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There is a crack in everything / That’s how the light gets in.

I’m so tired of people saying that shadowhunters is better than the books, like????? No. It’s not. It’s a jumbled confused mess and the only redeeming quality is that there’s more highlight on poc and lgbt characters (Which is amazing thank you to the writers and casting ppl for that). But like, that’s it. That’s all. People are always going on about how much they hate Cassandra Clare and how the show is 1000 times better than her books when in reality the show has no plot and no character development and they try to mash 2 ½ books into one season and it was confusing. If you hate Cassandra Clare for not making every character gay or not white, then why did you read all of the books? Like I get it and I honestly am so done with reading about straight white ppl, but you can’t deny that the book series its self- the plot and development of the characters- was good. Stop saying she’s the devil. She is a human being and yes she has her faults but if she hadn’t written the books in the first place we wouldn’t have a movie and a tv show and one of my all time favorite series would not exist. So if you don’t like her books, read something else.

I just love how some made-up headcanons are so easy to believe in. 

For example, I can 100% believe that Magnus is writing his and Alec’s name with hearts on his notes. 
Or that Alec is capable of kissing Magnus in front of everyone when he’s jealous.

Or that Simon, since the first time he realised Raphael likes his touches, can’t stop doing this to the point of “DAMNIT SIMON CAN’T YOU SIT ON YOUR OWN CHAIR” from smiling Raphael. 
Or Raphael often spaces out looking at Simon thinking “How is it even possible this perfect man really sticked around for so long?”. 

Or that Isabelle calms the most doing Clary’s hair and Clary always feels when that’s happening. 
And Clary’s favourite thing to do is taking Izzy to some hipster places to dates, just to sit with her and be happy.

Shy *request*

Shadowhunters - Jace Wayland/Lightwood/Herondale?

Note: I am so very sorry I took so very long to complete this, I started it but I never got around to finishing it, also the song you requested with this was impossible to find, I had to listen to a cover of it, and it’s beautiful! Also, I mixed the book and tv version of things, but its not major that it is noticeable 

Triggers: I don’t think there are any, major shy girl feels though, feel good stuff

You were new to the New York Institute, in fact you were new to New York overall. Maryse Lightwood, current head of the Institute introduced you to her children: Alec Lightwood the eldest, Isabelle Lighwood the middle child, Max, Lightwood the youngest, and their adoptive son Jace Wayland. The moment you saw Jace you couldn’t comprehend anything he was saying to you. You just watched his sad eyes glimmer, you were too shy to say much, you introduced yourself back to the Lightwoods and Jace. You felt out of place, being a shadowhunter, you can’t even build the courage to speak to your peers. You liked to think of yourself as more of an observer than a speaker.
Your hands were in your sleeves as you watched the other shadowhunter gear up for a mission. You noticed how one of the hunter’s drag his finger along the blade of a seraph to make sure it was sharp, removing his finger to see a slice where blood dripped down onto the tile floor. A snapping sound pulled you out of your focus, Jace was standing in front of you snapping his fingers. 

“Earth to Y/n” Jace said waving his hand. 

You stood up hesitantly, “uh yeah, Jace what it is?” You said quietly. 

“C'mon now, we’ve got to get you trained so you can join the next mission" Jace said without any hints of sarcasm. 

Jace stuck out his hand, you looked down at it smiled, but awkwardly looked at him. He huffed and scoped your hand in his. “I’ve been assigned to show you around, and I’m also your training buddy” He said looking back at you to see if you were paying attention. “Oh… Thank you” you spilled out. Jace just nodded.
When you came to the institute Maryse had given you a brief summary of her childrens traits. Jace was suppose to be bluntly truthful and sarcasm that could kill you. You were confused, why was he being so nice to you. 

“The kitchen is over there” Jace pointed out. 

“Jace, you’re going to pull the poor girl’s arm out” Alec said, he was on the opposite end of the corridor. 

“I’m sure you’ve met Alec” Jace said rolling his eyes. 

“Um yeah, hi, Alec” you said with a small smile and a wave of your hand 

“Hey, y/n hope Jace isn’t being a bother” Alec said with a laugh. You pulled the sleeve of your shirt down so you could grip at the fabric, a little flustered from the attention of both attractive siblings, you shook your head ‘no’. Alec grinned and patted your back before leaving. Jace turned to face you, but your were facing the floor.  "Hey, y/n” Jace said, retrieving your attention. You hummed acknowledging his presences, “you don’t talk much, why?” Jace questioned as he commenced walking down the corridor. “You talk too much, why?” you said to Jace with a slight smile. Jace turned around to face you, a smile on his face which was growing, “You know, nobody has talked to me like that before” He said, that frightened you a little, you thought you said something wrong, something offensive. “I-I didn’t mea-” Jace interrupted “I like it” he smirked, he walked beside you now. “The unusual thing is, I don’t speak often to the newbies” Jace said, no emotion was shown on his face, “But, I don’t know what it is with you, I feel like I can talk to you” Jace said, a barrier went down in Jace. Was that a compliment or an insult? You were going to take it as a compliment. 

The two of you had made it to the training room, a small room in the corner of the large training room was where you changed into gear. Jace didn’t need to change, he basically lived in his gear, you exited the small changing room to see Jace in the middle of a sword fight with Hodge. 

“I swear I was only in there for like two minutes” You mumbled

“I waste no time” Jace replied to you. 

You awkwardly stood in the corner of the room, watching two bodies gracefully, stab at each.  I was nice to watch, knowing no one would die from a fatal injury. You drifted into thought, you didn’t hear Jace calling for you. 

“Y/n!” Jace called again

You hummed in response “Yup?” you said, now focusing on the hand stuck out for you to grip onto. 

“I brought you here to practice with, not stare at my model hand” Jace said annoyance hinted his voice. You stood, and stretched out your legs, and then stretched your arms, pulling one over your head and pulling your hand with the other, then you stuck your arms out behind you and wiggled your fingers. You heard Jace move behind you. You relaxed your arms and rolled your shoulders, you felt someone’s hand on your shoulder, suspecting it was Jace, you gripped his outstretched arm with both your hands and pulled with all your strength, you felt him slide over your back and then you made eye contact with him, upside down, then he landed on the matted floor. 

“I don’t waste time either” you said quietly and you dusted off your shirt, and watched Jace dumbstruck about what just happened.

“You need help?” you said crouching down beside Jace

“What? uh no” Jace said, in a second he was on his feet. 

“That was just unexpected” Jace said 

You stood up and shrugged, and got ready to bring him down, He looked confident, ready, you decided you’ll let him make the first move. Jace quickly made a move, he was behind you, he press a hand on your back and pushed, you went still as you fell forward, and stuck out a hand, meeting the mat, you pushed and you were standing again, Jace was in front of you a smirk on face. You spun and kicked out your leg, aiming to meet Jace’s head, he ducked, and grabbed a hold of our leg in the process, causing you fall. You landed, but you didn’t feel the cushion of the mat, instead you felt arms around your waist. 

“For a shy girl, you don’t fight like one” Jace breathed out, which you felt on your face.

“For someone as confident as you, I didn’t except I could take you on” You said quietly, still on top of him. 

“You’ve got an effect on me” Jace whispered 

You felt your cheeks heat up, you pushed on his chest to bring yourself up, you turned away from him. You pushed some loose hair behind your ear. 

“A shy girl, and a overconfident boy” Jace said from behind you, you smiled