did anyone else catch Trump’s brief use of homonationalism tonight, i.e. saying ISIS (i think it was?) has pushed gays off of buildings? is this relatively new as a republican talking point? i feel like it coalesced and came to be more in liberal circles (not necessarily politicians, but with intellectuals like Richard Dawkins and many of his other atheist henchmen) and that it hasn’t really been used much by the right. but idk i guess that’s changing now.


An IS attack in Kabul, Afghanistan today (23.07.16) has killed 80 people (May they rest in peace) and wounded more than 250. A peaceful gathering of the Hazara minority Shi’a Muslims were targeted.  (Sources: x / x / x  )

I ask everyone to reblog to remember that Non-Western countries, POC, Muslims, and more specifically Muslim Minorities are not to be swept under the rug and forgotten while everyone pours attention and support on selected European countries.

This is Abinta, Tarishi and Faraaz. They were slaughtered last night during the Dhaka attacks. Please remember their names

Remember that Tarishi went to UC Berkeley and started an amazing clothing line called EthiCAL Apparel, which aimed to eradicate poverty.

Remember that Abinta and Faraaz went to Emory and were extremely hardworking students and radiated nothing but positivity everywhere they went.

Faraaz is a hero that was murdered for trying to protect his friends. The terrorist group leaked photos of them, dead, lying in pools of blood - holding on to each other. Please don’t let these gruesome images be what they are remembered for. Don’t let this awful event define them, remember them for the mark they made on this world.

These three were senselessly murdered in their home country and I will not rest until they are memorialised. Please stop turning this into a political debate, please stop trying to bash our amazing country. Just remember that these are real people, they had real lives and friends and ambitions. Remember them.