i think what especially makes me happy about seth turner sato is that he was specifically designed and written to be absolutely unlikable - he was the big jerk, the one who everyone in the story would hate (save for abigail, that sweetheart), and for the longest time i did get asks where people complained about him and wished that he would just go away!

and then i flipped him over, revealed him to be the most insecure gangly nerd this world has ever known, and now he’s turned into one of the most liked characters of the story despite the fact that he’s a character that no one in canon has ever truly loved, and that’s beautiful.


INTERVIEWER: You guys had one of the best scenes, I thought, together
MARK: I loved that scene
INTERVIEWER: That was one of the best scenes. Did you guys really like that?


angelface273  asked:

I've been seeing a bunch of fanfics with Yuuri and Viktor being the most embarrassing dads ever and Yuri hates it they're so gross and lovey and supportive it's the Worst and I love it

so much for being the fearsome ice tiger of russia when your dads are yelling their unconditional love and support from the rink sidelines 

i’ve always wondered where yurio’s biological parents are, but at this point it doesn’t really matter does it