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It's so unreal to think that louis actually had a real life gf during xfactor 'cuz you're sitting there watching harry and louis fall in love with each other and be soulmates. I feel like harry was the one who made the first move, thoughts?

louis probably didn’t even fully realise there was something missing in her eyes till harry came along :(


What is it that you fabricate?
That of which makes you so special.
When I talk or think about you,
it’s impossible to be impartial
It’s not a flawed perception
nor a lack of common sense
You’ve become everything and beyond
the world knows it,it’s no taboo
it’s so unreal
that what makes me miss you when you’re gone
what makes me idolize you like this is everything about you
i’ll be lost like a bird clinging onto the blue sky
T'ESTMO [I love you]

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day ~ <3

i cant believe i main lúcio and i haven’t noticed until now 

that the things in his hair aren’t weird beads

they’re speakers