I really, truly hate when people conflate the terms GNC and ‘Nonbinary’ (or just don’t know what GNC means at all), so here you go:

GNC (Gender Non-Conforming): Not identifying with/actively practicing the societal gender roles assigned to your sex
Ex. Males who wear makeup and skirts (still men), females who don’t shave and cut their hair short (still women).

‘Nonbinary’: Identifying out of the “gender binary”
I.E. Trying to claim that they are neither men or women.

They. Do. Not. Mean. The. Same. Thing.

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I kinda headcannon Klutz knows japanese, but sometimes forgets she does? That probably doesn't make sense haha


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Do you think Lena's out of the closet? She's famous, do you think everyone knows? She's only 24 so I'm not sure anymore how her dating life and gossip could have been in metropolis

i don’t think she’s out, at least not officially.

considering how her family is/was, lena’s personality and everything she went through (is going through), i think it would’ve been kept a secret. not because she’s ashamed of herself but mostly because her family (her mother) would disapprove and because there’d be more important things to focus on besides her sexuality. there was probably lots of speculation and maybe the occasional gossip column would publish something abt how she’s rly close to some mysterious woman or something, but i don’t think there’d be anything confirmed.

it’s more like a secret that everyone sort of just knows but it was never confirmed.

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Ok I'm confused like for real Mark said Darkiplier was someone completely different than him, like Wilford Warfstache. Does that make Wilford=Darkiplier? Are they the same person? It'd make sense since Wilford killed Mark in that interview. But I'm meh :(

no, i don’t believe that dark and wilford are the same person. they do perhaps have similar morals and motivations, but mark has stated directly that he and dark are their own entities (from the recent livestream). and in wilford’s interviews, it’s apparent that wilford is his own person as well, hence why wilford was able to ‘kill’ mark during that interview.

does this make sense | drabble 05

• pairing: min yoongi x reader
• original series: dtms
warnings: fluff, too much
• words: 747
→ request: okay, confession time, this was supposed to be a serious argument haha, but i started writing and it turned fluffy, so here you go…

“I can’t spend every waking moment with you, Yoongi,” you sighed, rubbing your palm across your forehead.

“Yeah, but I haven’t seen you in like, forever since you started college,” he whined, shifting on the bed and bringing one arm behind his head, fidgeting with the hem of his t-shirt with the other, as he averted eye contact with you.

You opened your mouth, words failing you as you tried to think of something to say. You still weren’t used to this new Yoongi. He went from hiding everything he felt, to expressing even the slightest of worries, and now that you were officially in a relationship it was all brand new.

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Listen, i'm a jk stan since the beginning and will alaway be but i'm a bts stan first of all and im getting really tired of seing him in the center instead of other members who could have their place in the thing in general as well. Like Jin or Hope or TAEHYUNG!!, Big Hit is ALWAYS putting him in the center and it hurts my feelings to see the others have less lines or screentime. They all fought to be where they are and are outshined by jk who's talented but as much as the others.

okay listen i know how unfair it is to have jungkook always in the centre but it DOES make sense. he is the main vocal and main dancer so like obviously he will get a lot of stage time and screen time. obviously lines should have handed out fairly but they know jungkooks capabilities and if bighit think this is best honestly!! im not gonna fight a company who raised them and know all that they can do

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I know you said that an alpha would just acknowledge that an omega is in heat, but how about an omega who has a crush on an alpha? Because I imagine the omega would get slightly blushed when they can smell their crush's scent, and like trying to hold their breathes to pass by them because they don't want to seem very obvious they actually love the scent? Does that makes some sense?

Yeah, I get you. I’ve actually always wondered myself (she says, the girl who can literally make up ANY HEADCANON to explain it) to what extent scents can be recognised? Like, any dynamic can recognise a scared scent, or a happy scent, or even a comforting scent, so wouldn’t that mean that you’d also get like…in-love scents? That would be painfully obvious?

Like…is the omega holding their breath because they think once they’ve gotten one whiff they won’t be able to stop themselves from wanting another, or because they know their scent will change if they do? I think maybe they could get away with breathing normally and just savouring the scent from where they stand

Also can you imagine how hellish high school must be with all those changing scents and racing hormones? Like, if alphas really do respond to an omega’s sad scent, there would be so much trouble with girls crying in the bathrooms because literally ALL the alphas would flock over

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They're going to recycle the whole Briana hates Danielle storyline, with Eleanor.. they couldn't do it with Danielle a third time because it never went anywhere so they needed someone new. I think that's what's going to happen at least since 1DHQ loves pitting women against each other and make them all reliant on the guy.

