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Yeah! I was originally gonna have him hug her, but then thought it would be a lot more raw and emotional if he didn’t.
You spotted it there, where it’s like he instinctively reaches out to hug her without thinking about it.
But then she drops down, white knuckling the railing in her anguish. And he becomes overwhelmed too. Turning away from her and dropping to his knees under the weight of realising he is solely responsible for hurting his dear friend. 

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Can you please write Bittle teaching the rest of the team (including Shitty, Jack and Lardo) how to do yoga?

“…Jack,” Bitty breathes.

“Holy goddamn mother of fuck!” Shitty screams, “Jack Zimmermann, how are you this flexible? And how did I not know about this until now?”

“Seriously, bro, like, you’re more flexible than Chowder,” Lardo comments.

Chowder doesn’t even look hurt at that comment. He’s currently staring slack-jawed at Jack, tangled up like some sort of human pretzel on the yoga mat. Nursey, Dex, Tango, and Whiskey are in similar states of disbelief.

“No way this is your first time doing yoga, Zimmermann,” Ransom yells from his mat, where he’s still struggling to contort himself into the basic pose Bitty was trying to teach them.

“Seriously, though, how is this the first time we’re seeing this?” Holster asks.

“Hot yoga is good cross-training… Toews does it,” Jack shrugs, face flushed from embarrassment.

Oh my god,” everyone collectively groans.

“Okay, yoga time is over!” Bitty announces, “Great first session! Mr. Zimmermann, a word in my room?”

We just started - ” Jack begins to say, but Bitty’s already halfway up the stairs. He rolls his eyes and follows him. Shitty and Lardo start making plans for everyone to go out for pizza, which is good, because apparently he and Bitty are going to need the Haus to themselves for a while, now.

i. pick your head up. look at the ceiling instead of the floor, the sky instead of the ground, flowers instead of their roots, the things that have grown instead of the things that keep wilting into the dirt.

ii. spit the water out of your lungs. stop drowning in the hurt you can’t stop swallowing. you can. you can stop running back to the things that hurt you. you can follow a new path. i know it’s scary but it’s worth it. it is always better to be pieces glued together than pieces you keep breaking into.

iii. pick up a pen instead of a razor. talk to your animals and your friends. cry. cry so hard you think you’ll never stop, then stop. breathe. realize you have control over your actions. you can do anything you set your mind to. really.

iv. it hurts so badly now because in the end, you will be better for it. i know it. sometimes things have to get worse before they get better, but they will get better. remember this.

—  how to get over it / @scarredconversations

I had reservations about uploading this as someone with body issues the thought almost sky rocketed my anxiety but the best way to face your fear is to tackle it head on so that’s what I am doing. As many of you know through my adolescents, teens and adult life I have always been fat but fortunately for me it only bothered me slightly whereas I know it can ruin a person’s existence and make them feel awful about how they see and think about themselves. I learnt not to care what people thought from a young age because I knew being big you were always going to get people that would say hurtful things and if I felt bad every time it would happen it would only lower my self esteem til i eventually gave up. However, this past year I have changed as a person and when you’ve become so used to being big you actually don’t see yourself as big when you look in the mirror and one day after I’d been dealing with personal issues I suddenly actually LOOKED at myself and I don’t not like what I saw. The person standing in front of me was an unhealthy, weed smoking, non caring person and that is not who I want to be. These photos are taking almost a year apart and since July 2015 I have managed to lose over 4 stone, go from wearing XL to M and a 40 inch waist to a 32. I used to think people who uploaded pictures of their body were douchey when in reality I was the person being a douche by not applauding their body positivey. I am by no means where I want to be on this journey, i am still chubby and everything jiggles but photos are the best thing you can do to show progress as it doesn’t happen overnight and you should be able to applaud yourself for how far you’ve come. I have good days and bad days like everybody else but it’s having that focus to see the bigger picture. Your health is so important and I feel as if we forget that because of life’s other problems but I have to promise myself that I can do this so I can live longer and experience everything I can while I’m on this earth. So I put this on here as a reminder to myself to keep going and keep pushing and one day I might be able to feel 100% comfortable in my own skin. Love yourself and work hard.

Prompt: Could you write Jason going "Will? Nico's a kid from the 30's and just came out. You're his first boyfriend and if you do anything to hurt him I will smite you."?

for @mikeybound 

by @marvin-the-depressed-robot-42

  • Jason walked into the dining pavilion just in time to see Nico and Will in the middle of a heated kiss.

