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Some Keyleth and Lilith love for these lovely ladies and the lovely ladies who play them ^__^


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Just to let you guys know, I don’t really appreciate it when people tell me stuff like “I like your chibi style more than your other style” or how they’re disappointed that I don’t seem to draw them as much anymore. I’m not quite sure how to put it into words because I’m just that awful at articulating thoughts, but it comes off to me like people don’t realize that there’s more to me than just that, if that makes any sense? I honestly don’t think I have to justify myself for being interested in other things or trying out new art styles, because as an artist in a world that’s always changing, that stuff is inevitable. I’m constantly learning new things and developing my art style as I discover myself. And it’s no one’s business if I decide to draw a certain way that’s different than what I’ve been doing before. I love to experiment and I love seeing how my art grows, so if anyone tries to hold me back from that, then I’m just not going to care and take it as a grain of salt, because when it comes to my artwork, how I feel about myself and my art is what matters to me the most.

ok so I originally tagged this post (which is basically “vaskians give Damen & Laurent a boy conceived from Damen’s night with the lady warriors”)  with ‘#also fun to think about: damen fathered daughters too but lbr the vaskians are kEEPIN THEM‘ bUT THAT LED TO A HC JAM SO TONS OF PARENT KINGS HC BELOW THE CUT

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Jimon soulmate AU idea:

. the one where you have written on your skin the last words your soulmate will say to you before they die;

. Jace has written on his arm “take care of Clary” or something like that and he never understood and then he met Clary and he thought, maybe they get married and have a kid and name her Clary and live lots of years together and that’s the last thing she says before she dies;

. and then he meets Simon and doesn’t make a connection and Simon tells him to take care of Clary and Jace just rools his eyes because of course he will, that’s what he has been doing for days, he might be actually falling in love for this girl;

. and then Raphael shows up holding Simon’s body and Jace still doesn’t make the connection and he’s too busy being there for Clary;

. and then Simon is a vampire and days after they talk Simon says something about taking care of Clary again and Jace finally gets that Simon is his soulmate except he has no idea what to do??? Clary was supposed to be his soulmate??

. and then Valentine shows up and oops, they’re siblings and he goes with him and tries to just forget everything and shit goes down, Valentine gets defeated and Jace is finally free to follow his heart but he doesn’t even know what the right direction is anymore?

movienut14  asked:

What are five movies you seldom see mentioned on this site?

This is a FABULOUS ask. Thank you SO much.

  1. The Right Stuff (1983, dir. Philip Kaufman) This is in my Top 10 Faves of ALL TIME, and despite the 3+ hour length, it feels short, and moves quickly as it sketches out the beginnings of the American space program. I love so much about this movie, from the pacing to the cinematography to the clear influence of filmmakers like Nicolas Roeg and Peter Weir to the unbelievable score. AND IT’S NEVER ON TUMBLR. AND I AM SAD. GO WATCH THIS MOVIE. 
  2. Dodsworth (1936, dir. William Wyler) Another fave. Gorgeous drama that never really descends into melodrama about a middle aged couple coping with being middle aged. It’s beautiful and poignant, and Mary Astor has a fabulous role. And I never see it on my dash. And I am sad.
  3. Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould (1993, dir. Francois Girard) Another fave. These will all be faves of mine. Easily one of my favorite biopics ever made, and this from someone who sort of hates most biopics. This creative approach to the Canadian classical pianist/recording artist Glenn Gould’s eccentric life is… just one of the most enthralling and engaging portraits of A Life I have ever seen. Each of the eponymous 32 films is some different aspect or comment about Gould’s life and work. In addition, this film has some of the most beautiful and reverential portrayals of classical music I have ever seen.
  4. I Know Where I’m Going! (1945, dir. Powell and Pressburger) This is my favorite romance. Of. All. Time. I will never, EVER get tired of the beautiful little romance about a riches-seeking working girl who gets distracted by the dashing-but-penniless Scottish laird. Wendy Hiller is perfection, Roger Livesey is crush-worthy, and the cinematography is stunning. There’s a reason Martin Scorsese counts this as one of his favorite films. 
  5. Forbidden Planet (1956, dir. Fred M. Wilcox) I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA why tumblr doesn’t love this movie more than they do, because this is a PERFECT film for tumblr. A campy space action movie about crash landing on a new planet that’s actually Shakespeare’s The Tempest, complete with cheesy-but-awesome special effects and a super young Leslie Nielsen? WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE? WHY DO I NEVER SEE THIS ON MY DASH?

Honorable mention: Mostly anything by Preston Sturges, but especially The Palm Beach Story because it’s one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. Jacques Becker’s amazing prison break Le Trou. Robert Redford’s Ordinary People, because it’s AMAZING. Kon Ichikawa’s moving drama The Burmese Harp. And, although it’s hardly Oscar-worthy, a personal cheesy favorite of mine, that camp-tastic Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore romcom, Laws of Attraction.

THANK YOU! That is GREAT ask.

Also, I might pass this ask along to other film blogs, or encourage others to post their Five Films They Seldom See on Their Dash.

anonymous asked:

why don't you like deanb*nny? I have zero opinion on it either way just curious why

alright well, that’s a long and convoluted story that involves people, places, and things, so i’ll keep it short and just say that benny has… overstayed his welcome, especially in some fandom circles. plus like. he was only around for what, five? six episodes? what do you even do with that, characterization-wise? he’s been held up as some kind of pure beacon of light who’s never hurt dean but that’s only bc he wasnt around long enough lol (besides, dean’s tendency to put people on pedestals like…. isnt a healthy one…….. ur allowed to fight with the people u love lmao) 

basically most db just feels super one sided bc benny doesnt rly have a character, he just exists to prop dean up and look, this is coming from someone who wants nothing more than for dean to get some luvin, but it rings false when it’s coming from a character who isnt fully realized and serves about the same purpose as a book shoved under an uneven table leg to keep it from wobbling

plus…. yknow……. dean chopped his head off……………….. romantic……..