They could say anything. They could even say that Louis has known for months that he wasn’t the father but didn’t want to disclose anything publicly because his family was in a delicate situation so kept up the appearances. Does it make sense? Probably not. Does it make even less sense than the rest of this circus? No. 

White people are really delusional.

I’m not joking,, i”m not being funny here.

They live in an alt-reality and forcibly refuse to join ACTUAL reality. Beyond that, they often attempt to force people into theirs.

I literally had a white a used to know say that ‘I’ll fight for you once people are being rounded into camps but not before that — because anything before that is just suppressing free speech and I stand for liberty’.

Does that make any fucking sense? Any at all? It literally demands collateral damage before action and somehow he thinks that’s a really just and honorable thing to say.

So much of what white people have been saying recently, when inspected for logic- regardless of politics, regardless of what’s right and wrong- just literally inspected for whether or not any sort of logic based on the natural world binds their argument together- are 100% batshit.

And this is so disturbing to me. Add in the fact that we know that rich people don’t empathize with others the way everyone else does (and most rich people here are white men) and that white fragility and inclusive white communities cause many white people to live in a social bubble…

THere’s a parallel world in our society and they want so badly to expand it, but it’s not real.

This is just…it’s a lot. I mean you have people out here brainwashed into believing that alternative energy is unsafe, unsustainable, unreliable…and literally bad. Facts, information about our actual reality, are actively spurned by these people.

When are we going to call it what it is?

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Is pregnancy a 'no' for you art-wise?

Ehhhhh kinda!  Furthest I’ll go drawing is oviposition/incubation sorta stuff heheh~  Full blown carrying a pup around kinda deal is a no-go since it kinda feels like I’m dragging another character along into my ‘interests’ and all without their say-so, buuuuuut eggs (and perhaps random slime/tentacle kinda beasties) are just vague enough that they’re a little less weighty in that regard~  

Does that make any sense perhaps~?  Feels like its kinda an odd explanation haha!  Either way I’m mostly in it for the round belly and gastro intestinal/character distress~! <3

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So they didn't want the "news" about Hoech/Derek possibly being back to get out, hence the crackdown on the cast/crew re leaks/spoilers right after that video came out, but then they do a public casting notice for a Hoech/Derek back double? I just.. okay TW. Good job on keeping that "secret" smh

Y’all, we have to collectively sit back as a fandom and #remember.

This show has done nothing new or innovative for at least the last 3 - 4 years.  It found it’s money making nitch and then rode it into the ground and they’re so uninventive, unimagininative and unorganized that they end up sabotaging themselves at every turn.

Do yourselves a favor and stop expecting ANYTHING from this show except disappointment.  But more importantly, stop trying to fit pieces of a puzzle together to make the things this show does make sense, because it will never add up.

I’ve gotten a million asks about this Derek thing and people are like “I don’t get it, it doesn’t make sense” to which I answer IT’S NOT GOING TO MAKE SENSE!  THIS CAST AND CREW ARE COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT.  We assumed that the lockdown on Media was because of “set leaks” that we also know were completely fabricated.  

Did anyone notice that the same people who posted about taking a break from social media immediately posted vacation pics in the snow and everything they could basically to say that no one was shooting on a weekday?  What does THAT mean?  NOTHING BECAUSE THEY ARE COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT.

Is hoehclin back?  I don’t know, but all this casting notice tells me is that either they couldn’t get him back, or they could only get him back for one night and are so ridiculous they couldn’t even get all the footage of him. 

They’re not going to kill any of the main cast, Hoechlin would never go back for that.  They’re evidently not getting back Colton, all their other returns seem to be adults or maybe Carvers, it’s going to be a mess and they know it. 

Don’t let this show, or Paul, or Stydia news or whatever random non-source you have, make you forget what the show has proven to us every season since at least 3a.  THEY ARE TRASH. And they always will be. 

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im so scared to sleep everyday because the quicker i sleep, the quicker tomorrowe comes and it's the same fight all over again. does that make sense?

of course. i understand. sometimes i stay up until 4 or 5 am because of it. still trying to find purpose, even if just creatively or academically idk