i. I like that you always listen when I talk. It feels good to have someone who understands the emptiness. Glass dick, red eyes, Netflix in the background as we fade with the smoke. It was your first time in a while spilling secrets with trees that night, it definitely wasn’t mine. The darkness isn’t always so bad. Our souls somehow harmonize. You see me bare, even when I’m fully clothed. The vibe is so unreal. I think I’m falling in love with you.

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Okay, so update on the current situation. Me and Scribe have been talking on skype for a while about the papers she found. 

I want to try using the inkwell again. I’m pretty sure whatever’s going on is happening with or without me using it, but maybe if I write or draw with it it’ll take me…I dunno, closer to the source or something. 

Someone suggested automatic writing, and I think this is a good time to try it. Scribe’s gonna watch me on skype and ask me questions….we’ll see how it goes.

i have a wedding ring tattoo for three (3) reasons:

  1. the day after i got married, i was struggling with unreality so i got it as a visual reminder that i trust my husband
  2. even when i have to take my wedding ring off for one reason or another, i’m still wearing my wedding ring
  3. i lose things and theres a chance that #2 will one day become permanent

i love how the old jedi order spent three whole movies saying that once someone has embraced the dark side there’s no chance they can be redeemed, but luke skywalker looked at the man who chopped off his hand, participated in the torture of his twin sister and best friend, and pursued him and his friends across the galaxy with the intent to kill them and said “yeah i can fix this” and then he fucking did


NEW VIDEO: “My Two Secrets - this might be one of the biggest announcements I’ve ever made. Hopefully you dig the surprises! :]