Happy 24th Birthday, Skandar Keynes. ( September 5, 1991 )

My mother is Lebanese, but I wasn’t brought up speaking Arabic. We would go to Lebanon every year, but I was always frustrated by not being able to speak the language myself. So I first approached my course of study out of a desire to put that frustration behind me.

My little sister got a panda plushie at IKEA today (she named it Pan-Pan) and she grouped it together with her grizzly bear plushie (whose name is Sir Bearington). Her plan is to get a polar bear plushie to be Ice Bear and then she wants to tape them one on top of the other to make make a bearstack and “put then on rollerskates or something” and then tie a leash on them so she can pull them around on bearstack form. She also said “you know how I’m trying to make all the We Bare Bears characters? Well its funny because I’m already kind of one of the characters!”, because her name is Chloe