Terrified beeping! D:

“Volcanion, get Magearna and yourself to safety! Father has lost his mind!! Curse that Rayquaza; he does not know when to be silent! I shall try and see if I can reason with him!”

“Are you MAD?? That is suicide!”


*Comes in 15 minutes late with Starboks*

“Heya, what did I miss? Oh, Father trying to obliterate Rayquaza? Okay, alright, I’ll heck off, then.”

The wild Mew fled!

pesmenos  asked:

tell me about your pets bud

my pets are literally everything to me omg

agera was bein a little shit today and jumping on mustard, who got cranky at her, and in between what i hope was bouts of play fighting she was running around the house like a nutjob, hunting flies, and running up the netting on the windows. basically i think she was reacting to being stuck inside because it was raining, and she takes the “cats don’t like water” thing a little too far

mustard’s been chill, i say with scratches all down my back because he decided to hold on with his claws even though i wasn’t moving. he’s currently by my feet having a bath

the dogs have been funny today ngl, all over my bed despite being wet, overexcited and clingy. i think it’s probably because my family is away this weekend tbh but i’d appreciate not having a bed that smelt like wet dog

sleepover sunday!


“There is no regret. You did what you thought was right.”