isak is such a good person. yes he’s clumsy, yes he puts his foot in his mouth, yes he’s done things he should apologize for in the past, but he’s grown so much. and he’s still only 17. he still has time to grow, but he’s already made so many big steps. and the person that he is right now is someone who is caring. someone who loves. someone who listens and is willing to learn. someone who wants to be a good person to other people. he has a good heart, and it shows, it shows 


ummm… tron/ml au???? idk. i blame mirth for mentioning virtual reality au in chat, and also this song blasting on repeat. not sure when i will finish it but this was fun! i haven’t done a trippy colours pic in ages… ;0; 

[apparently it’s been almost 8 years lmfao]

also, for the record: chat is in this pic too :x

I don’t think there are words in any language that can express how much I love and adore Kim Jonghyun and how proud I am of him, of thinking back to that 17 yo who all he wanted was to create music and make people listen to his voice and how far he’s become. He’s one of the brighest stars in our galaxy and he deserves to be so loved to be this loved.

What I really like about SKAM and their take on the gay theme is that this season isn’t about hate crimes and homophobia in that sense (though that’s an important thing too) but it’s about the person. It’s about a boy struggling with coming to terms with his sexuality and his own internalised homophobia. Nobody in his life has called him slurs in a hateful way, he’s never experienced homophobia from anyone but himself.
And that’s important, because you can definitely be your biggest bully.

“I have visited lairs, burrows and nests across five continents, observed the curious habits of magical beasts in a hundred countries, witnessed their powers, gained their trust and, on occasion, beaten them off with my travelling kettle.”

—Newton Scamander


that good ol’ fashioned 2am twitter dump 

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Berena at Christmas Time.

-Mulled wine and reading by the fire, feet tangled together, kisses stolen as the pages are turned

-Crisp winter morning walks, cheeks flushed from the cold and Bernie’s eyes bright with exuberance as she skates her feet across patches of ice, Serena wavering behind her afraid she will fall

-Decorating the Christmas tree at Serena’s house, the decorations meticulously colour co-ordinated apart from the gaudy purple tinsel Bernie insists on hanging at the bottom of the tree because Christmas isn’t about being perfect

-Serena coming home to find Bernie covered in tape and odd pieces of wrapping paper, her latest excursion into gift wrapping having gone horrible wrong. She tries her best to be careful when she rips the tape off of Bernie’s arms, kissing the skin better when she’s done

-Listening to Bernie sing off-key Christmas carols in the shower despite having been very bah-humbug about it, Serena smiling secretly to herself when Bernie appears damp and happy next to her on the sofa

-Taking Jason ice skating, watching him take his first few tentative steps into the rink before gliding away with apparent ease. Serena, the one who was supposed to be the best at it, came home with more than a few bruises which she blames entirely on Bernie distracting her