The Piano Scene

Sebastian Stan x One Shot

Warnings: Language, Smut

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Earlier today I asked him to play me a song that I would remember long after my night was over. I told Sebastian I wanted to hear his heartbeat in every single note that he played. It was very important to me that I be there and listen to how he played our love song. Sebastian looked longly into my eyes, and I carefully studied his lips while he spoke to me. As always he told me that if I listened I would be able to. I was standing in front of him, closing in the gap between us that not even air could travel through. I raised my hands to him so that I could adjust his burgundy bow tie that felt like velvet material under my touch. I meticulously straightened it until it pleased my eyes. My movements happened like clockwork. Nothing less and nothing more, every night it was always the same.

Standing in the center of his dressing room with lights that dimly burned like a dying orange bulb. That strongly illuminated the four white walls vibrantly. It was a very ordinary room. Not a trace of his soul appeared anywhere. He gazed down at me, causing his eyes to cautiously follow my every move. I pulled the corners of the fabric of his bowtie tightly, it made Sebastian involuntarily release a small grunt. In which I smiled to his dismay.

“Don’t.” He breathed.

My eyes looked up into his in question. “Why not?” I asked. Sebastian stared back with inquiry daring not to say more than what was truly on his mind. “I know all of your tricks therefore I can not be fooled by them.” His voice was soft, but his tone remained stoic. He pulled away only to better hold either sides of my face into the palm of his hands. My cheeks formed into them perfectly.

“Well then I am the fool.” I sighed heavily. I could feel both of his thumbs gently rub my face in small circular motions. I held onto both of his wrist to keep me still. He raised his eyebrow, confused by what I just said. “Because I am foolishly and madly in love with you.” I said, emphasizing my words as if they were to have a new meaning.

The corners of his mouth slowly twitched upwards into a smile. He blinked slightly before carefully bringing my face to his. He kissed me on the mouth and for some reason I always started to get the feeling of nervousness. Like our lips were meeting for the first time. It was a passionate kiss, yet managed to remain sweet. I relaxed my body closer to him, dropping my hands from around his arms. He released his hold of my face and pressed my lower half closer to him. I let let myself cling to his embrace like a damsel. Even though they called him a devil in disguise and I was known as hell in high heels. He was mine and I was his. Our bond could never break.

Our mouths separated and collided with great togetherness.I could feel his teeth tugging on my bottom lip, before introducing his tongue to mine. His mouth was soft and I kissed him back harder as if I were to say a long goodbye. I didn’t want to let go of him, I wanted to hold onto him longer. If only I could’ve locked the door to his dressing room and do to him what lovers do best. Though at last I knew he would he give me his signature final kiss on the nape of my neck, before moving away. I could still feel the sensation of his lips lingering on my skin long after he pulled away. That feeling was nothing shy of torture. Though I should be use to that yearning feeling by now. Nothing less, and nothing more, every night it was always the same.

He looked me in the eyes and his face mirrored the sorrow I felt in mine. I didn’t want his pity so I turned my head from his and took a few paces backwards. Right as we both heard a knock on the door I straightened the sides of my evening gown and wiped the corners of my mouth. My fingers became stained with the shade of dark brown lipstick.

“We are ready for you Sebastian.” A young woman peeked only her head in from the neck up into the room. Sebastian looked from her to me only half smiling, because that was his queue to leave.

“Wish me luck out there.” His voice was low and a bit solemn. I could tell by looking at him he was tired of the same routine as well.

“You don’t need it.” I reminded him. I wanted to find a reason to reach out and touch the sleeve on his black tuxedo or grab his hand to squeeze it. Instead, I just remained still and watched as he left the room. Moments after he was gone I found myself standing in the same spot. My movements hadn’t changed an inch. I wanted to scream, cry, and throw something out of frustration. However, I knew I couldn’t do any of those things. Except walk out of the room and so I did.

When I entered the grand hall my reaction was always the same. In the beginning I was always so in awe by how opulent the view was, but now I had become unamused . Though I will say one thing I liked that never changed. If you were to look to the ceiling at first it would appear to be nothing but ordinary, once the lights dimmed down to almost complete darkness, if you were to look up again it would be filled with thousands of twinkling lights that could pass for stars. The stage where Sebastian performed on was carved in the center of the room. It was low level and no one could miss him if they tried. Though who would want to? Every night around this hour hundreds of people would fill the room to hear him play.

