My thoughts on Thomas Hamilton possibly being alive are:

Thomas Hamilton did not deserve to have his father turn on him, have his close friend betray him, be torn away from the two people he loved most in the world and be chucked into an awful place where he eventually died so if the writers are going down the route of “he was smuggled out of the country and is just keeping a low profile and will be eventually reunited with the love of his life and they’ll both finally be happy at last.” then GOOD.

Man, you could see all the pent up feelings, and sexual tension in that kiss. I loved the way he was going to leave her because he thought she didn’t return his feelings that was so sweet. He was going to respect her decision because that’s what she wanted. Then when Kara stopped Mon-El (she moved so fast I thought she was using her super speed 😂) and said please so low it was barely audible (to a human ear 😋) was so cute and emotional. Kara really didn’t want him to leave and it just shows that this relationship is really worth it for her, and she’s not going to let it go like her other relationships. Mon-El looked so dang happy when Kara told him that she lied to him about them being compatible. This man has no clue about relationships and he’s just trying and trying to be better so he would be worthy of her. You can tell that his conflict with Mxy wasn’t really with Mxy, but himself. He didn’t think he was worthy of Kara, and didn’t deserve to be with her. But as Kara said before she is SUPERGIRL, she doesn’t need people telling her what she wants or who she should be with. She is a grown woman who can make her own decisions, and it’s infuriating when I see BS like Mon-El is manipulating her or they’re abusive relationship. You guys have a zero idea of what an abusive relationship if you actually think Karamel is abusive. Fighting and squabbling comes with getting in a relationship, it is something one should expect. However, doesn’t make it abusive or do you think every relationship is abusive? Because there is no single relationship in this dang universe that hasn’t gotten in a fight.

Mini rant over, back to their adorkable relationship. Karamel is so great because she inspires Mon-El to be better, and Mon-El shows Kara how to loosen up and let go. They give and take that’s what a relationship should be. These these two don’t tell each other sorry all the time because they make it up in their actions and strive to do better. Kara is learning to express her feelings, she’s learning to jump first, and experience a relationship fully. With Mon-El she can give it her all, she can let loose and not have to be gentle. He can take her fervor. She doesn’t have to treat him like glass, and she can truly feel his touch for all its worth. Mon-El is learning what it feels like to actually deeply feel something for someone, and be a hero. They are both learning, and growing from each other. They challenge and make each other better.


wow, that episode was intense, wasn’t it? all those hallucinations showing people’s insecurities and also magnus being the biggest badass. i loved it a lot

- i was actually in tears when alec assured magnus that he wants them to be together, he doesn’t want it to go away, he’s serious about this. and magnus? the happiness on his face? that means everything to me

- when alec sees his mother for the first time, he might be different than in the past. but his body still goes to the ‘perfect soldier form’… this breaks my heart. cause when he’s around her, he’s a soldier first and then a son

- i’m done with shadowhunters calling magnus alec’s friend instead of boyfriend and trying to make their relationship invalid. they can all choke

- i’m still so emotional that max called magnus alec’s boyfriend. and alec’s reaction was just so pure? he was like 'yeah, i do have a warlock boyfriend. he’s amazing’

- ‘traditions change. especially those based on ignorance’
YES! preach it. i’m so proud of alec for saying this because it’s so important. shadowhunters think they’re just better than everyone else… they’re really not

- ‘me and magnus. together.’ & ‘thank magnus’
alec being a protective boyfriend is my everything. this was so beautiful and i definitely need more moments like those

- magnus being obsessed with cats and speaking french to them is my new aesthetic

- i was kind of afraid of that talk between magnus and jace because that 'hurt my brother, i’ll hurt you’ to magnus? just no. so i’m glad jace realised very quickly how serious magnus is and that he didn’t try to continue with it
although i am bitter that this is how we got confirmation that malec actually did have sex. because we deserved at least a conversation between magnus and alec, not something like this

- but magnus’ reaction when he thought he might’ve had an accidental three way with jace was kinda hilarious

- alec was so proud of magnus throwing this amazing party, even though magnus was very insecure. not about his skills to throw a party but that he might not be accepted by maryse or max and he wanted it to be perfect because this means so much to alec
and coming up with the theme and trying not to say too much even though maryse was acting like… well, like she always does. this isn’t something that magnus would do for anyone. and seeing both of them falling in love with each other more and more makes me so so happy

- magnus’ cat eyes are so so beautiful. i’m gonna write this every single time we get a chance to see them
and yes, i’d prefer if magnus and alec were alone for this but i still loved it. magnus felt comfortale enough to show his real eyes in front of max. max who is already becoming important to him because of alec.
magnus doesn’t like shadowhunters but he’s giving alec’s family a chance because he loves alec (yes, he does. fight me on this)
and jace calling magnus their friend? this was so important. it’s not just alec defending his boyfriend. it’s also jace being supportive because he knows magnus is an amazing guy and how much he means to his parabatai
i do wish max apologised for his behaviour… but i really do understand why he did that. yes, it was wrong. but he’s a kid who is constantly forced to watch his family hate each other, being forced to watch your family fall apart when you’re still a child… this isn’t good for him. i just love max so much. and i can relate to him so much.

