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On the intensification of terrorist attacks

Since the birth of ISIS two years ago, the number of ISIS-related terrorist attacks has dramatically increased. For Westerners, who thought themselves safe from them, the change was even more noticeable; terrorist attacks are not confined to the Middle-East anymore. Thanks to the latest technological advances, the support of powerful actors and global ambitions, ISIS has been able to impose their presence on four continents and launch attacks on each of them. 

However, the rythm of these attacks truly increased with the November 2015 Paris attacks. They marked the beginning of a long string of incidents targeting Western Countries specifically (this post focuses on the ones taking place in the West). They may be lone-wolf attacks (i.e. San Bernardino) or directly organised by ISIS (e.g. Brussels airport). Only last week, Germany was hit by two lone-wolf attacks whose organisers had pledged allegiance to ISIS. Today, (26/07/2016) France was hit again. ISIS-related attacks in the West used to happen every few months, then each month and at the present time take place only a few days apart. 

While the intensification of such incidents is deplorable, it can also be interpreted as a good omen: they correspond to the decline of ISIS’ military power and their ever shrinking territory. As Daesh is defeated again and again on the field (Kobanê, Manbij, Palmyra, Fallujah and right now Raqqa), they are growing increasingly desperate and thus launch more attacks at a global level, notably in the West.

Those are bound to increase as ISIS is driven underground, then gradually decrease as they are defeated at this level as well. The owner of this blog shares this point of view. The article below explains why.

Isis quietly braces itself for the collapse of the ‘caliphate’

Isis leaders are acknowledging the terror group’s declining fortunes on the battlefield

Even as it launches waves of terrorist attacks around the globe, Isis is quietly preparing its followers for the eventual collapse of the caliphate it proclaimed with great fanfare two years ago.

In public messages and in recent actions in Syria, the group’s leaders are acknowledging the terrorist organisation’s declining fortunes on the battlefield while bracing for the possibility that its remaining strongholds could fall.

At the same time, the group is vowing to press on with its recent campaign of violence, even if the terrorists themselves are driven underground. U.S. counterterrorism experts believe the mass­ casualty attacks in Istanbul and Baghdad in the past month were largely a response to military reversals in Iraq and Syria.

Such terrorist acts are likely to continue and even intensify, at least initially, analysts say, as the group evolves from a quasi-state with territorial holdings to a shadowy and diffuse network with branches and cells on at least three continents.

Indeed, while the loss of a physical sanctuary would constitute a major blow to Isis — severely limiting, for example, its ability to raise money, train recruits or plan complex terrorist operations — the group’s highly decentralised nature ensures that it will remain dangerous for some time to come, according to current and former U.S. officials and terrorism experts.

“Where al-Qaeda was hierarchical and somewhat controlled, these guys are not. They have all the energy and unpredictability of a populist movement,” said Michael Hayden, the retired Air Force general who headed the CIA from 2006 to 2009.

Isis officials, in public statements and in interviews, insist that the group’s “caliphate” project remains viable while also acknowledging that military setbacks have forced a change in strategy.

“While we see our core structure in Iraq and Syria under attack, we have been able to expand and have shifted some of our command, media and wealth structure to different countries,” a longtime Isis operative, speaking through an Internet-based audio service, said in an interview.

“We do have, every day, people reaching out and telling us they want to come to the caliphate,” said the operative, who agreed to speak to a Western journalist on the condition that his name and physical location not be revealed. “But we tell them to stay in their countries and rather wait to do something there.”

But signs of desperation are mounting weekly inside the caliphate, which shrank by another 12 percent in the first six months of 2016, according to a report last week by IHS Inc., an analysis and consulting firm.

A series of communiques issued in Isis’s Syrian enclave last month closed down Internet cafes in one province and ordered the destruction of TVs and satellite dishes in another.

The orders, billed as an effort to eliminate a tool for “disseminating infidel beliefs,” effectively cut off access to news from the outside world.

‘Without any city or land’

More signals of a coming downfall are contained in statements issued by Isis officials over the past six weeks, a period that saw the group’s fighters retreating across multiple fronts, from Fallujah in central Iraq to the Syrian-Turkish border.

