Popped in on Rosie’s ( @junryou​ ) stream tonight and she sketched a gorgeous Razer!! (on the left) 

So I couldn’t resist sketching Aya (on the right) too to match and she said we should post them and so here they are together! uvu

interesting but not surprising that stranger things and the get down were released at basically the same time but the show with all white people and one (1) poc is all anyone can talk about


Me: *pouting* I wanna be a mermaid and sing and send men to their deaths.
Husband: You have a very pretty voice.
Me: *sighs* Yeah but I haven’t drowned any men with it.
Husband: *comforting leg pats* Yet.


Boy with a broken soul
Heart with a gaping hole

Available as a print on my Society6 page.