Real talk, tho: I’m forever wounded over how Morrigan says that Kieran being an incredible child isn’t her doing, and how she does is try to inflict as little damage as possible. Because that alone shows just how deep the abuse Morrigan suffered as a child scarred her, and how terrified she is to make these mistakes, even by accident.

And basically how some adults that suffered extensive abuse and violence as children feel like, when they get to the point they become cognizant of the trauma they went through and how that shaped them?

It’s… How many adults that suffered abuse in the hands of their parents feel when they become parents themselves. The fear of hurting them is terrifying, choking, paralyzing. And it’s part of healing.

For Morrigan to show that… It’s so important.

Some of you might recall Julia Michaels’ husky simmering, sultry alluring voice from Kygo’s album, Cloud Nine, on which she lent her vocals to sparkling lifter Carry Me. What most people likely don’t know is that this gifted Los Angeles musician also lent her songwriting talent to a bevy of smash hits like Justin Bieber’s Sorry, Selena Gomez’s Good For You, Hailee Steinfeld’s Love Myself, Gwen Stefani’s Used To Love You, Britney Spears’ Slumber Party, and far, far more. The hit maker, now signed to Republic, targets her own solo career as she unleashes a pop jewel named Issues. The debut single, produced by Benny Blanco and Stargate, is a slick spacious electronic pop confection in which hints of Kiiara and Terror Jr can be found in its buoyant beats and voluminous spread. The industry is abuzz over a forthcoming Julia Michaels album. The rising starlet was even featured on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list. 

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Judge Dredd: City Limits Volume 2 is out now!! 404 pages, 18 issues, a lot of incredibly talented people, go get it!! Check here some of my favorite pages

In the 22nd century, crime runs rampant in Mega-City One, home to over 800 million citizens, robots, criminals, and lunatics. The only line of defense between order and chaos are… the Judges. Contains stories such as “The American Way of Death,” “Black Light District,” and “Mega-City Manhunt” from issues #13–30 of the Judge Dredd series as well as all of the short back-ups, edited by Chris Ryall, written by Duane Swierczynski, with art by Nelson Dániel, John Stanisci, Staz Johnson, Andy Belanger, Steve Scott, Mark Torres and Shane Pierce, with cover artwork by Jimbo Salgado.


WTWA | Vlog #3 | Study Talk 

SUPRISEEEEE - after months and months months, we have another academy vlog!

This one? Jim + Ariel + Study Talk = 👍

I hope you enjoy it because it was it a JOY TO MAKE MY OH MY.

For A LOT more info about this vlog (cause there’s so much to discuss hahehahaa), please read below the cut. There’s a partial transcript of what they’re saying cause it’s hard to hear at certain points.

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I’m still not sure I understand this series as a whole - these stories seem to be mostly about aggressive white men doing stupid, violent things. The juxtaposition of the Looney Tunes with the man shooting up the drive-in is very well done, especially the cut between the real body horror of gunshot wounds vs. the Daffy Duck panel.

(Heavy Metal Overdrive Special Issue, 1995 - Page 30 Versus: Blind Memory by Polls and Beroy)