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anonymous asked:

You rec me something;(

Okay! Fics I’ve read the past few days:

Those are all ziam if you didn’t know lol hope you enjoy!, and I’m still waiting for a fic rec myself!!!

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YO JENNY I DARE U TO hold somebodys hand and be cute

Maybe you could give me a name…? I’m sorry.

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Hannibal's face during the entire scene!!!!! And when he closes his eyes for a second when Will puts his head on his shoulder. Bye, I'm removing myself from Earth.

I was talking to t-w-a-m-p and I told her Hannibal looks orgasmic. He looks overwhelmed. He looks like a little boy whose experiencing something so big and so important and so fulfilling for the first time in his life.

It’s heart warming to the point of making my chest clench so painfully I can’t breathe. And it’s due to that last bit in the gif above. Where Hannibal tilts his head up and then swoops down, committing to it fully, experiencing Will in his arms completely. Reveling in the acceptance and the beauty of what they’ve done and who they are.

He’s truly awed by it all.