How to Impersonate the Types

Based on behaviors that everyone of these types do 100%(yes that’s sarcasm).

INTP: Stay awake until you no longer have the willpower to control your train of thought. Search up various advanced theories, preferably science or psychology, on wikipedia until you’re convinced that time is a dependent variable and you are a sociopath. Compensate with hot drinks.

INTJ: Spend all of your money on technology, video games, and music. Stress out internally over every situation. Be extremely competent when it counts but oblivious when it doesn’t. Hide all of your emotions from everyone, save for maybe 1 person if they’re lucky.

INFP: Always look on the bright side and try to uplift others, with bonus points for being very physically affectionate towards your friends. Pick up some assorted hobbies or interests and select a few topics at random to be unnecessarily stubborn about. Harbor immense pain and wait for someone to ask you what’s wrong.

INFJ: Develop obsessions with multiple TV shows on Hulu and Netflix. Find a way to both be successfully productive and procrastinate. Listen to everyone’s problems. Flock to people you admire and absorb everything you like about them into your personality.

ISTP: Refuse to let anything properly anger you and take everything in stride. Be honest and forthcoming about what you think. Express your opinions loudly and definitively. Feed off of success and knowing exactly what you’re good at.

ISTJ: Claim to have no feelings. Climb a tree and sit there to write poetry, paint, feel sorry for yourself, and cry. Deliver perfectly timed comebacks and one-liners with ease. Become obsessed with honesty. Start thinking in patterns. Plan a murder.

ISFP: Say everything on your mind regardless of how others might perceive it. Have good, pure intentions. Avoid focusing on anything for longer than 15 minutes. Travel a lot, for the experience, for the aesthetic, and for the ability to bring it up every 5 minutes when you get back.

ISFJ: Help anyone and everyone who needs it. Always look put-together and calm, even if you’re stressed out. Make witty/judgemental comments under your breath that no one hears. Stay out of drama. Keep most of your feelings from people.

ENTP: Refuse to commit to anything for longer than your attention span. Always have a comeback or witty response. Develop excessive confidence and ambition to mask any inner turmoil or insecurities. If someone asks you what’s wrong, avoid answering by quoting memes.

ENTJ: Attempt to control everything around you. Take the lead in organizing group plans. Aggressively take care of everyone. Push yourself to the point of having lowkey breakdowns and zero free time. Create your own sets of standards for things, and your own exceptions.

ENFP: Become overwhelmed by life. Identify as a partial introvert. Have a love-hate relationship with parties because you want to socialize but not all of the time. In fact, be conflicted by most things. Avoid hurting people’s feelings whenever possible. Somehow always look perfect, even when you’re not trying.

ENFJ: Write an entire story, but without any regard for conventional grammar. Master the “sour grapes” mentality. Always have energy, even when you’re tired. Make friends with everyone. Start listening to country music.

ESTP: Stop reading this post. Go skydive.

ESTJ: Erase any impure thoughts from your brain. Get a job that pays well and is traditionally acceptable. Go out of your way to help people and expect nothing in return. Take control of any projects that people aren’t doing perfectly. Have only perfectly explainable and rational feelings.

ESFP: Attend a party. Socialize with everyone and relish being the center of attention. Judge people, especially fake and self-centered people that make drama out of everything. Love observing the drama those people create. Planning and facebook are your new drugs.

ESFJ: Wear only light and pastel colors. Invite everyone to your parties because you don’t want to leave anyone out. If you aren’t in a relationship, desperately long for one. Become extremely salty. Try not to let people know how much you want their approval. Also, you’re now a mom.

mbti as alternative responses to “i love you”

who doesn’t”: estp

“i know”: infj, enfj

“thanks”: istj, isfj

“why”: intp

“a horrible decision, really”: entj, istp

*laughs nervously*: infp, esfj

*laughs hysterically*: enfp

“i’m sorry”: isfp, intj

*finger guns*: entp

“if only there was someone out there who loved you”: estj

“YEET”: esfp

the MBTI types as multiple people i know


-has the emotional intensity of a potato

-just lost in general

-communism jokes

-Actual Satan ™ (and proud of it)

-really intelligent and talented in academic fields or art

-probably has sex with the concept of math


-energy for days

-absolutely no chill

-if they call you they will talk for 12 hours straight (you cannot escape)

-falls in love with literally anything

-a fool

-atleast a bit gay


-also zero chill

-secretly a nerd

-an active tinder user

-can go from 0 to 100 real fast

-perfect instagram feed

-probably bi


-The Purest Person ™ on this planet

-just trying their best

-great aesthetic

-protect them at all cost

-smart but wont admit it


-enough feelings to share to five INTJs

-seriously, no one needs to feel that much, okay?

