i have no words to express how fucking proud I am of Zayn. The bravery, candidness, courage it had to take to come out with all of this.. I cannot imagine how difficult and stressful this all has to be for him rn, waiting for the world to finally see him for the first time. Please just make sure to let him know how important he is as a human, as a performer and as an artist. How inspirational and helpful his openness about his struggles and mental health is for soo many young people with similar struggles. How eye opening his confessions are. How fucking brave he is for his unapologetic honestly. There is very few people I respect quite as strongly as I respect Zayn Malik. This boy desrves so much more than what this racist ableist cruel fucking world has to offer.

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Matty there was bike oliver last night omg

I’m in bike nirvana, anon.

Oliver Queen





to me.

And this season, in four episodes, 

we’ve had more glorious Bike!Oliver 

than the last two seasons combined.

I’m in bike nirvana, anon.

Have an perfect Oliver Queen beside his bike in reverse.

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I’ve been sort of dragging my feet towards a tankier playstyle and build (dragging because, you know, being a tank is Responsibility and also as a rule I suck at using shields), but you know what? This shield alone makes it worth it.


Sense like gravity? A force that no one knows why exists. Only that if it didn’t exist… if there wasn’t this mysterious attraction… this pull between objects… then none of this would exist either.

Ok so I'm sure everyone has seen the video

I hope this quells people’s anger. I just realized what Robin is talking about. He’s not saying Penguin’s feelings are mistaken. He is saying Oswald’s interpretation of Ed’s actions since they met were mistaken as romantic. When when he met Ed he was doing the unencumbered thing. And it’s because Cory said that Ed knows what Ed needs before Oswald does and the gestures he mistakes for romanticism. It’s about how ED feels at the moment. Which doesn’t say where he will end up feeling or whatever just at the moment he either never thought or understood his own actions to mean romance - doesn’t mean he won’t realize what he did was romantic gestures and that he does requite. Robin simply meant Oswald misinterpreted Ed’s actions as true love - although I will argue that they are. But maybe Ed hasn’t realized this so thus at the moment the romance is one sided. Doesn’t mean it’ll stay there but I hope this calms people down. At first I saw the video and heard the same thing but as I saw in context he means he mistakes Ed’s actions as romantic and thus develops feelings for Ed from those. So the feelings are genuine and he is falling in love with Edward Nygma.

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Day One: An intro for your Fatesona

I sort of skipped over the ‘from’ part and just went to making an intro, ahah;; 
Sora’s direction is actually really (scarily!) good, she just likes taking a bunch of weird detours trying to find the Kitsune Hamlet. Somehow, though, she continues to find people to sell things to so maybe the detours weren’t so weird after all…? 

She’s an eccentric but affable girl whose jokes can sometimes tip a bit into the mean spirited area. She is slow to trust but extremely quick to get attached once that threshold has been crossed, and her reactions to physical affection vary accordingly. She hates having debts and being on the losing end of things, so if she offers you something that puts her at a disadvantage you can be 69% sure that it’s a ploy of some sort. Even if that ploy is spending more time with you. Though she plays at being coy and enjoys gossip to a worrying degree, her feelings are usually quite pure and straightforward. Sells both physical wares and information. 

Since her adoptive father’s passing, she’s been on the search for a new home. She has a few complexes about her kitsune heritage, and strives to keep it hidden (especially since it’s been drilled into her that she’d probably die if anyone found out). Since she’s stayed at least approximately 100 yards away from any and all beaststones and has yet to transform once, she has a lot of urges that she has no idea what to do with. The extra energy seems to have tipped over to the opposite end and wound up with her being extra lazy instead. She’s chasing the Hamlet more for the idea of family more than any real love for her kinsmen. 

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Mary’s just left her boys, and it wasn’t an overly happy parting, and she’s probably going to guilt over it for a while. But she’s out there in a world she barely understands anymore and while she is a Smart Cookie and incredibly resourceful, she’ll still need a hand every once in a while.

And who has she already bonded with over not fitting in?? 

Oh yeah. *rubs hands together*

- Mary calling Cas to make sure the boys are okay after her leaving

- Cas accepting calls in the Bunker and having to do an awkward dance of “nothing to see heeere” to leave any room Dean and Sam are in to talk privately

- Mary gently teaching Castiel how to actually craft an FBI identity because sure she’s been out of the loop but sweetheart…

- Castiel, Angel of the Lord, teaching Mary the love of emojis and incorrect text chat. Lots Of Love <3333

- Mary and Castiel meeting up for coffee when their hunts are near each other

- Castiel catching her up on pop culture because He Has Knowledge, and Mary translating it into actual semantics/emotions for him to apply


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‘anti-shippers’: *mad with the new spoilers, writing several essays about how Jon x Dany will not work (even when their narratives are literal parallels) using arguments™ that are obvious projections of their own feelings in other ships which from the very beginning clearly would never be canon* inevitably in the tag: