Hey you, yea you in the front row, do you have any food?

To be old and wise one must first be young and stupid


How do you make a guy appeal to both Mimi-Rose and Jessa? Just put costume designer Jenn Rogien in charge.

“We wanted to play into some of the things that would make him quirky and weird, but also interesting and a little bit ahead of the curve—hence the shorts and the blazer,” explains Rogien. “It’s a bunch of weird stuff that shouldn’t work together, but Zachary Quinto can pull it off in a way I don’t think anyone else could.”

Ace’s look, in a word, is singular. “I think some people who live here in Brooklyn, like Bushwick or Bed-Stuy might relate,” Rogien says, “but his look could read very strange outside of New York City!”