I stood in the farthest corner I could find with my back against the wall while everyone one else sat at round dining tables chattering amongst themselves. I remained in my hiding place where I could see everything and everyone take place. I was an onlooker from the distance that no one barely noticed was there. They all were dressed up like they were competing with one another to see who had better taste or more money. Sometimes I would catch their attention and it almost seemed like it bothered a few that I wasn’t apart of the masses. Their conversations never amused me anyway.

Applauses erupted and everyone rose up from their seats when Sebastian walked up to the grand piano. He was a natural when it came to his stage presence. And he gives the best damn performance every time. I feel lighter and yet filled with so much bliss when I hear him play. Something I could never grow tired of hearing. For a brief moment in time he makes me forget about this hell that I am living in. In fact watching him play the way he does makes me want to stay here forever. Until I am remind unfortunately that I am.

After a while, Sebastian stops playing. I look around around the room and he evoked an emotion in others you have to see to understand. I see some are so moved by him they are brought to tears. I find him through the crowd and I just look to him an smile. I’ve heard this melody a thousand times and more. His performance was nothing less and nothing more. Every night it was always the same.

I walked out the room and waited for him in his dressing room. It felt like hours till he finally returned. “How was I?” He asked me.

I turned my head from my reflection in the mirror from where I sat. “Well I certainly will not forget it.” I replied. Sebastian walked around me tracing my leg gently with his finger tips as he walked by. He stood behind me and I met his face in the mirror.

“You’re upset.” He said into my hair.

“Oh really what ever gave me away?” I say to him with a sarcastic undertone. Sebastian stepped away from me with my hands in his as he twisted my body around while still sitting on the vanity stool.

“This isn’t easy for me either.” When he said that I couldn’t help but not believe him. He seemed perfectly fine with the situation. He had convinced me he was.

“Don’t you ever get sick of it? Doing everything without being able to change anything. Always being on a schedule you have no control over.” I asked Sebastian as I stood up from my seat. He looked at me for a moment without saying anything.

“What do you want me to say? I hate this as much as you do I just don’t complain about it every fucking second!” His temper and frustrations were starting to boil over and I hadn’t noticed it before until now. “I didn’t mean to say it like that.” His icy words started to dissolve into endearment.

“Yes you did. I means it’s harsh but true.” I said with my back to him. By the sound of his footsteps I could tell he was easing closer to me.

“There is nothing that I can say or do to make things better. It kills me that I can’t give you more.” He confessed. I still stared straight ahead to the door, but Sebastian had turned to give me all of this attention.

“Nothing less and nothing more right?” I said with a tear rolling down my cheek as I turned to face him. Sebastian brought his hand to my face taking his thumb to wipe it away. It was useless , because the more I could feel his touch the more I started to weep.

“We are just characters my love. We could never exist outside of these bindings.” Sebastian’s words were earnest and all the more true. I complained and wept for a life I could never have, because I was not real.

We were poetry written for someone else’s pleasure.

I’m always too afraid to except my truths, because if I do I will just end up stuck on a stranger’s bookshelf. Once they turn the page I will eventually become an old story. I am nothing but ink printed on paper. FICTION. Forever trapped in this fucking piano scene.

{Part 1 out of 1}

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Jimon Halloween prompt: were both forced into an apple bobbing contest and awkwardly go for the same one at the same time

I combined this with: Can you do a jimon fic where they meet at a Halloween party

I hope you like it! 💜

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It was nights like this that made Jace wonder why he ever agreed to do things in advance. Alec was standing in his doorway, lecturing him about the fact that he wasn’t ready to leave yet, and that they had agreed to go at this time over a week ago. It was sad that Alec hadn’t realized by then that Jace didn’t write things in a calendar like he did. He had never celebrated Halloween before- in fact, he had barely known what it was until Alec explained- and he didn’t know why he had to start now.

“Just give me five minutes and then we can go, okay? I’m sure you can last just a little bit longer without seeing your boyfriend.” The eye roll he got was dramatic, and Jace knew that Magnus was rubbing off on his brother. Even though it would probably turn out to be annoying in the long run, it brought a smile to his face at that moment. There was no other word to describe the change that had occurred in Alec other than that he was better. He smiled more, listened to his gut over the Clave’s logic, and even the way he dressed was starting to change- in a good way. Jace was happy for him, so much so that it almost completely overshadowed the jealously that he felt. Almost.