-also has zero chill but hides it and explodes on the inside

-laughs at funny birds

-people might think that they have their shit together but in reality they have no idea what they’re doing



-fueled by memes

-is actually watching youtube videos when claims to be studying


-nerd, but likes to snowboard

-fueled by bad tumblr memes

-never studies


-thinks they’re always right

-gets offended when someone tries to ask about their feelings

-very independent

-a fridge full of alcohol

-questionable morals


-just wants everyone to have a great time

-creates drama for themself just for the fun of it

-a mess but still somehow manages to survive in life

-cares alot about their friends

INFP things

  • Getting carried away by fantasies and ideas
  • Getting alone time after a long day is like a breath of fresh air
  • When someone calls out your prejudices, you panic like mad about your personality
  • Randomly sad and don’t know how to stop it, so instead we spend time wallowing in self-pity.
  • Romantic and enchanted by simple things
  • Feels like death when we get put down when we are happy or excited
  • We are either in love with people, scared of people or annoyed by people
  • Always want to be hugged
  • Watching a movie or reading a book and finding peace that one of the characters is someone you relate to.
  • We have many favourites things such as smells, sights, colours, food, movies, etc and the list gets longer everyday
  • Laughing too much/ laughing the longest after a joke is said.
The MBTI types in the Morning

INFJ: Woke up first and is sitting on the couch, sipping coffee/tea

ENFJ: Is making pancakes for everyone 

INFP: *has been awake since 6 am* la la la, oh good morning Songbird *the singing begins*

ENFP: Just kind of *flops* out of bed

ISFJ: Has 47 alarms set just in case, but they always wake up to the first

ESFJ: Sends “good morning” texts to all their friends

ISFP:  *suddenly jerks awake* I SMELL PANCAKES

ESFP: Chucks alarm clock out the window as soon as it goes off

INTJ: *hears INFP and their bird chorus* WhAtEVER is MaKINg ThOse awFUL NOISES will DIE

ENTJ: Has already started their morning “get ready” routine

ISTP: Is running late and rushed out the door with messy hair and something caffeinated in hand

ESTP: Decides to wake everyone else up with an air horn

ISTJ:  Got up at 5am to do that one important thing they had to do

ESTJ: Already has their day, and everyone else’s day planned 

INTP: Is 500% dead inside

ENTP: *hasn’t slept yet* What do you mean its morning already?!? 

The MBTI People I Know


  • Space out a lot
  • Smart
  • Can solve a problem in 1000 different ways
  • When asked how they do so, they say it is just common sense
  • The ones who smile sheepishly when someone is being emotional all of a sudden
  • Known for occasional emotional outbursts that are so out of place with their normally logical selves
  • Which is why they are so easy to read (surprise, surprise)


  • “I hate everyone. Except you, maybe.”
  • The ones glued to their phones in social situations (IF they even agree to go)
  • Other than that, they bail out of hangouts due to plans…to sleep all day
  • Straightforward
  • Among the most difficult to read
  • Don’t easily make decisions, but once they do, that’s it
  • Can read social cues, but don’t care anyway


  • Smart (!!!)
  • Make the most straightforward and organized reports
  • Cold (brrr)
  • Treat emotional issues like complex Math problems
  • Which is why their advice can be misconstrued as criticisms
  • Stare into your soul
  • Have a hard time reading social cues


  • Space out a lot like INTPs
  • Consistently compare everything with something to make a point
  • Can seem more distant than INTPs but they feel more deeply
  • Comes up with the most random ideas and they call it normal
  • Speaking of normal, they HATE being normal
  • For them, fitting in is a shallow aspect of society
  • Have a love/hate relationship with the real world and all the tangible things in it


  • Psychic TM
  • Social chameleons
  • Read people with such scary accuracy and say that it’s normal
  • But they suck at reading themselves
  • Easy af to read
  • When they space out, they are usually thinking of something in the distant future
  • When extremely stressed, they eat like 2 boxes of food and binge-watch 3 seasons in one go


  • Emotional af but they don’t show it
  • Softies at heart
  • More attentive than they let on
  • Still, reading between the lines ain’t their forte
  • Aesthetics master
  • Are more spontaneous and fun than they look
  • Have quirky interests that may shock you


  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Who are lowkey uptight
  • Some of the most gentle people ever
  • But they hold grudges so please don’t cross them
  • “I don’t want to do that. Because of what happened before…”
  • They find reading between the lines a pain in the ass
  • Which is ironic since they are so good with social cues


  • A ball of energy
  • Despite that, they’re moody af
  • Unpredictable
  • Bounces from one idea to another so much and so quickly it’s not even funny
  • Awesome sense of humor
  • For some reason, their laugh is almost as funny as their jokes
  • Actually more introverted than most extroverts and can actually be mistaken for an introvert


  • Among the most sociable people ever
  • Also one of the best leaders
  • Persuasive af
  • They find catering to the general public as easy as breathing
  • Get hurt when people cannot understand them as well as they understand people
  • Temperamental af
  • Hate details with a passion


  • Charming
  • Talk a lot
  • Enjoy every single bit of attention they get from people
  • Massive flirts
  • Cannot read social cues at times
  • Avid procrastinators
  • Don’t hesitate to do some of the most outrageous things in the history of mankind

Disclaimer: This is just a description of people I know in real life. Does not necessarily apply for all types.

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