- alec becoming more confident and speaking his mind is the best view. bit by bit he starts believing in himself and he doesn’t allow people to have power over him, it’s a very slow process but he’s getting there

- ‘this is an elegant affair, not an episode of the real housewives of idris’ has got to be my favourite quote from this episode haha

- magnus was in charge of this huge party, yet he still realised that people were hallucinating and that he needed to help them. honestly, who could ever do something like this? only magnus
everyone kept arguing around him but he stayed calmed and saved everyone’s lives. he is too good for this world
and as soon as his spell book was gone, he put his wards up in a sec without breaking a sweat. we got to see how powerful he is and i need more?
also, he figured out so quickly who the actual thief was. we really don’t appreciate him enough. he’s the most powerful and the smartest being and everyone would be dead without him

- magnus hearing the simple 'alec, no’ and running to actually save alec’s life? i’m just so emotional about this.
alec was ready to jump, he DID jump. yes, it was technically because clary said all those things but it’s so clear that he still blames himself for what happened.
if magnus hadn’t been there… or if he hadn’t cared… i don’t even want to think about this

- also, how incredible was magnus fighting? every hit was precise, his defence was flawless. and when he was finally done, he cast such a powerful spell, iris stood exactly no chance at all.

- fraywood moment left me in tears. i love that they’re becoming friends
even if it breaks my heart that no matter how many times clary says she doesn’t blame him, alec still blames himself for it

- alec supporting maryse… even after all she did, how she never supported him, he’s still there for her… telling her that she can count on him. i cried a lot during this scene

- WE NEVER ASKED luke dragging jace and clary is my everything. shadowhunters always think 'they know better’ or 'they’re doing it for the greater good.’ no, just shut up. listen to downworlders for once because they have a right to know such things
and luke was absolutely the best. true alpha. and also very concerned brother.
luke is the purest character on this show. his sister hated him, said horrible things about him. yet he’s still there, worried about her, trying to save her
we seriously don’t deserve luke

- raphael saving izzy was such a good scene. he really didn’t need to help her, last time they met, she was trying to kill him.
and he believed in her, he was really trying to make her get rid of yin fen out of her system

- and can we just stop with that izzy plot line tho… cause i’m done with it. izzy deserves better than almost dying in some alley trying to score. if it wasn’t for raphael…

- and i absolutely hate that izzy forced raphael to feed on her. he didn’t want this. he fought hard to stop feeding on human blood and shadowhunter blood? this is too much. he didn’t consent to this. this was so wrong.

- raphael telling izzy how magnus saved him left me in tears. he’s one of the very few people that actually feels grateful for magnus being there for him and helping him during the worst times.
i actually don’t have good enough words to describe how much i love magnus

- izzy telling maryse all those things is my aesthetic. she always needed her mum and maryse was never there for her. and yeah, you can explain some of those things but this is still not okay. and izzy was absolutely right to say all of those things

- i really loved a scene between maia and jace. yeah, they may not exactly… like each other but they’re clearly on better terms and their interactions are always interesting 

- i can’t even imagine what jace must’ve felt like when he heard that maryse wanted him dead. sure, she never actually said that but he still heard that and thinking of something like this is one thing. but actually hearing it from someone you consider your mother?

- jace and maryse finally having a talk made me cry a lot. they both really needed this. they mean so much to each other but because everything that happened, it was just too hard and complicated

- max’s ceremony and his oath was one of the most perfect moments in this episode. it was so beautiful

- i absolutely despise climon. just get those unnecessery straight couples from me. especially when they’re basically siblings
although simon trying to find courage was adorable 

- valentine needs to stay away from madzie. magnus is basically already her step dad so ughhh he’d better watch out because he really doesn’t want to piss the high warlock of brooklyn off

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Anna I find it so unbelievably endearing that you've met Gerard so many times and still get excited about him wearing your shirt.