The truth was that he was tired of feeling alone, and that wouldn’t go away no matter how many times he told himself that he was fine on his own. With a sigh, he got changed into a more presentable outfit, and then he met Alec at the entrance of the Institute. There was a portal waiting for them when they stepped outside, and Jace couldn’t deny that it was much easier to travel now that his brother was dating a Warlock. The second he walked through, however, he bumped right into someone, and felt liquid spill down the front of his shirt.

“Oh god, I totally just spilled that on you. One second I was walking and the next you appeared and now you’re covered in blood- which is probably not the worst thing you could be covered in considering it’s Halloween but it’s still not good- and now you probably want to punch me in the face-”

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The Moment

Pairings: Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier, Ben Hanscom/Beverly Marsh, Stanley Uris/Patricia Uris

Summary: “How do you even know that stuff?” He asked instead. In front of him, Beverly straightened. She appeared to think the question really carefully, just like she did on math exams. Ben looked at her, curious.

“Well, it depends on the person, right?” Eddie arched an eyebrow. She had a finger on her mouth and looked to be answering the question at the same time she was still thinking it over. “Maybe someone just suddenly knows, but I believe there’s a moment when you realize it”

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7:30 Every Morning

Prompt: teenagers au

Genre: fluff

Warnings: swearing, very little homophobia

Shit, Dan was late. He was really late. He hadn’t realised how fast the time flew when he was listening to music, but the time was 8:24 and school started at 8:30. Being late was okay, it never really mattered - unless you were on your last strike of in-punctuality. Like Dan was. That meant meetings-with-your-parents serious, and detentions. Loads of them. So he did something he never thought he’d do.
Dan Howell ran for it. The school was in sight, but he couldn’t even see students milling around the front gate. Maybe he was even later than he thought? Out of breath, he stopped for a minute to check his phone. 8:29. He had made it, but… where was everyone? There was only one boy sitting on the steps in front of the locked gate. Raven black hair covered his face and Dan could see he was listening to music on his phone, using red earphones the same brand as Dan. Then he looked up, revealing piercing blue eyes and a defined, pale face. Dan recognised him as a really cute boy from a few years above, Phil. They had never spoken, but Dan definitely used to have a bit of a crush on him back when he had first come to terms with his sexuality. Holding back a blush, he tapped Phil on the shoulder, asking him for the time.
Phil frowned at Dan’s phone in his hand, but unlocked his own to pause his music and display the time, as well as the album cover for ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ by My Chemical Romance. Dan grinned, until he noticed the numbers at the top.
“Seven thirty!? My phone is an hour late!” Dan was outraged. He knew it had to be his brother messing with the time zones on his phone. Sometimes, the average sibling rivalry was a lot more than he bargained for. Phil looked confused, but when Dan didn’t elaborate, he unpaused the song and locked his phone again.
Silence fell upon the two boys as Dan considered his next move. He didn’t particularly want to go back home and see Adrian’s gloating smirk at his fiftieth successful prank, and there was nowhere else to go since he didn’t have many good friends that would let him come over at this early hour. Listening to music was the best option, so he sat down next to Phil, pulling his phone out again and searching his pockets for his earphones. They weren’t there. Dan briefly remembered throwing them on the floor of his messy bedroom in a hurry to quickly get dressed and leave for school. He had even skipped breakfast! But, as always, the most important thing was his music, and, without annoying Phil, he couldn’t really listen to any.
So that sucked.
Just then Phil nudged him, seemingly getting what was going on. Dan looked at him questioningly, and as a reply, Phil offered on earbud of his earphones, which Dan happily accepted. Phil still hadn’t uttered a word, but he was very expressive through his eyes and actions - like right now he had a very kind face and and was doing a very kind act. Music is sacred, and there’s always that constant fear that people will judge you based on your music tastes and how loud you listen to it and so on. But it just so happened that Dan very much agreed with Phil that Muse was the best ever, that you could never go wrong with TOP, and that MCR, FOB and Panic! were the holy trinity. So when Phil smiled in appreciation, Dan did too - unknowingly, though Phil noticed out of the corner of his eye.
