S4 Trailer 2 Setlock Breakdown

I wanted to throw something together kind of quickly to clarify what we know is from which episodes and locations.

Setlocking below the cut:

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What if that is the legit final problem? What if what we see on screen, Sherlock having to choose between his brother and John, and he says I love you, then he is about to make his choice, but before we find out who did it, the screen cuts to black. Then you hear a gunshot and the episode ends….

I’m sorry, I’ll lock myself in the basement now.


So last night was a mess, I danced and sang in front of the camera until I puked but otherwise it was fine and dandy and fun, so thank you my friends for hanging out with me while i was drinking alone! <3


Most of my followers already know about this situation.

My amazing friend Lily (@remissabyss) and her fiancé Baron are in a tough spot and are threatened with homelessness right now.  Thankfully, they have managed to find an apartment that will take them AND their pets, including Lily’s emotional support animal.  The apartment might even come with a job in the front office for Lily, which would be really wonderful.  Things are really looking up right now, and it is 100% because of your donations.

However, there has been a serious complication.

They have been hit with a last minute $400 deposit fee that they weren’t expecting.

This has got Lily really upset and worried because they have to move and pay in full by Monday, December 12.  As of this post being written, that is only 2 days from now.

Donations to their fundraiser have nearly stopped.

Donations are now few and far between and they are only $430 short.  You guys have raised over $1,000 at this point, (which is so amazing and we are so grateful) but they simply can not move in without raising the rest of the money by Monday.

They are putting off moving their dogs until Baron’s next paycheck, so this does not include the pet fee, even though it is distressing for Lily to be separated from her support animal.

If everyone reading this donated 2 dollars, she would meet her goal within an hour.  

I have known this woman for four years and can personally vouch for her. She is wonderful and sorely needs your help. If I could just give her the money, I would, but I currently have no income.  That’s why I am asking you guys to please chip in to help keep Lily and her family off the streets.

Below is a direct link to her fundraiser:

TL;DR: We don’t have much time. We are so close to getting them out of really dangerous situation. Please donate now so that Lily, Baron, and the dogs can have a home.