A remarkable editorial last month in al-Naba, Isis’s weekly Arabic newsletter, offered a gloomy assessment of the caliphate’s prospects, acknowledging the possibility that all its territorial holdings could ultimately be lost. Just two years ago, jihadist leaders heralded the start of a glorious new epoch in the world’s history with the establishment of their Islamic “caliphate,” which at the time encompassed most of eastern Syria and a vast swath of northern and western Iraq, a combined territory roughly the size of Great Britain.

The editorial, titled, “The Crusaders’ Illusions in the Age of the Caliphate,” sought to rally the group’s followers by insisting that Isis would continue to survive, even if all its cities fell to the advancing “crusaders” — the separate Western- and Russian-backed forces arrayed against them.

“The crusaders and their apostate clients are under the illusion that … they will be able to eliminate all of the Islamic State’s provinces at once, such that it will be completely wiped out and no trace of it will be left,” the article states. In reality, the group’s foes “will not be able to eliminate it by destroying one of its cities or besieging another of them, or by killing a soldier, an emir or an imam,” it says.

The editorial asserts that the “whole world­ … has changed” with the creation of a theocratic enclave that has “shown all of mankind what the true Islamic State is like.”

“If they want to achieve true victory — they will not, God willing — they will have to wait a long time: until an entire generation of Muslims that was witness to the establishment of the Islamic State and the return of the caliphate … is wiped out.”

The same themes were repeated in an otherwise upbeat sermon by Isis’s official spokesman, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, marking the start of Ramadan observances. Adnani’s missive attracted international attention because of its call for a global terrorism campaign during the Muslim holy month. But Adnani also appeared to be preparing his followers for heavy losses.

At one point he evoked one of the darkest chapters in Isis’s history, when the group — then known as the Islamic State of Iraq — was all but destroyed in 2008 by a combination of forces, including the U.S. troop surge and the “Anbar Awakening,” a revolt against the Islamists by Sunni Arab tribes.

“Were we defeated when we lost the cities in Iraq and were in the desert without any city or land? And would we be defeated and you be victorious if you were to take Mosul, Sirte or Raqqa, or even take all the cities?” asked Adnani, referring to Isis’s primary strongholds in Iraq, Libya and Syria. “Certainly not!”

Echoes of an inglorious past

The group’s near-defeat in 2008 also has been cited multiple times in recent weeks in social-media accounts, suggesting to some analysts that its leaders are trying to limit the inevitable damage to Isis’s reputation among jihadists as an unstoppable military and moral force.

“They don’t want to lose territory,” said Cole Bunzel, a doctoral candidate at Princeton University’s Near Eastern studies department who provided a translation and commentary on the al-Naba editorial in the blog Jihadica. “But they’re trying to remind people that the group has a long history and they’re going to persist, just as they did in earlier times.”

The deadly attacks against Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport and Baghdad’s Karrada shopping district — both relatively easy targets for terrorists concerned only with massive numbers of civilian casualties — were probably also part of the same effort to reassure followers of Isis’s vitality, said Will McCants, a Brookings Institution researcher and author of the 2015 book “ISIS Apocalypse: The History, Strategy and Doomsday Vision of the Islamic State.”

“The successful attacks abroad are an indication of deep worry at home,” McCants said. After years of boasting of the group’s invincibility, leaders such as Adnani are beginning to acknowledge battlefield losses while attempting to depict them in the most positive light, he said. Absent from the group’s statements is any acknowledgment of strategic and tactical errors that contributed to Isis’s current predicament, fighting alone against a broad array of forces that includes the major Western powers, Sunni and Shiite Muslims, Russians and Kurds, McCants said.

“They’re not trying to be clever about it,” he said, “but they’re really trying to prepare their followers to cope with a ‘caliphate’ that is no longer a caliphate.”

The Isis operative who consented to an interview acknowledged that some of the group’s followers had become disillusioned because of mistakes by individual commanders. He said he didn’t care whether the organisation’s headquarters remained in Raqqa or moved to North Africa or elsewhere — although he added that the loss of Raqqa would certainly be avenged.