It was funny how the hour passed to easily after that. It was interrupted half-way by a teacher unlocking the gates at 8:00, but Phil wordlessly paused his music, picked up his bag and sat down on a wall, this time inside the gates, beckoning Dan to join him. And despite the homework he really should have been doing, and the test in the afternoon he really should have been revising for, Dan sat down with no hesitation at all.
That’s how it started. Dan woke up an hour earlier every morning - because who doesn’t need the extra half hour of their daily routine to straighten hobbit hair? His family was asleep, so he had the whole house to himself while he made breakfast and showered. It was peaceful, silence echoing around the deserted kitchen, and Dan was relaxed while he ate his cereal. Instead of listening to music while getting ready (to escape the noise of the people usually around him), he saved his eardrums for Phil, as they would always meet up at the same time and share music. With his own splitter and headphones, Dan would always be happy sharing Phil’s phone, since the music was no different to his own, and when Phil showed him something new, it was always something he liked - completely truthfully, their music tastes just… fit.
And when their knees brushed together, Dan blushed and looked away, the warm feeling spreading through his body making his cheeks fuchsia. He looked back, hopefully the colour gone from his cheeks, and Phil was smiling to himself, then to Dan when he noticed the brunette’s eyes on him. They locked eyes for a moment, Phil staring unbashfully while Dan doing the opposite. When a teacher came out - thankfully interrupting Dan’s mini heart attack - Phil stood up as always, pausing his music and taking his earphones out. This time, however, he offered his hand out for Dan. All Dan did was stare disbelievingly; Phil was standing and Dan was sitting on the steps, earphones in hand. He accepted Phil’s help, and was pulled to his feet by muscular arms. Not that he noticed.
They went inside the school gates, sitting down on the wall again. As it was the norm for them, Dan sat close to Phil in order to share his phone, but Phil made no move to play the music again.
“Dan, I feel like we haven’t talked at all and - well, I’ve always been here alone, but now you sit with me and I think I’m wasting an opportunity to get to know you.” Phil spoke, breaking the comfortable barrier of silence between them. Not that Dan minded at all, he liked Phil a lot and was somewhat excited to start a proper friendship with him - actual talking included.
“Yeah, you’re right.” Dan said, but Phil didn’t seem to expect Dan to agree, so he just looked surprised. “Anyway, why do you come here so early?”
Phil bit his lip, and Dan tried to ignore just how sexy that was. “My brother’s an asshole.”
When Phil didn’t elaborate, Dan prompted him. “Older or younger?”
“Older. His name is Martyn, and he doesn’t go to this school anymore. He still lives with me though, and ever since I… since some stuff happened, he’s been really horrible to me, so I avoid him now.” Phil didn’t look at Dan once when he admitted this. “What about you anyway?”
It was a feeble attempt to change the subject, and Dan noticed this. “Dunno, the idea of not being late anymore and listening to quality music without having to waste my own phone battery kinda appealed to me.” He said vaguely. There wasn’t really any importance to his story, Phil’s sounded a lot more troubling. “Ever since you what, though?”
The nervousness was catching, as Dan swallowed in anticipation. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt like if Phil was to say what was on his mind, it would be some massive confession that he’d only told his family. Phil cleared his throat. “Um, ever since, I, told them, um, I’m… uh, I’m gay?” He phrased it as a question, quickly broke eye contact with Dan. Though when he looked up, Dan was frowning.
“I can’t believe you have a homophobic brother! It’s not the Stone Age anymore, gay marriage is even legal in America! I’m so sorry you had to go through that Phil.” Dan was honestly extremely upset for Phil. He was bisexual anyway, and even though he hadn’t explicitly told anyone other than himself in front of the mirror, he didn’t really think anyone would be particularly bothered by it.
Phil peaked at Dan from behind his fringe. “You mean you don’t mind?” He asked.
“Of course! I’m not a complete dick. Nor a hypocrite.” Dan said, coming out as nonchalantly as he could. Phil eyes just widened, showing off that beautiful ocean blue.  
“You mean you’re…?”
“Bisexual, yeah.” Phi looked clueless, so Dan filled him in. “It means I like girls and boys. There are loads of different sexualities, you have no idea! The internet hobos - including myself - are extremely up to date with these things. Tumblr is a wonderful place, my friend!” Phil laughed at that, so Dan guessed he knew what he meant.
Conversation trailed off after that, but Dan didn’t mind. Phil turned on his music again, and as 'Sarah Smiles’ (P!ATD) played, he couldn’t help the happy, loved-up theme of the music get to his brain. Was Phil… glowing? Yes, his eyes were always bright and skin pale enough to be a vampire, but there was a new, happy glow about him that made Dan erupt into a grin.