LISTEN a) thank you and b) i dont even know why i get so excited i guess its bc when people like things i give them it just makes me super happy and also bc think about all the shirts Gerard must own and he chose mine and he wears it constantly and he knows its from me so part of me is like ‘i wonder if he thinks of me every time he puts it on’ (i mean he probably doesnt but MAYBE) and it makes me super happy just knowing that he thinks of me sometimes and that he loves that shirt so much

There is so much Tiva on my dash right now and I’m so emotional! Why are they so perfect? Why are they denied the right to be happy? I mean little Tali needs her mom and Tony needs his ninja! Gibbs needs Ziver back! McGoo en Abby need their sis back! Is that too much to ask? *shoot, I just realized Ziva said that… That makes it even worse* Why do this to me? 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭

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During these past two weeks I've had one hell of an emotional rollercoaster. First week I thought I'd be losing two people I hold really dear, because one of them is in love with me and I'm in love with the other one. And they're both best friends with each other. And then we decided, to my big surprise, that we'd try to make it work as a poly relationship. And since then I've been so happy... But also everything is much more intense. (1/3)

All positive things, all negative things… are multiplied. I haven’t known I was poly before and never thought it even was an option, so there’s a lot of new feelings to sort out. It feels like discovering a new sexuality kinda. So many things from my past make sense now. Either way, I almost broke down at work today, cause I thought I had missed an important meeting. Turns out I hadn’t, but it completely exhausted me. // I think I’m stressed out and emotionally exhausted. In these times, I go to your blog to feel better, which is also why I’m here now. I love the characters you write. I love immersing myself in your universes. So, just, really… sorry for ranting and all but, thank you so much for everything you do. I hope everything goes well for you.


Hi anon,

Firstly, polyamory is an orientation for sure. But because monogamy is so normalised, people think of polyamory more as a ‘kink’ instead of a fundamental way of being. And just like other forms of sexuality, you can be wholly monogamous, or wholly polyamorous, or existing on a spectrum where it’s different for different people and relationships. There are also different types of polyamory, and well, yeah. :)

Poly is a huge spectrum, and it’s great that you’re exploring it for the first time (and yes, it can be very intense, especially when you have double the amount of ‘new relationship energy’ to deal with, which is intense for most people - communication and honesty helps a lot, and I don’t know how much research you’re doing, but there’s lots of blogs on successful polyamory that are incredible and I highly recommend googling for some support on that front; because you won’t get it in the mainstream media, which sucks).

So I have a lot of respect for what you’re going through! NRE (new relationship energy) does settle down and become less intense, and some people miss that, but honestly I like when the intense positive/negative phase relaxes and things become more settled and even comfortable, because you can trust in what’s happening a bit more. (Also can I just say how fucking happy it makes me when a situation like yours is solved with polyamory and communication but anyway).

I’m glad the blog helps as well! I’m sorry for not being very communicative this week! I’m actually catching up with my messages now. I like coming here too, everyone is awesome and I get to hear about all these different things and I know I don’t know all the details of your life or anything anon, but I wish you the best with what you’re experiencing! <3

Can you also believe that Robert Sugden, the man so desperate to keep the affair hidden, who went to some very dark places and did very dark things, just organised his wedding to Aaron like it was the most natural thing in the world. 

Because he accepts himself now, and is happy for people to know he’s bisexual, because someone has seen all of him, and still loves him and it just makes me very emotional.

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As someone who loves Spiderbyte and Talon stories in general, who also romances Piper every time, I love your art so much. Your style is incredible, the way you convey emotions is amazing, and all the wlw art you do makes me super happy. Stay awesome! <3

This was a very sweet message, thank you!

A big wave of emotions has just come over me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been emotional these last 2 days, but I suddenly can’t stop crying. I think it’s a mix of happy and sad tears. Since I started following robron’s story in 2014, so much has changed in my life, so many bad things have happened. Robron has been the one constant thing that I could always go back to and I know they would make me feel safe and happy whilst I watched them. Not only have Robert and Aaron developed as characters and grown together, but as I think about their relationship I can pinpoint different things that were happening in my life as those scenes were playing out on screen, and I know a lot of people feel the same. I feel like we’ve been on the journey together. Never did I think two characters could ever make me feel like this. I’m so proud of how far they’ve come, and I’m also proud of how far I’ve come since December 2014. I genuinely think that during these last 2 or so years, sometimes Robron has been the main thing that’s kept me going, and I am so so so thankful to Emmerdale. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and whatever’s next to come for Aaron and Robert I know that they, and us, will get through it like we always have. It’s been such a journey, but it’s been the best journey ever. Thank you so much to everyone who’s made it so special. Here’s to the next 2 years 💗💗💗

the thing that makes me the most emotional about the boncas is that dan used to be so self-conscious, he didn’t like the way he looked and he never wanted to stand out. whenever we’d see him in social settings he’d look so small and unassuming, and now we’re seeing him proudly wearing this bright glittery jacket and lighting up the whole room. all eyes are on him and he looks so happy like he doesn’t have a worry in the world i’m just so proud of him

