec smiled at the clearly rhetorical question, squinting sideways toward Magnus, eyeing him fondly. The warlock was leaning against the glass barrier of the balcony, wine glass in hand as he looked out over the city, a lazy smile pulling at the corner of his mouth.

 “i’ve got a pretty vivid picture,” Alec replied finally, tapping his own wine glass gently as he wandered over to where Magnus stood, stopping a little ways behind him.

 Magnus sighed theatrically before turning around, feigning disappointment, tokyo lights glinting off the rim of his glass.

 “any chance of a refresher?” came the innocent question, laced with mischief as he glanced up at alec, eyebrows raised hopefully.

 Alec felt an airy laugh escape him at Magnus’ expression, finding the way his nose scrunched up far too adorable. Ducking his head down he swallowed thickly, tongue pressed up against his bottom lip in a valiant attempt to control his face as he stepped forward. Any composure he might have had left crumbled as a warm hand curled into the fabric of his shirt, cold metal rings making him shiver before he found Magnus’ mouth, smiling into the kiss. It was soft and slow and sweet, mirroring the way Alec had kissed him the last time - the first time: pushed up against the barrier, hands roaming from his chest to his neck to his waist, fingers sliding through his belt loops lightly.

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RE: Supercorp on Wikipedia

I support this form of resistance. It’s a wonderful way to garner attention to the ship and how poorly the whole situation is being handled.

However, I want to suggest that we also try to make changes that won’t get immediately flagged or rolled back as well. For instance, adding this to the television section: “There is speculation that Lena Luthor is a potential love interest for Kara Danvers, noting the chemistry between McGrath and Melissa Benoist[10] and the flirtatious nature of the characters’ interactions[11][12]. “ By doing this, we’re doing our best to follow Wikipedia’s guidelines. It means it’s harder to justify removing it. I’d suggest that if you have examples of journalists noting the chemistry between the two or commenting on their blatant flirtation, cite it in that section.

And come up with other ways of citing the living hell out of your claims! Lena brings Kara Danvers flowers? Find a recap and cite it. Cite everything. Yes, the stuff that’s more egregious and hilarious (those wife/daddy edits, tho) should also happen, but getting Wikipedia’s editors to say “FINE, we’ll accept that at the very least the media is commenting on the possibility of a relationship between Kara and Lena” is a huge step. In fact, the more egregious stuff makes the compromise of something that’s well cited appeal. So raise hell! Cite your sources! Get Supercorp into Wikipedia!


Hyuuga and Kiyoshi have an on going game of “who manages to keep live animals in school without letting anybody find out, especially Riko” and they keep sabotaging each other

Kagami’s excuse was so good, that hyuuga couldn’t get mad

Izuki was proud of Hyuuga for that extremely witty pun


Himuro, the loving brother

those brownies were totally safe, what do u mean