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Tarantism - The urge to overcome melancholy by dancing.

Pitch Black/Jack Frost

(I got two requests for this! Same word, same pairing! Guess two of you really want to see Jack and Pitch dance.)

(SALverse, basically fluff)


It was one of those days.

The words didn’t quite capture the heaviness of it. He didn’t have these days so often anymore. They tended to come on the backs of dreams about his old world, his old life – how many old lives did he have now? The one as the Nightmare King. The one as Pitch. The one as Kozmotis. The one as Kozmotis pre-Seraphina. The one as Kozmotis post-Seraphina.

This time, he’d dreamt about the celebrations after the successful initiation ceremony into becoming a golden warrior. It had been a rocky affair, he’d gone deeper into the darkness than the others and his supervisor had known it and carefully said nothing after seeing the look in Pitch’s eyes. So Pitch had tried to embrace the vivacity of his colleagues and peers, drinking as vigorously as they, and yet in the depths of him a darkness whispered quietly. 

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‘Will you take my hand?’ Pitch said, turning his hand so that it rested, palm up, on the bed. 'You were able to do that earlier.’

Jack realised Pitch was talking about the time he’d woken up from the nightmare. He looked down and then swallowed. There was nothing organic about this. It was stilted, required permissions. But if it was the only way, then…

Jack licked at his dry lips and then nervously lowered his hand until it was over Pitch’s palm. He curled his fingers around Pitch’s hand, and felt a buzz of sensation when Pitch’s hand shifted minutely between his, fingers pressing back.

I felt like doodling. Another something for Not-Poignat’s fanfiction because omg I don’t know anymore this thing is killing me dfgljflghkj. (You might need to open in a new tab, I’m sorry!)



Okay, let’s get the niceties out of the way, nyes? I own sweet fuck all from this video. None of the gifs are mine, none of the clips are mine, the music is not mine, the story is not mine, the authoress is not mine (pity that…). Okay you get it. I don’t claim ownership over any of this. I simply whacked it together because I was feeling shit today (still feel like I’ve been run over by several trains…)and I felt I should contribute to the awesomeness that is ‘The Shadows and Light series’ and earn my spot in Not_Poignant’s well-deserved fanbase.

I tried to gather as many relevant clips as I could. Obviously with so many created characters, one can’t do much in the way of describing the plot through motion alone and I do so hate to write subtitles, because I’m weird.

If you have not read the fictions, I lovingly place the link below for my promoting pleasure, and your viewing…

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“Twenty two years have passed since the defeat of Pitch, and Jack lives alone, touch-starved, with only the company of a solitary Nightmare. One evening the Man in the Moon sets him on a path that will lead him to unexpected relationships, draw the attention of the Guardians to a new coalition of villains, and challenge Jack’s every notion of what it is to be good, evil, and what it is to live in the shadows.”
-Pia (Not_Poignant)

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The FINAL CHAPTER of Into Shadows We Fall is UP!

I’m so chuffed with the title of this. The final chapter is a mirror of the final chapter of FtDWR, and therefore is literally titled: ‘From the Darkness We Rise.’ Heh.

Please see the end of the chapter in AO3 for acknowledgements!

Chapter 31 @ AO3

Chapter 31 @

And with that, we close out with some Pitch/Jack banter, some fluff, and honestly the longest acknowledgements on the planet (I’m sorry). I’ll be editing this beast over the next couple of weeks, but otherwise - as it says on and AO3 both, this series is now complete!


Little Talks of Shadows and Light

Music: “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men
Video: Rise of the Guardians

Inspired by not_poignant’s Shadows and Light series.

So a while ago I was enjoying chapter 22 of this awesome series by not-poignant, and I read this paragraph:

“Overnight, delicate fairylights that looked like snowflakes had appeared in Jack’s room, seeming to have grown out of the very walls. That very morning, a twine of fluffy golden tinsel had snaked its way around the legs of the armchair in Pitch’s room. It had appeared out of the very energy of the Workshop itself, since neither of them had opened a window or door to let it in.”

Annnnnd my pencil slipped :D

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