Before you love me…

Know that I’m insecure. If you talk about an ex, I’ll stare at the screen wondering how to respond without sounding scared or jealous.
I’ll get nervous showing you my body because I’ve never had a reason to be confident in it, and if you stare too long you just might see all the flaws I see.
I swear that I’ll say sorry like it’s my name because I’m so used to feeling like an inconvenience.

Know that my mind is a battlefield. Within it I struggle between being too logical and too emotional.
I’m not always happy and some days I might seem off, but I’m trying my hardest for you. It’s just sometimes the darkness creeps back up and I get lost in my head.

Be patient with me. I’m scared to make the first move. I don’t say no often but yes won’t come out of my mouth either. Be able to read when I’m uncomfortable because I’ve gotten very pressured into situations so don’t expect “I love you” to come out right away either.

Lastly, and above all, know that I don’t date much so please don’t take any of it lightly. I’ve been hurt too often, don’t break my heart and leave me questioning why.



YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

I was happy enough when Anjali let me send her the book, and I was not expecting her to make a whole video response when it arrived!!! honestly, thank you so much. ;u; (thanks for the people that told me about the video too!! after watching it i got emotional so i had to take A Moment, that’s probably why i didn’t respond…. 😂) I’ve never seen a VA be so appreciative and supportive about what the fans create, and i feel the ow fandom is blessed to have a person like Anjali with us!!! THANK YOU ANJALI YOURE AWESOME! LOVE U!!


170219 J-HOPE FC

I am J-Hope, your everlasting hope~♡♡
When this is posted, it will probably be after we enjoyed our passionate first concert~>.<
Every February 18th has always been a happy time with you guys, but this time it had a lot of meaning!!
The first day of the ƸWINGSƷ TOUR is on my birthday~ㅠ
The concert itself is a day full of happiness, but with everyone’s (birthday) wishes and heartfelt events (fan projects) that you gave
Today!! Thank you~~~ so much
I am thankful that my birthday is February 18th!! hehe my birthday felt like a festival this year, I will cherish this unforgettable memory forever!!
I’m still amazed!!…
These wishes, these emotions, this overflowing love…
I will make sure to give you reason to always liking and loving me so much!!~♡♡
Thank you~♡♡

trans: jhope-shi


Happy 20th anniversary Romeo + Juliet (1996) 

“Next Tuesday, November 1st is the twentieth anniversary of me second film Romeo + Juliet. It was an extraordinary creative journey, the likes of which I’m sure the cast, crew and close collaborators will never quite experience again. Many doubted the preposterous ambition of setting Shakespeare’s beloved tragic romance in a heighted creative world, with a then relatively unknown Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, but we did make it, overcoming incredible odds shooting entirely in Mexico. Over the next 7 days, the team and I are going to go through our unpublished archives and as a celebration of time passing, release previously unseen items leading up to R+J’s 20th birthday. Think of it as a big shoutout to Shakespeare himself, whose 400th anniversary is this year.

P.S: If you had anything to do with the making of the film, or are simply, just a fan and want to share, don’t hold back. Though I’m still getting down with ‘The Get Down’, the team and I so much enjoy looking at everything.”

                                                                                                                    - Baz Luhrmann

I will never let you go...

Sometimes I wake up at night thinking about the way Louis hugs Harry.
Like really hugs him!

The way he holds his back so tight with his hand.
Just holds it there for a while.. 

Then presses his thumb down hard… 

It’s like he’s saying “I’m here. Do you feel me? You are safe with me….

…I will never let you go…”.

And once you realize it’s always his right hand digging into Harry’s skin…
His right arm above his left. The same arm he’s got his rope tattooed on.
The arm where his compass is marked permanently into his skin…

So that press of his thumb is kind of like him saying “My rope will keep your anchor steady. My compass will guide your ship safely to shore.
I’m right here. I will never let you go”.

And that fucks me up a little to be honest…..

…with the two people I love most in the world

I’ve been reading and watching The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, and it makes me so happy, and it makes me so sad? I love the characters and it all. A lot.
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