“the pattern of human population growth in the twentieth century was more bacterial than primate. when homo sapiens passed the six billion mark we had already exceeded by as much as a hundred times the biomass of any large animal species that ever existed on land. we and the rest of life can not afford another hundred years like that. ”edward o. wilson

around ten thousand years ago, there were maybe five million people on earth. two thousand years ago, there were probably two hundred million. today, there are over seven billion people, which is almost a billion more than there were just over a decade ago. and in 2009, the number of people living in urban areas surpassed the number living in rural areas for the first time.

these photos were taken by chris hadfield while commander of the international space station, showing, in order: amman, istanbul, brussels, cairo, manila, london, delhi, boston, beijing, and guadalajara. (bonus unrelated fun fact: chris was about an inch and a half taller in space than on earth.)


Jaw-dropping Vine shows what a lightning storm looks like from space 

Over the weekend, astronaut Terry Virts, currently aboard the International Space Station, uploaded an incredible Vine showing a lightning storm in India that a casual observer might mistake for Armageddon. And no, this isn’t the first incredible video he’s uploaded.


Another Incredible Time Lapse from Terry Virts Aboard the International Space Station. 

“Wonder Upon Wonder”, for Earth Day.

(Vine Terry Virts)