Honestly even ignoring the whitewashing I’m actually glad Sanvers isn’t endgame (if they are breaking them up and not just having Maggie in a couple of episodes while mentioning her) because it was so freaking rushed… them liking each other came out of nowhere after hanging out a few times like calm down you are attracted to each other but chill. and now the proposal after like a few days or weeks of saying I love you… like you have been dating for less than a year and one of you was apparently terrible at relationships and it’s the others first actual relationship and like… Alex seemed to be overcompensating for years of repressing her sexuality by rushing and clinging onto the first gay girl that she shared a mutual interest in

if you have a friend who is gay and they haven’t come out to you yet please don’t try to show you’re an Ally™️ by saying that they could have a girlfriend too when a family member or another friend asks if they have a bf!! like i get that you’re trying to be supportive but maybe perhaps they don’t want that other person to even get the idea that they might be gay???

I know we’re all focusing on harry being enamoured with mitch and that’s all very real and #confirmed, but can we also talk about mitch looking like he hates everything and just wants to play guitar and be left alone with his deepest emotions but when harry talks or sings or just, you know, vaguely breathes in his direction, mitch literally looks 2 seconds away from taking his guitar, his beanie, his heart, hand them to harry and say “juss take them,, just take everything I have to offer, I love you”

music stim things:

• bouncin on ur toes bc u cant dance but u Also cant Not Dance

• systematic tapping ur fingers and hands like ur really the song mixer and this is a launchpad video

• my Hands…………………. The Conductor

• i wasnt thinking the right thought at the right time when the song did the thing now i gotta start it all over

• my tongue got tired from secretly singing along Inside My Mouth

• im so full of emotions now??? just from hearing this one really good note??? my chest feels like really happy balloon now AaaaAAAAAA???

• when u got ur headphones in and it hits the Good Frequency™ and everything is just Fantastic

  • Camila: *phone starts ringing*
  • Cole: *looks at who is calling*
  • Cole: *laughs* You still call your dad 'Daddy'?
  • Camila: *answers call and makes direct eye contact with Cole*
  • Camila: Hey, Lili
  • Cole: *chokes on holy water*