not to sound like a bitch but dont compare how france isnt allowing muslim women to dress in the swimsuit they want to a woman in the 80s being asked to cover up this isnt about men controlling what women wear this is an islamophobic movement done to spite muslims this was a direct hit to muslims and how the west views muslims this is isnt about your white feminism this is specifically about how this was done to remind muslims people see them as a threat the way they denied the right of young muslim girls to wear hijab to public schools

if luna follows matteo and they kiss at the airport i’ll die of happiness

and more than anything i want to hear what luna has to SAY, her own words. everyone’s constantly talking about luna’s feelings but she rarely says anything significant about them

plus, luna’s always saying inspiring stuff so i hope i cry tbh

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I was reading a blog post about race issues in Zelda (the Gerudo and Cia for one thing), and I wondered, how do you see the portrayal of race in the games, considering this? e.g, Ganondorf as the lead villain, the Cia/Lana thing, non-white background characters in the games such as Gondo, etc.?

Well, now I don’t know if I am getting this right, so let’s see (idek if I have any right to say anything but ahem)

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i h8 that meme of the tshirt of the “thomas edison is a witch hurr durr” bc like

dont even give thomas edison credit for modern technology he was the WORST

he stole from other innovative ppl and took the credit i h8 that guy

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I don't read many fics where i fall in love with an original character, but I have to recommend "Roll On" by jaxington because WOW. (It's a steve/bucky mutual pining fic, but the original character is incorporated so realistically and seamlessly... I am in awe.) An absolute MUST-READ.

Roll On by jaxington (WIP)

In 1938, there’s a bar in Brooklyn called Sully’s where people are safe to be themselves. Behind the bar, a girl pours drinks. She’s always got a big smile for Steve and she says queer like it’s a good thing. On a regular basis, she takes his shoulders in her hands and tries to shake sense into him, saying, “When will you do something about that best friend of yours?”

In 2012, Bucky’s gone, but Steve’s not, and the girl’s hands are too old to shake him. She does her best to make him see sense anyway.

Steve had people who loved him before the war, and it turns out a few of them are still around when he finally comes home.

I wanna make a movie abt Jims life and the soundtrack will consist solely of the soundtrack from the dollars trilogy, nothing else. It will be an art film and about Jims psyche not about what was happening outside but what was happening inside

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Okay you know how Eliza's fingers are thic af right? And Alycias are so long. Well the vagina has more nerve endings in first 2/3 inches so basically Eliza would probs be better at fingering... but Alycia could just three up there and get on with it

ok so first of all im crying this message was beautiful 10/10

second like, ur so right tho like, eliza is 100% the queen of puthy and she would be an Absolute Beast at fingering bc like, idk i feel like it’s just a Natural Skill that she has like, she could finger a vagina in her sleep and it would still be banging bc she just knows her way around a vagina so well, so it doesnt rlly matter that her fingers are smaller bc she uses it to her advantage. while like, with alycia, she would still be good dont get me wrong, but she’s no queen of puthy. but saying that, she really has the length going for her bc she would give you that Ultimate Feeling of being filled.

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Not translation. I keep hearing this argument that aces can't be LGBT because they can pass. But what does that mean? Because the only way I can think of as "passing" are things that everyone can do; ie, The Closet. Am I just biased or...?

You’re definitely not biased. How does that even make sense?? Pass what?

Pass go in monopoly or something, what are they passing?

Some aphobes just don’t make sense. The best thing to do is just ignore them.

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Why would Link be female? If he keeps almost every aspect of his previous reincarnations (blond hair, left handed, his determination, etc etc) then why change that one thing about him while keeping everything else? Does not make sense.

Link originally had brown hair, and in Link to the Past it was pink. He’s right handed in Skyward Sword, and in Breath of the Wild itself.

He keeps very little of himself between reincarnations, because he has little personality to keep. It really wouldn’t be that hard to have a determined female Link.

Or to just use Zelda for once.

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I hc that kamuro is very soft. or maybe that's not the word.... not like he takes extra care of himself or anything, or his skin is necessarily lotion baby smooth. but soft like, if you and him had a genuine hug,, you could melt into him. like that incredibly weak feel to him when you touch him. like if you held his hand his hand would be gentle and uncallused. does this make sense? probably not. like this is post big clean up kam-chan. he has less stress and is less tense and more "soft"

YES SOFT KAMURO not only has he never seen manual labor he is also just Soft and Smushy praise be

I am fully not expecting them to be living together anytime soon. If they are I’ll be pleasantly surprised but I’m not banking on it or investing in the idea.

It’s a milestone. They want to milk all the milestones they can for as long as they can. Does it make sense for how they setup the house as a promise for the future and then all the angst they went through afterwards? Not really. At least not to me.

It’s also not a plot related detail (presumably) and they aren’t great with those. It’s all action all the time with these guys and quiet cutesy things like moving in together don’t *usually* make the cut unless they want to make it a Big Fucking Deal which goes back to the milking of every conceivable milestone.

I have a completely different view of moving in together as well and maybe they are wanting to wait until they are engaged/married?

Who the fuck knows, I just don’t expect anything, I think I’ll be happier that way.

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Why do you suppose there are so many Lapidot shippers? That ship was popular before the two had even met, long before they actually became friends. How did it become so popular when there was so little canon interaction before Barn Mates?


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Achievement unlocked - successfully piss off all the mukabros

Ruki: … I do not wish to know what your plans are… nor do I wish to know why… However, do leave before something were to happen to you.

Kou: Eh~? Didn’t anyone tell you to not mess with a vampire~? Or an idol? Hmph… Maybe we should teach you a lesson, ne~?

Yuma: Tch… Don’t ya fuckin’ have anything else fun in your life, Sow?! Why do ya even want to mess with us?! Do ya want to die?!

Azusa: … Why do you want to piss us… off… Anon-san…? It does not make any sense… We didn’t do anything… bad to you…