“There is a message to all members of the coalition against us: We will not forget, and we will come into your countries and hit you,” he said, “one way or the other.”

European intelligence officials fear that the new phase is already underway. “They are … challenged as we adapt our strategy to their initial one, in order to start ‘de-sanctuarising’ them,” said a senior French security official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss counterterrorism strategy. “But they will now expand to other tactics and start executing much more insidious and covert ops, in big cities.

“The next step,” he said, “has begun.”

Joby Warrick, Souad Mekhennet for the Washington Post/Independent
Wednesday 13 July 2016 

SYRIA. Province of Homs. Al-Qaryatain. April 4, 2016. A Syrian soldier sets fire to an ISIS flag after Syrian troops regained control of the town. Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty 


‘’People came to buy clothes to celebrate Eid, now they are buying coffins’’

A suicide car bombing claimed by the Islamic State group ripped through a busy Baghdad shopping district Sunday and perhaps one of the most busiest roads in the Iraq, killing at least 200 people in the deadliest attack this year in Iraq’s Capital.

There are no words.. My thoughts are with the families of those who died in these awful attacks.

Father and 2 sons in the front line against ISIS

İhsan and his two sons, Haydar and Rojhat, are now defending Kirkuk after fighting ISIS gangs in the resistance at Makhmur.

The family spent 15 years at the Makhmur Martyr Rustem Cudi camp, until attacks by ISIS gangs. With the terrorist attacks, İhsan and his sons Haydar and Rojhat took up arms, like many of the residents of Makhmur camp, to defend the camp along with PKK guerrillas. They fought for 4 days against the gangs.

Ishan says he is honoured to be deployed in the same emplacement as his sons. He adds that they will do whatever it takes for the defence of the people. He says that although war is not a pleasant thing, they have no alternative as Kurds to fighting oppression.

July, the 14th. Bastille Day. Nice (France).

An Isis terrorist killed 84 people. This bastard took away 84 lives. Someone’s Mother, Someone’s Father. Children who won’t be back to School in September

We don’t need the killer’s name. We need the innocent victimes names.

Myriam 29 years old

She was a Young lawyer. Her mother also lost her life during the attacks.

Léa 68 years old

She was Myriam’s mother.

Laura 13 years old

Her dad said: “I’ve lost one of my twin daughters. Every time I look at his sister, i see Laura”.

David 44 years old

He had a 21 years old daughter. His wife was also hurt during the attacks.

Abib 51 years old

He had a 17 years old daughter and a 21 years old son. Both survived the attacks. His Wife, Céline, is still missing.

Matthias ( Age Unknow)

He was a teacher. His wife and mother in law also died during the attacks.

Odile ( Age Unknow)

She was Mattias’s Wife. She was a teacher too.

Jocelyne ( Age Unknow)

She was Odile’s mom.

Yanis 4 years old

He died at the Hospital. It’s was his first ( and last ) firework.

Rachel 39 years old

She had a 6 years old daughter and a 12 years old son. Her Husband and children survived.

Christiane 67 years old

She had a 47 years old daughter who was hurt during the attacks. Her husband also died during the attacks.

Hugues 47 years old

He was Christiane’s Husband. He had a 14 years old son, who is still between life and death. His brother and 17 years old nephew are still missing.

Timothé 27 years old

He saved his 7 months pregnant wife before getting killed.

Ludivine 25 years old

Her brother also died during the attacks.

Ludovic 15 years old

He was Ludivine’s brother

Emmanuel 48 years old

He was a police man.

Mehdi 12 years old.

His twin sister is still in coma.

Francoise 55 years old

She was the mother of 6 children. One died during the attacks, two were injured. Her husband is still between life and death. She was a teacher.

Elouan 12 years old

He was Francoise’s son.

Robert 60 years old.

He had a daughter.

Camille 26 years old

She was a student from a buisness school. She lived in Nice.

Michael 28 years old

He was a teacher. His 4 grand parents and his mother also died that night.

Veronique 55 years old

She was Michael’s mom.

Christiane 78 years old

She was Veronique’s mother in law.