  • Jason cleared his throat, startling Nico and causing him to practically shove Will into a nearby table in his attempts to get away.

  • “Umm…I..I gotta… I’m just going to…. BYE!!!” Nico stuttered, his cheeks reddening, before running past Jason and away from the pavilion.

  • Jason advanced toward Will, who looked quite intimidated. Jason looked angry, and when he was angry, he struck fear in the hearts of Amazons. He grabbed Will’s shoulder and spun him around, slamming him gracelessly into a wall.

  • “Listen.” Jason growled. “Nico is one of the sweetest people I’ve met, once you get past the tough exterior. He’s a gay kid who lived most of his life in the 30s. His mother and sister died. He wasn’t accepted in the places he belongs because of his parentage. And if you hurt him, in any way, I cannot be blamed for what happens to you.”

  • Will gulped.

  • “Do you understand?” Jason shouted, his voice echoing around the empty pavilion, as he pushed Will against the wall for emphasis.

  • “Yes!” Will managed to squeak. “I get it! I understand!”

  • Jason released Will slowly with suspicion written all over his face.

  • He turned on his heel and left the dining pavilion, secretly pleased with his performance, leaving Will alone in the empty pavilion nursing his hurt shoulder.
The signs as mean pick up lines

Aries: are you an adjective? Because youre ugly

Taurus: did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because it looks like you landed on your face

Gemini: were you born on a highway? Because that’s where most accidents happen

Cancer: your birth certificate is actually an apology letter from the condom factory

Leo: do you mind putting this paper bag over your head?

Virgo: how much does a polar bear weigh? Not nearly as much as you

Libra: I like that dress but I’d like it better on a prettier girl

Scorpio: are you as ugly on inside as you are on the outside?

Sagittarius: I think that color combination matches your teeth well

Capricorn: what’s a slut like you doing in a classy joint like this?

Aquarius: I see you’re drinking 1% milk, is it because you think you’re fat? Because you’re not, you could drink whole milk if you wanted too

Pisces: you probably shouldn’t play hide and seek, nobody would search for you

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what were you thinking when that guy pulled you to the ground? COME ON BE HONEST

Well I knew it was gonna happen cause it was a planned part of the vid so I was thinking “ok don’t land on him and don’t hurt yourself and look good and happy” hahahaha

This was originally from a privately answered ask. I’m reposting part of it.

It’s tough, when people try hard to legitimize themselves by delegitimizing you. But once you see that’s what it is - that people are clamoring for the acceptance of the Cisperiheterosexist Bullshit Express, and they’re stepping on you to use your bodies to climb up to a Respectable Place - it becomes very hollow, everything they say.

It still hurts, believe me. I’ve been called all kinds of foul names by LG folks, because I’m bi. I’ve been called non-existent or “just trying to escape misogyny” because I’m genderfluid/enby. And even now, people are trying to tell me I can’t say ‘gosh this looks like the same bullshit all over again’ because that means I’m tokenizing myself or something.

It’s transparent, once you look right at it. They make themselves Respectable by screaming YOU ARE NOT LEGITIMATE.

Joke’s on them. I’m a queer old fuck, I’m not looking for anyone else to legitimize me. I know who I am and I can’t be invalidated.


‘‘He could look at you and tell you your whole life story, put up the wind with everybody. We hated him.’‘

The moment the words left Sebastian’s mouth, you felt annoyance and anger build up in your body. You had clenched your hands around the chair you were sitting on and that was currently the only thing that withheld you from giving the smug banker a slap in his face. You hadn’t missed the hurt look that had crossed the dark haired detective’s face for only a brief second, even though Sebastian and John clearly had. You knew Sherlock wasn’t the one to show his emotions often, wearing the mask of an emotionless man, but you knew it was just a facade. And for a moment you could imagine a young Sherlock, who was trying to make friends by one of the only ways he knew, deducting. And for a brief second, you could imagine the other students becoming angry at him, shouting at him and calling him a freak, and you could imagine the hurt on the younger Holmes’ face. Sherlock wasn’t a machine, he was a man, and from the moment you had given Sebastian a hand you’d known something wasn’t quite right with the way he pretended to be Sherlock’s friend. It seemed he was merely a man pretending in order to need a favor, but you saw straight through his mask.
And that was why you decided to speak up.

