Angels’ objection to creation of Adam!

The angels had a high suspicion of man, involving him in bloodshed and mischief.

God rejected the objection raised by the angels and declared that then God had elevated Adam in knowledge and eminence.

The knowledge of eminence was granted to not too many of the children of Adam.
Those that were granted the knowledge became sublime in character and conduct, however, the ratio of such individuals to those who were not granted the knowledge is almost negligible. The world is polluted with mischief created by men and bloodshed is frequent than ever before.

Man likes to indulge in comfort and luxury. Fewer than countable men seek God.

Arrogance, deceit, false pride, sledging, and all other evil and negative traits are favourable adopts than morality and spirituality!

Were the Angels right in their objection to man’s creation?

Brutal and ruthless terrorist outfits like ISIS, Taliban and Al-Qaeda are the evident affirmation to the objection by the Angels.

Correct me if I am wrong!

- YA