Francois 82 years old

He was Veronique’s father in law

Gisele 63 years old

She was Veronique’s mom

Germain 68 years old

He was Veronique’s dad.

Laurence 46 years old

She was a photographer

Léana 2 years old

Her cousin and grand mother also died. She is one of the youngest victims.

Yanis 8 years old

He was Léana’s cousin

Laurence 49 years old

She was Yanis and Léana’s grand mother.

Amie 12 years old

Her father was a journalist.

Maria 79 years old

Her husband also died that night. Both were from Italy.

Mario 90 years old

He was Maria’s Husband.

Gianna 68 years old

Her husband also died. They were both italian and friends with Mario and Maria.

Angelo 71 years old

He was Gianna’s husband.

Olfa 31 years old;

She was tunisian. Her 4 years old son also died during the attacks.

Killian 4 years old

He was Olfa’s son.

Aldjia 42 years old

She had 4 children. She was from Algeria.

Linda 54 years old

Her husband was injured during the attacks.

Fatima 62 years old.

She had 7 children. She was the first person killed during this attacks.

Igor 47 years old.

He was a russian soldier. He had 4 children.

Magdalena 21 years old

She was polish. She was on vacation with her 3 other sisters. One of them died.

Marzena 20 years old.

She was Magdalena’s sister.

Brodie 11 years old.

He was from Texas. His father also died that night.

Sean 51 years old.

He was Brodie’s dad.

Kayla 6 years old

Her mother also died during the attacks. Her 8 months old and 4 years old siblings and her dad are still in hospital.

Elizabeth 30 years old

She was Kayla’s mother.

Roman 56 years old

Her wife also died during the attacks

Natalia 50 years old

She was Roman’s wife.

Narine 34 years old

She had a 2 years old child

Carla 48 years old

She was from Italy. She had a 14 years old daughter. Both her daughter and husband survived.

Bilal 25 years old

He was tunisian

Nicolas 20 years old

He was American.

Lyubov 59 years old

She was from Pavlodar. Bother her daughter and granddaughter died.

Marina 33 years old

She was Lyubov’s daughter.

Silvia 2 years old

She was Marina’s daughter. She was one of the youngest child who died that night.

Mino 31 years old

She had a 6 years old and a 4 months old son. Both survived.

Zahia 65 years old

She was there with her daughter and Grandson. They both survived.

Viktoria 20 years old

She was a russian student.

Mohamed 50 years old

He was tunisian. He had 3 children..

Silan 19 years old

She was from Germany. She had 7 siblings.

Selma 18 years old

She was Silan’s best friend

Saskia 27 years old

She was Silan and Selma’s teacher.

Cristian 34 years old

He was from Romania. He had a 7 years old son. Both his wife and child survived.

more infos about them : here

Let’s just remember that last November we already lost 123 people during the “Bataclan and Saint Denis Attacks” and on January 2015 we lost 14 people during the “Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Casher attacks”


Things i have no seen Tumblr talk about, or be angry about (not saying its not on here, it could be i just dont follow people who reblog it)

  • The Christian slaughter that is currently happening right now. ISIS is beheaded and burying children and women alive simply because they are Christian and wont convert. 
  • ISIS (apparent) Beheading kidnapped and missing US Journalist James Foley (also threatening to kill Journalist Steven Joel Sotloff)
  • ISIS beheading ‘the enemy’ and taking graphic photos with heads
  • ISIS beheading Christian children and putting their heads on stakes in a Park
  • ISIS
  • ISIS

Hi, I am a Muslim. I am not a terrorist. 

Hi, I am a Muslim, my religion has nothing to do with terrorism.

Hi, I am a Muslim, my religion said to fight first with wisdom, not violence.

Hi, I am a Muslim, and I am ashamed of ISIS.

Hi, I am a Muslim, and I am, again, not a part of ISIS.

Hi, I am a Muslim, and if you were to be a Christian, do you support the KKK?

Hi, I am a Muslim. I am not a terrorist.

