So, there have been a lot of new superhero related annoncments recently. I know it’s Comic Con, but I don’t remember there ever being this much stuff in such a short time span. And rather than make several posts, I figure I may as well go through all of them roughly in the order they happened.

Batman The Killing Joke: So, Batman apparently has sex with Barbra Gordon in the new animated film. Even if you don’t think that the age difference & father-daughter undertones are incredibly off putting and disturbing, it’s still kind of dodgy that the filmmakers behind this thought a sex scene between a man in his late 30′s to early 40′s and a teenage girl was a good way to extend a story that’s already going to some dark places. We’ve already got the Joker shooting a teenager and forcing Gordon to turn insane. It’s adult enough already.

Luke Cage trailer: Netflix seem to be more consistent with their shows than Marvel Studios. As in, everything they have done is damn near flawless. And it looks like they’re going to continue that track record. It looks really damn good. That’s honestly all I can say about it at the moment. Same goes for the Iron Fist teaser.

The Defenders teaser: God damn. That is how you do a teaser. Perfect choice of music, Stick’s narration was spot on. And whosoever idea it was to take the letters from four logos and make them spell ‘Defend’ deserves a cookie. And the hand shape probably means the Hand from Daredevil will the main bad guys. Honestly, seeing Jessica and Luke react to ninjas is more than enough for me.

Wonder Woman trailer: Holy shit. This one trailer beats BvS and Suicide Squad’s entire marketing combined. Where the hell do I start? It just looks awesome. And it shows that DC seem to be learning from their mistakes. We get more good jokes in this one trailer than MoS and BvS put together, and it feels natural, not like they’re just doing it to copy Marvel. Wonder Woman herself seems to have a character beyond being ‘cool‘. The action looks good. And, best of all for me, they got the colour balance down perfectly. It looks gritty enough to sell the World War One setting, but not so much that it makes what colour there is look muddy and dull. WW’s costume and her lasso in particular look perfect. It just looks like a very good, self contained movie. And that music over the logo was a religious experience.

Doctor Strange trailer 2: I know people are determined to drag this movie through the dirt because of the white washing, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not excited. The magic and reality warping effects look absolutely insane, so if nothing else, it will be mind blowing just to watch. And I know it’s also become a new fad to hate Benedict for everything he does, but he’s a great actor and he looks great here. Benedict is well known for playing people who are smarter than everyone else and are well aware of that fact. So seeing him play someone who gets his entire world view thrown for a loop will be interesting to watch.

Justice League footage: *sigh* And DC were doing so well with Wonder Woman. I’m not going to pretend this was ‘Ghostbusters‘ levels of bad marketing, but it did remind me that this cinematic universe is kind of rushed. Considering we’ve got, what, 4-5 movies until Justice League comes out, why release a trailer now? I mean, a teaser, I would get. But actual footage from the movie? And quite a bit of it? It feels like they’ve tipped their hand to early. But honestly, I can’t complain that much. This footage is really good overall. Though the scene with Barry is the stand out by miles. I read an article someone made describing this scene, so I saw all the jokes coming. And they still made me laugh. That’s quality comedic timing. Cyborg looks like a video game character, but the design is good overall, and they’ve got more than enough time to make it look better. Though I must admit, Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa did not do anything for me. They only had one expression: cold and stoic. I’m still nervous since Zach Snyder is still directing, because I’m convinced that he is the number one problem with the DC Cinematic Universe. But considering the fallout from BvS, maybe Warner Bros will be keeping a close eye on him so he doesn’t muck it up this time.

Most of the MCU-related news from SDCC so far! This started out as some Defenders art at first, but with so much news coming in I decided to make something like an infographic of all the MCU stuff that was being announced.

Today was jammed with trailers, and I can’t describe how delighted I am with that. Hopefully I can make more infographics like these! I might be doing a DC one which should be up in the next few days. I got most of this news off the marvelstudios Reddit, so much thanks to them. I wonder how more creative I can get with these pieces hmm

Думаю, многие в курсе, что в эти дни в Сан-Диего походит ежегодный комик-кон, на котором выставляют новые трейлеры/тизеры и др информацию к фильмам, сериалам, мультфильмам и тд.

Вышло просто невероятное количество новой информации об ожидающих нас новинках в сфере кино и телевидения, так что я бы хотела пробежаться по заинтересовавшим меня новостям.

Во-первых, как я уже писала несколькими постами ранее DC comics наконец представили нам трейлер “Чудо-Женщины” (ссылка) и тизер “Лиги Справедливости” (ссылка). Кроме того появился финальный трейлер к “Отряду самоубийц” (ссылка), который выходит 5 августа. Трейлер был дополнен некоторыми новыми кадрами и официальными саундтреками вроде Heathens и Sucker for pain.

Далее у нас трейлер нового фильма о Кинг Конге (ссылка) с Томом Хиддлстоном и Самюэлем Л. Джексоном в главных ролях. Я вообще-то даже не слышала, что этот фильм уже снят и выйдет в 2017 году, но, посмотрев трейлер, была приятно удивлена. Много экшена, джунглей ну и конечно сам Кинг Конг, который просто огромен.

Еще один фильм, на счет которого у меня не было никаких мыслей, - это адаптация всеми нами известной легенды о Короле Артуре (ссылка) от Гая Ричи. Судя по трейлеру и комментариям создателей, Артур не будет сразу смелым и отважным рыцарем, неет. Он вообще не хочет сражаться, однако именно ему предстоит вытащить легендарный меч Эскалибур из камня, а впоследствии стать храбрым и благородным королем.

Еще нам показали новый полный трейлер фильма “Фантастические твари и где они обитают” (ссылка). И он просто волшебный. Магия, чудовища и саундтрек из Гарри Поттера сделали свое дело - теперь я еще сильнее жду этот фильм.

Студия Marvel в свою очередь выпустила потрясающий трейлер “Доктора Стрэнджа” (ссылка), представила свою новую эпичную заставку с обновленным логотипом (ссылка) и показала трейлеры к своим сериалам, среди которых тизеры первых сезонов “Люк Кейдж” (ссылка), “Железный кулак" (ссылка) и мини-промо “Защитников” (ссылка) от Netflix и полноценный трейлер “Легиона”(ссылка). А еще студия огласила актрису, которая будет играть Капитана Марвел в одноименном фильме, и это Бри Ларсон!

Помимо прочего, выложили тизер-трейлер сериала “Американские боги” (ссылка), снятого по одноименной книге Нила Геймана. И да, он шикарен, но нам не показали Мэтью Макконахи!

На этом, пожалуй, все. Конечно, были и другие трейлеры, но либо они были к новым сезонам старых сериалов, либо просто меня не заинтересовали. Так что, надеюсь, я осветила одни из самых громких новостей с Комик-кона с Сан-Диего.


marvel in color; (x)

Doona Bae as The Wasp

BD Wong as Doctor Strange

Osric Chau as Iron Fist

↳ Michelle Rodriguez as Maria Hill 

↳ Alina Serban as Scarlet Witch

↳ Dichen Lachman as The Ancient One