‘‘Why, for telling the truth?’‘

Sebastian’s eyes flicked at you for a second, and he frowned before he gave you a small smile.

‘‘I’m sorry?’‘

You shrugged as you leant back in your chair, relaxing for a minute and pretending to play obvious. You could feel the eyes of both Sherlock and John staring at you, but you didn’t turn your head to look at them.

‘‘Oh, you know,’‘ You commented, not breaking your gaze away from the man behind the desk. ‘‘You said you hated him, but for what? Sherlock doesn’t lie while making deductions, so the only thing he did was telling the truth about your lifes. And if you can’t stand that, then…Well, maybe you should look at your own life before blaming it on someone who was merely pointing out the obvious.’‘

You smirked as you leant back, happy that you had said what you’d wanted to say all along. Your words had the effect you’d wished they would have had, as Sebastian looked at you speechless, his mouth slightly open as he blinked without responding. From the corner of your eye, you saw a small smirk forming on the detective’s face, just as John let out a small snort.

It took Sebastian a few seconds before he was able to produce any sound again. With a shake of his head, he swallowed and spoke up again, purposely avoiding your gaze.

‘‘Anyways, about the break in…’‘

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Imagine being bound to the impala as a ghost instead of going to heaven after death 

Requested by Anon~

“Sammy, please don’t say what I think you’re saying…”

“Sorry, Dean,” the younger Winchester mumbled, “everything points to Y/N being bound to your car.”

Dean sighed heavily, his head banging against the wall of the hotel. It was the only place where they could talk without having you overhear them. This felt violating to Dean; having his Baby used as an anchour like this. It hurt enough to have lost you, but this?

Fixing his jaw, Dean tilted his head to look at his brother. “So what now? Salt and burn my car? I don’t think I can do that.”



On another note, look at that smile. He’s so fucking gorgeous. I want to love him.

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Bucky- 11. “I thought you needed some time alone.” “It’s been three weeks” 12. “I love you, and there’s no way in Hell I’m leaving here without you.” 27. “Why have you been avoiding me?” 76. "I think I love you and I’m terrified.” NOW I NEED YOU TO UNHURT ME.

“I thought you needed some time alone.” You’re doing the most dangerous thing you can, confronting the ex Winter Soldier. But fear doesn’t even cross your mind, only your annoyance and hurt.

“I did. I do.” Bucky barely looks up from the floor, doesn’t make eye contact with you, and it fuels your anger.

It’s been three weeks. That’s not just ‘some time’, that’s ‘a lot of time’. Why have you been avoiding me?” You kneel down in front of him, locking eyes with him, pleading for answers.

I think I love you and I’m terrified.” Panic crosses Bucky’s features as soon as the words slip from his mouth, and you stare at him in shock, jaw dropped.

“That- I- I’m sorry. You should go.” He looks away from you, clenching his hands in fists on his lap, and you roll your eyes, putting your hands on top of his fists.

I love you too, and there’s no way in Hell I’m leaving here without you. C’mon. Quit avoiding me and come out. We’ll go catch a movie and then go for a walk in the park or something and talk.” You don’t give him an option, moving and rifling through his closet then pulling out a hoodie and tossing it to him. “Now you have something to hide your arm so people don’t freak. Let’s go.” 

Bucky watches you with amusement and then slides the hoodie on, shaking his head as he zips it up. “You never cease to amaze me (Y/N).”

Got7 Reaction To Their Child Choosing Their Mom Over Them
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| BTS |


“But… Your papa…”


“Shouldn’t you love us both equally…?”


“You have something against me, don’t you? Is it because I forgot to pick you up from kindergarten last week?”


“You’re kidding, right? RIGHT?”


“So unfair! I didn’t change your nappies so often to hear this ungrateful thing!”


“Hey, you don’t have to lie, it’s ok, mommy won’t hurt you if you say the truth”


“Oh… is that so?”
*Looks at you*

I hope you liked it~
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look ok i know im trying to be really positive today and everything but i just have to say something bc u all know i can never shut up!!!!!! But I am so disappointed in so many of you. i am so sick of seeing this pseudo “i related to dallas winston so i dont give a fuck if i hurt ur feelings” shit, literally so many of you have no idea what youre doing when you tell someone their gender doesn’t exist or tell a traumatic event(which they may have already been through) to happen to them, or completely disregarding someone kindly asking you to not do something that makes them upset. like ok look when i was like 15 i was all like “i dont care about peoples feelings im a cool kid!!!” but like DONT DO THAT!!!!! care!!!!!! give a shit!!!!!!!! dont ruin anyones day!!!!!!! just be nice!!!!!!! you will get much farther in life just being nice!!!!!!!! Apologize when you need to apologize, admit youre wrong when ur wrong, love urself and others!!!!!!