Today, ISIS claims responsibility for two attacks in Afghanistan that targeted the country’s Hazara minority. So far over 80 people have been killed. The Muslim apologists are quick to jump in with the typical embarrassing statements of, “ISIS is killing Muslims, we are the victims, hence ISIS is not Islamic”. But what they will not tell you is, the Hazara are Shi’a Muslims, and hence the reason they are targeted by ISIS, as they had been by the Taliban well before most people in the West heard the name “Taliban”. At any other time, even many so called “moderate” Sunni Muslims consider the “Shi’a” to be nothing but heretics and infidels, or at the best, ‘not real Muslims’, but when the Shi’a are slaughtered by ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other Sunni extremists, then they are used for an agenda! So what exactly do typical Sunni Muslims think of Shi’a? Well, let us have a look on what they say on regular basis, not when dozens of Shi’a are slaughtered:

The Peshmergas trying to encircle completely Jalawla area with ISIS fighters inside. There are heavy clashes because ISIS understand the strategy. ISIS reinforcements are pushed away by heavy kurd fire far from Jalawla city entrances. The Kurds (Peshmergas, PJAK & PKK) want to push completely ISIS to Saadiyah.

On the election

People who are bitching about Hillary, and Calling her a bitch, and saying they can’t picture a woman for president, or that they ‘don’t really like either option’, stop. Take a minute to recenter yourself, and check out our current environment. You don’t like either candidate? Awww tough shit. This where we are now. This is how low we have stooped. So stop saying that as if you might vote for a racist, sexist, fascist, homophobic bigot rather than see a woman as the face of our country. Stop complaining about how you don’t like either, and make your fucking choice. The right choice. Recognize that the last thing we need in light of terrorism and homeland administration issues would be for a hotheaded orange meninist to be the face of our country. Take a bigoted, republican stance to examine this for a minute. Do you think ISIS leaders/terrorists will take kindly to a big orange man shouting islamaphobic things for all to hear? Do you think he can protect us from the shit he himself will start? Do you think that the black people who are being murdered everyday in our country will take kindly to a racist being put into office? Do you think that the resistance will simply stop? No. It will get worse. Everything will get worse for the same republicans that are voting him in. And you don’t want Hillary in office because what, she’s a woman? A hormonal, unattractive, bitchy woman? Well sorry to break it to you folks, but the last republican man we had in office brought the terrorism on. Yup, that’s right I’m gonna say it. GEORGE BUSH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ENABLING 9/11. HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ONSLAUGHT OF ATTACKS AGAINST THE WESTERN WORLD. So maybe it’s time we put a different kind of human into office. A woman. For those of you saying you don’t like either option, tough shit. Look at where we are, and realize that there is only one option. Not two. And that you need to make your choice.

I seriously can't with this numb nut we have an office right now

A sniper specifically targets police officers as a direct connection to a black power “protest”, and Obama’s only response is “herpity derp, gun control tho.” This moron has watched while race relations become more and more completely destroyed and turned backwards in this country, and all he has to offer is the same speech about gun control. ISIS inspired Terrorist attacks? Gun control. Racially charged protests/riots turned violent? Gun-control. Law officers being specifically targeted? Gun control. I’m disgusted.

If you’re sunni and you hate shias you are one and the same with isis and other terrorist groups that act off the same beliefs. Unless you actively speak out against anti shia sentiment in your own communities you are responsible for every Shia life lost. Enough is enough how many more of us are y’all gonna kill like I’m so sick of seeing our deaths broadcast on the news you fucking savages fix your communities

Investigation terror attack Nice: “Individuals helped Mohamed Bouhlel prepare the attack”

The 32-year old Tunisian man who made 84 casualties late last week was helped in his preparation, says François Molins, Paris attorney

“Bouhlel prepared his act for months,” says Molins during a conference earier, “He also had support and accomplices.” His phone turned up images that suggest he had been preparing the attack since at least 2015.

The investigation around the attack includes more than 400 officers. Five suspects are currently in jail and are facing terror charges.

20 suspects arrested in Argenteuil
20 suspects were arrested in a “preventive anti-terror action” which authorities claim is unrelated to the investigation into the Nice attack.
An anonymous tip lead to the raids in two homes, where every occupant was arrested, including a couple with children.

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