This is setting a bad example for the young girls watching this show, though. We forget that this is on Disney, that this is a kid show. We forget that not every viewer is older who only came back because they watched BWM.

Young girls should not ever, EVER, be taught that it’s okay for your boyfriend to tell you that you’re too much for his weasel ass, and you stay with him anyway. We shouldn’t be teaching our kids that. Period.

It’s not okay. And it’s certainly not a thing we should be praising and making gifsets of. That’s a toxic relationship. A girl does not have to make herself smaller and quieter for a man. If you want a man, that’s wonderful, but find someone who won’t try to diminish your light.

Because that’s what Riley is. She is light, she is happiness, she is the sun. It’s a disservice to Lucas’ character, it’s a disservice to Riley and the relationship. Don’t tell little girls that they have to be smaller and quieter for a man.

Don’t tell little girls that they have to be smaller and quieter for a man.


So I had lunch with my two (white) best friends more than a week ago and they did and said some things that didn’t sit right with me. I didn’t know how to react in the moment and I also don’t know my friend’s bf that well so I didn’t feel safe saying anything right then and there. I also just wanted to enjoy the time with them since we all hadn’t been together in awhile but I really didn’t want to “ruin” the fun so I didn’t say anything. It’s been eating away at me since then and tonight I finally messaged them about it.

I know I oftentimes tell you all when someone says something hurtful to just tell them how you feel about it and if they really care they will apologize and change their ways but I know it can be hard to come up with the words and confront the people we love so here’s an example of doing just that.

– Jay