Imagine being pregnant and being on Gibbs team. You can still work but as long as it’s inside. Since the team is very protective of you they have been assigned to go with you everywhere. One day you go to lunch with Tony and unexpectedly the restaurant gets shot up and Tony protects you of course but you still get shot in the leg but the baby is fine. 

Requested by Anon~

The conversation you and Tony were having about different kinds of soups was abruptly halted by the sounds of gunfire. Tony was up the next second, his gun in hand and going to shield your body with his. He was careful in doing so, though; wouldn’t want to hurt the baby.

But despite Tony’s best efforts to keep you alive, a bullet did graze your leg. The gunman was quickly shot down by your friend, who shot two rounds into his shoulder.

After securing the gun, Tony was by your side once more. He looked a bit freaked out at the blood rushing from the wound in your leg. Gibbs was gonna kill him. “Y/N, are you-?”

“Justa flesh wound.” You grunted out. “Baby’s fine.”

Ok, this an important question...

but Jill Stein supporters…why do you support her? What policies of hers do you like that the Democrats differ substantially on? I’m honestly curious.  Do you just hate science? She’s anti-vaxx, for instance.

Additionally, what makes you think supporting her is a good idea? She isn’t even on the ballot in every state.  I assume voting for her won’t matter if you’re in California, but in Ohio and Florida, well, that could hurt a lot of people.

The Greens show up every four years looking at the presidency, but don’t have any governorships, any senate positions, any house positions even.  How many state legislatures have they captured? How many major city mayorships? No political party has ever managed the presidency without doing the group work to build a machine, and the Greens don’t seem to be interested in doing the work.

Right now, it seems mostly to be “I hate Clinton more than I have hated any presidential candidate in the past, for reasons.  And I don’t think that helping Donald Trump win will hurt anyone I care about.”

So seriously, I’m curious, what is the best argument for Jill Stein?

Chowder’s Choice

bowtotheglowcloud: Pls write about Chowder and his constant disappointment in the dining options around samwell. “What do you mean there’s no Ethiopian restaurants i want to eat wat.” Bc his Bay Area ass isn’t used to being somewhere with SO MANY WHITE PEOPLE “holster. Listen. Help me find a good pho place and no one gets hurt” like “this is the whitest mexican food ive ever tasted. No bitty look even the cheese is white!” Like “I’m looking for naan bread not the holy grail” “Wait you have never had falafels?”

“CHOWDER’S CHOICE!” Holster shouted, jumping up and down on the ratty couch Chowder was just trying to take a nap on. Not happening in this Haus, apparently.

Chowder slowly blinked as he sat up. “Wait, what?”

Ransom suddenly appeared from behind Holster, the whole SMH team following behind.

“We have a very simple system,” Ransom said, pulling out a spreadsheet that looked anything but simple. “Through careful calculation, we allow each team member a chance to choose the restaurant when the whole team eats together. Tonight, Chowder, is your turn. So what’s it gonna be?”

Suddenly reinvigorated with his newfound power, Chowder jumped off the couch, flinging the blanket that Bitty must have draped over him to the side. This was the best day of his life! He was so, so tired of bad cafeteria food (excluding, of course, the chicken tenders). Back home in the Bay his whole family were foodies. Once they ordered food and took so long taking pictures of it that they had to send it back to be reheated. And now Chowder considered chicken tenders to be the height of fine cuisine? He’d really fallen far.

“I could really go for some Ethiopian,” he said, practically bouncing with anticipation as the rest of the team stared at him. Gosh, there was a great Ethiopian place only half an hour from his home, and he was longing to recreate that experience.

Holster gave him a blank look. “Uh…bro? Where are we going to get Ethiopian food?”

Chowder gave a careless shrug. “I mean, there’s gotta be a restaurant downtown. C'mon, let’s go!”

He rushed out the front door, ignoring the “Someone’s gotta tell him” and “No one tell him, I want to see the look on his face” whispered behind him as the rest of the team followed him out. Surely they were talking about Jack and Bitty dating?

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