Guys, I’m not going to ask for your prayers - I myself am not religious, but I am going to ask you to signal boost this. Marawi City in the Philippines has been invaded by ISIS, they are bombing the city and a school zone, and setting detainees free from prisons. 

They say that this is a jihad, but anyone who even has a small understanding of Islam knows that Islam is not violent. 

This is terrorism.

The world needs to know. 

nothing hurts me more than people in other parts of the philippines calling this situation ‘normal’ in mindanao. you all paint mindanao like it is a fucking warzone when it isn’t - i’ve lived in mindanao all of my life, and i’ve not seen or even heard of a conflict of this scale. the place is beautiful. yes, there are cities, fucking metropolises in mindanao too. yes, we have electricity. yes, we have cars and malls in cities, you ignorant assholes. for anyone who says “all muslims” do this, i say bullshit. i live about five hours from marawi, but our city is home to many muslims. i am not a muslim, but the muslims in my life have not showed me anything but kindness. 

i have not see them being anything but kind to the people around them but are constantly being treated like shit just because of their religion. these are men attacking marawi are extremists. terrorists. they are not the face of my island, and they are definitely not the face of islam. they’re probably not even from this fucking island. real people are being hurt while people are sitting on their asses saying this is normal.

nothing about this situation is normal. marawi has always been something of a safe haven. even though there are have been many conflicts in the surrounding areas, my friends have been telling me that none of have ever touched the city. not until now. 

so fucking stop. 

your opinions on the island you’ve never been to do not fucking matter. not when people are dying. 

Marawi City (Philippines) is currently under siege by an ISIS-affiliated group and most of us are worrying about irrelevant things. The group has burned buildings, schools, took over a hospital, blocked roads in and out of the city and who knows what else. I’m scared, terrified. I’m shaking, to be honest. The world is a scary place. I’m worried about the innocent people caught in between, their families, their lives. This is too much. Let’s take a moment to pray for everyone’s safety. Lord, help us! 😭

When Isak comes to Sana’s place to study, Sana tells him “go ahead into the living room, I will get some books from my room”. But when she gets into the living room Isak is nowhere to be found. Huh?

Then she hears Isak’s laugh and the laugh of … her parents? And when she looks into the kitchen Isak is sitting beside her dad. Her bio buddy talks excitedly, waving his arms around with a half eaten carrot in one hand in his usual dramatic fashion. And her parents both listen to him intently, her mother a warm smile on her face and her dad matching Isak’s excitement.

Sana sighs as she sits down and rolls her eyes, but can’t stop her lips from curling into a smile that shows her dimples.

So its confirmed, its Daesh behind the Manchester Arena explosion as well.

We already know Daesh is behind the invasion happening in Marawi

You have terrorists here targeting young people in the UK, and Muslim families in the Philippines. These losers are out to divide people, whether they’re young or old, non-Muslim or Muslim. 

We must not let these losers or the ideology that powers them win.

Like everyone else, my family and I were shocked to hear the terrible news from Manchester. All that’s left to do is to send sympathy to the families of the victims and Ariana Grande. Praying that something like this never happens again. Love to everyone.
—  Paul McCartney, former member of The Beatles and solo artist, 3/23/17, 1:46 PM EST talking about the bombing at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester that killed 22 people and injured 59 more on 3/22/17.

What’s happening in Marawi City is an emergency and a tragedy but PLEASE avoid calling them ISIS fighters. They are part of the Maute Group, an Islamist group that has pledged allegiance to ISIS and Abu Bakr.

Calling them ISIS fighters would make many people think that foreign terrorists have made their way into the Philippines, making this seem like an issue of international security instead of domestic/regional. What that does is put the Philippines at further risk of imperialist intervention in this era of the global ‘war on terror’.

So please avoid rhetoric that plays into imperialist hysteria, because if there’s one thing that will make this situation a whole lot worse, it will be a whole bunch of Westerners calling for Western powers to come ‘save’ the Phillipines.

Salamat sa lahat 

“Even! EVEN!! You need to get in here!! HURRY” came Isak’s voice out of their bedroom.

Even’s head whipped around and he scrambled to his feet. Hastily making his way to Isak’s voice did something happen?!

What he found when he burst through the door had him stop in the doorway and stare. Both Jonas and Isak grinned proudly at him, standing close and struggling to keep the…. yoga mat? in place around their bodies.

“Quick! Babe, take a photo!” Isak said and Jonas giggled - he actually giggled. Even blinked and shook his head to get out of the oh, my boyfriend isn’t dying, he’s just the worlds biggest nerd daze.

“What the fuck, guys” Even murmered and sent them a disapproving look while he fished for his phone in his pocket (well, he tried but in reality his face sported a grin more than a frown).

“We’re a burrito!” Jonas exclaimed happily.

The rest of the world has its eyes on Manchester right now. And I too, is praying for them.

But my country right now is also fighting its demons. Today, May 23, an ISIS supporter group Maute, spread terror in one of the city of Mindanao, the Marawi City. It’s 12:16 am right now while I am writing this. I cannot sleep. How can I when one part of our nation is living a nightmare?

Just barely an hour ago, social media was flooded with post from the people in Marawi asking for help. Hospitals had been invaded by the Maute, hostages had been taken. Power supplies were cut off. And in total darkness, schools and universities had been burned.
It was a total hell in there. But bear in mind that tho I am describing it as hell, I am thousands of miles away from where this is happening. Imagine what all those people might be thinking of my own definition of hell.

Our president, Rodrigo Duterte, is in Russia rn, but he declared one thing the sovereignty all despise: Martial Law. Yet, we cannot bring ourselves to protest anymore. And this, is one proof how serious things are now.

I am asking you. Please, pray for my country, and for the people of Marawi.

Maraming salamat po.