Monster of the Deep VR—Vintage Posters

So many of us are really missing Jinki and ot5 ;;;; but I think most of all we just want to know that Jinki is alright. That he is well and coping with everything and eating and sleeping ok. The silence is the worst, so just some positive news that he is doing well would be the best thing ;; ♥


folks wanted to see the botw Gladstone horse so here’s all of them (sorry for awful pictures I took on my phone ‘cause I ain’t got a nintendo account) :’D

Magica and Gladstone are the fastest shit alive istg, also if I ever catch that Royal white horse I’m calling it Donald but Donaldo was the first I caught so it’s gonna hurt to let him go…

hey you know what musical deserves more love??? something rotten


It’s a day early but I’m feeling sappy and proud of myself for these drawings so here. This is my boy. This is Mat. I’ve been with him for over 8 years now. What a long time. I HATE HIM SO MUCH but I’m very very very stupidly thankful that he is in my life and loves me and my derpy dogs so much~.


notice how Abraracourcix (or Vitalstatistix in english or Majestix in german) wanted to catch asterix too, and then just straight up goes into furious protec anger mode ;O;;;;


My english teacher: Your english is very good I bet you’re reading a lot of english books

Me: *sweating and thinking about all the fanfics I read on a daily basis* sure…


look at those inconsistent styles, mmmm yes

anyway, here’s some Stars! The painting [top one] was done on my phone, and the bottom on my laptop. 

Epicboatsex musings...

As many wonderful jonerys fics have delightfully, and sometimes explicitly, detailed, it’s very easy to believe that between bouts of council meetings and meals and such, our lovesick and initially sexually frustrated dragon and wolf are enthusiastically and quite frequently having all the sex imaginable, on every surface in his or her quarters, and thanks to these same delightful fics, I can clearly imagine Dany straddling Jon in a chair or riding him–or his face at times–on the thoroughly rumpled sheets, grasping his curls or gripping him by his beard to hold his face at just the right angle for a thorough plundering, Jon pinning Dany to the wall with his body as he thrusts home, face buried in her neck, teeth biting at the skin, long low growls filling the charged air, or holding her up with hands as he kneels at her feet giving her the lords kiss, each lick and suck punctuated by a smug smile as she tries desperately to hold herself from screaming and waking the whole ship, bending her low over a table or on the bed as he takes her from behind, watching as he slides into her, sliding his hand down her smooth arched back to tangle his fingers in her hair and tighten in the silver, sweat dampened curls, gently tugging her head back as he slams into her over and over again, and all the while I’m here just alternating between

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and smugness that my babies have been going at it all the way to white harbor.

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hello guys i’d like to present to you stage four of kolivan + keitor. is this the final stage? WHO KNOWS. i seriously doubt it, but honestly i think it’s a good one. featuring poet kolivan 👀 

[past stages: 1, 2, 3]

stage four is kolivan enabling and encouraging lotor in showing his affections towards keith and maximising keith’s happiness through said gestures:

  • “I will not spare the details as to how this situation occurred but I read Keith this poem and he seemed to greatly enjoy the text. perhaps you ought to do a reading of your own, or compose your own. I would gladly assist should you need help with the form” 
  • “the planet we are due to to leave is said to have one of the most amazing sunsets in this corner of the galaxy. but coincidentally, one of the best viewing spots is roughly seven dobashes away. we leave in twenty dobashes. keith is over there. you should ask him to accompany you. since we have started talking you now have only eighteen dobashes i suggest you hurry.”  
  • “this is a very beautiful blade I am sure keith would appreciate very much. it is unfortunate i cannot purchase it myself but if you were to present it to him i have no doubts this would reconsolidate your affections.” 

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*Pushes self into the ever growing harem of Ignis Thots* 'sup? I was told there were free pins upon joining.

Sighing with a hint of exasperation, Ignis looks at you as if he’s used to new people popping in yet still doesn’t particularly understand why it’s happening. “Yes, there are pins,” he concedes, unfolding his arms and approaching you to attach it to your lapel. Looking down where it was fastened, you were thrilled to note that it matched the skull buttons that graced the sleeves of his jacket.

“There are also cookies, baked by yours truly, but take care not to eat too many of them,” the fabric of his gloves brushed the underside of your chin as he used a finger to lift your gaze to meet his own. “Or I’ll be forced to punish you… and you wouldn’t want that, would you?” Chuckling at your shell-shocked expression, he gave your cheek a light tap before removing his hand and turning away. “Unless you’re one of those who like that sort of thing. I’ve learned to how to accommodate the varying members of my ‘harem’ quite well. Let me know if there’s anything you particularly require, and enjoy your stay.”

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I miss your frostiron Would be any in the future?

of course! its my main ship! i’m just drowning in all the asks and all the ideas i wanna draw and also i do have a life outside of the internet,i’m going to college so there’s that,but never worry anon! i just need to actually have some motivation to start drawing,you know how art block is