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Returned from INTEL ISEF

First of all, I wanted to apologize for not doing anything on Tumblr for the past month. ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) has been crazy, and so were AP exams. Only Physics B left on Friday, and I’ll be finished! So this is the post I’m going to make devoted to ISEF (since I now have the time to write one).

It was basically the most amazing experience of my entire life! I met so many great people from all over the world, and forged friendships that I will never forget. Judging day was very long, but  it was great to hear some advice from people who are experts in my field.

Also, I was deeply honored to receive two awards at ISEF. I got the Air Force Award for 2nd Place in Behavioral Science ($1500), and a 4th place Grand Award in Behavioral Science ($500).

Although winning those awards were amazing, the best part of ISEF was meeting all the people I did and just the experiences I shared with them. The highlight of the trip was when we (Team WISCO!) walked up at about 12AM to the Duquesne lift and just sat at the top of the hill for a good hour overlooking Pittsburgh and chatting. Another highlight was the food (So good :D Primanti Brothers sandwiches are amazing).

I never thought that my little project from a small town would make it this far. I never had any research labs or fancy equipment, but I still managed to conduct an experiment with meaningful results on my own. Next week, I’m going to speak to most of the science classes at my school, and I can hopefully start up a science fair program at our school. It would be amazing to have others experience what I did last week. Someday, our school may be able to have their own science fair….ahh that’s so exciting :D


I don’t always leave my flash drive at school, but when I do it’s the night before the state science fair and I have a 30 page lab report that I need to print that is not saved anywhere else.

After the most terrifying 10 minutes of my life, I found a file that my WONDERFUL AND AMAZING COMPUTER autosaved several minutes after I finished the final revisions of the lab.


Jack Andraka, a 15 year old science prodigy, invents a better way to detect cancer.  He wins $75,000 dollars for it, and his reaction probably has to be the cutest thing ever.  (x)

Watch on

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair is the production I’ve been working on out here in Los Angeles this week. The company I work for, Interactive Media Lab, has worked on this since 2001. I’ve been involved on the graphics production for the past 6 years. It’s a pretty amazing event. Here is Intel’s official description:

Intel ISEF, a program of SSP, is the world’s largest pre-college science fair competition. Every year, over 6 million young scientists from around the world compete to attend. Only 1,500 participants are selected as finalists to share ideas, showcase cutting-edge innovation, and compete for over $4 million in awards and scholarships. More than 1,000 science, engineering, and industry professionals volunteer at Intel ISEF as judges.

lochnessa-v  asked:

What kinda research project??

Biology! :) It’s a treatment for cystic fibrosis to lengthen the times between hospital visits by delaying bacterial growth, also potentially decreasing the ability of the bacteria to mutate. Most bacteria can mutate by expressing a gene to confuse the antibiotic, but this should be harder for bacteria to avoid :D

on a brighter note

I’m going to Pittsburgh for 5 days because I won gold at the science fair

Intel ISEF here we come

(i’m not presenting though, I didn’t win the super judging. just going as an observer)

still though 5 days of no school, then the week I come back Science Club trip to Chicago for 4 days, and the following week prom/wildwood. i want may to come already

Going to ISEF!

I won 3rd at the Badger State Science Fair, so that means that I’m going to Pittsburgh this spring! I also placed first in the Behavioral Science category and got the American Psychological Association (APA) award.

The APA representative was REALLY interested in my project. When I told her I was looking at UChicago for undergrad, she said that she worked over there a few times and wanted my contact info since “I would have to get in”. That was actually one of the biggest highlights of my day!

This fair was SO much better than the regional also because the people there were a lot more sociable. I just started talking to some people in the beginning of the fair, and now it feels like we are best friends. At regionals, I just sat around by myself, so I was really glad I got to have some fun at this fair.

I really wasn’t expecting this at all. There were 58 projects at this fair. At regionals, there were only 10, and I didn’t make it to ISEF. I thought I didn’t have a chance for sure today with all the amazing projects out there. I am so happy that I finally reached my goals and that my hard work paid off. The lesson: Even if you fail at first, try and try again.

My Head Hurts...

I got a pounding headache right now…I have way to many things to do. Debate, forensics, symphony, AP Physics, and AP Euro are the main things that are just all over the place. My Intel Project is what is really stressing me out though. I never realized how hard experimental design and coming up with an original idea really is. Any time I try to think about it, I never get any good ideas, and the ideas that I do get, they have all been already performed. The project is just so terrible since its a lurking monster in the back of my workload that I’ll never see coming, so I hope that I don’t procrastinate with it until the last minute. I really think my topic is interesting though; so far, it has something to do with measuring “fluency” with EEG (electroencephalograph) and analyzing speech clips of native English speakers learning their second language (Chinese). Its quite fascinating the complexities of the human mind when processing something as multifaceted as language. Whoa, now I am really motivated to go do my project, and not procrastinate by writing this post….

pizzayacht-deactivated20140419  asked:

So you've done the Intel science fair? I was wondering if you could help me. Exactly how "advanced" is it? How much time do most people spend on their projects? It sounds super fun!

It can be as advanced as you make it to be honest- the projects that win come up with novel cures for cancer and mathematical models for lung disease. However, a lot of people do regular “science fair” projects. A couple that I can name involve listing types of things that make bacteria successful, and seeing the psychological affect of organic labels on the taste buds. 

The projects can be as ambitious as you want, and the same goes for time. It’s relatively time consuming, but it’s not too bad and DEFINETELY worth it. ISEF is my big high school dream, tbh.