Okay so I would like to point out that not only do these pictures look similar,

but I would also just like to point out the fact that, just like how Yuuri doesn’t remember his drunken night with Victor while Victor does, Yurio doesn’t remember training with Otabek but Otabek does.

“feels like you’re standing on the edge
looking at the stars
and wishing you were them” 

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Some Fantastic Beasts’ sketches from my twitter

  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she means: in the first season of Skam, Isak is told by his best friend that "he only knows gay songs", and then when we get to know him again in season 3 we find out he nowadays listens to music that makes him feel tough. That that's the specific reason for it. We get a deep insight into this image of heterosexuality he's trying to project, and that dissonance in characterization makes it clear that it's something he's forcefully constructed in the last year. There are many more explicit examples of his internalized homophobia, but this one strikes me as especially heartbreaking because it's a direct response to something that was meant to be a casual remark, but had a deep impact on shaping his self image.