“What?” Phil asked. Dan didn’t realise he had been staring.
He could kiss him right now. Dan could kiss Phil and Phil would kiss back, then they’d rest their foreheads together and sigh happily. But he didn’t.
The next day, Dan was late. He had stayed up late last night, going through Tumblr and Wikipedia and searching up different sexualities and how to come out and taking surveys to see which Disney princess he was (the result was Belle). This made him forget to set his alarm for 6:30, and due to his messed up body clock, he slept until eight and had to do the whole panic thing where he runs around finding clothes and grabbing books. Unfortunately for him, Dan had to skip straightening his hair, since he at least wanted to speak to Phil before school started.
Of course, it was a bit weird that he was only late to be early and meet Phil, so technically Dan was on time, but he didn’t see it that way. And neither, apparently, did Phil, as he definitely shot Dan a surly look his way. Dan wanted to go and talk to him, but the bell had rung and the two were in different years, forcing him to wait until break to look for him. However, he couldn’t find Phil anywhere; it was like he had disappeared. What he didn’t know was that Phil left school during both break and lunch to eat, as he didn’t have many friends and wasn’t really social enough to care. The annoying situation meant that, unless Dan was to stalk him, he wouldn’t get to see Phil until that next morning - if he wasn’t avoiding Dan.
Luckily enough, Phil’s brother was enough of a dick for him to not be able to bear his company at all, so Phil arrived at his usual time of 7:20 and put his earphones in. Dan, this time waking up at the correct time, joined him ten minutes later, sitting down besides Phil and hoping he wasn’t mad. To his surprise, Phil took out his earphones from the phone and held his hand out to him. Dan handed over his splitters. Moments later they were nodding their heads along to My Chemical Romance’s 'It’s Not a Fashion Statement It’s Death’.
Everything was going as normal, but Dan couldn’t help but to feel some… tension around the two. Phil clearly had something on his mind, but he didn’t look like he’d be updating Dan about it anytime soon. The brunette boy decided to break the newly-found uneasy silence around them, nudging the other with his elbow. Phil paused his music, watching Dan with curiosity and waiting for him to say something.
“Sorry I was late yesterday, I overslept. Wikipedia tangents are so unpredictable sometimes.” Phil chuckled a little a that, albeit possibly a little forced, but Dan smiled, happy he was getting through to him. “How boring was yesterday, without my company and all? Miss me much?” Dan asked cheekily.
Phil rolled his eyes, though he was smiling. “Meh, same old, same old. Me and the caretaker, though - I think we really hit it off yesterday. You were nowhere to be seen, and be is just such great company - you’re not really needed anymore.” Dan couldn’t tell he was joking until he broke into a grin, draping his arms around Dan’s waist in a friendly, laid back manner, drawing him close as one would squeeze another’s hand. There was nothing amorous or suggestive about it at all, Dan reminded himself over and over again as he leaned into Phil’s touch.
Peacefully, the boys stayed that way for what seemed like a very long time. Neither pulled away, nor did Dan or Phil turn the music back on at any point. Dan liked it like that. He wasn’t quite sure what was going on in his head, or Phil’s for that matter, but that moment of mindfulness was extremely welcome. Of course, the one thing that may have been definitely far better would have been for Phil to lean in, looking down at Dan’s mouth with lust and desire, then suddenly Phil’s lips on his, softly, sweetly kissing him with loving and tender care.
But that didn’t happen.
Soon, another week passed, and Dan felt like something wasn’t right. It was the weekend again, but this one was lonelier than most. He only saw Phil on schooldays early in the morning, and was almost… craving more. Phil was all that was on his mind, whenever he had a moment to his self, or just a bit of time where he could let his mind wander, it always returned to Phil’s crystal blue eyes and jet black fringe.
Of course, it didn’t come with the baggage it came with before; Dan was no longer questioning his sexuality, and had fully accepted it. But before he could even think to make any sort of move on Phil, it was best to be certain of the reaction of his parents.
Dan had never been afraid of what people thought of him - at least, never before. It never really bothered him. And now… it was about his family: mum, dad, Adrian. Thinking about Phil reminded him that coming out wasn’t always so easy.
When Monday rolled around, Dan decided on going to Phil for advice. He had already had previous experience with the exact situation Dan was dealing with, so it seemed the obvious choice.
Phil was already sitting on his steps, nodding his head along to the music, though when he noticed Dan he took out his earphones. “Hey.” He smiled, lighting up both his face and Dan’s.
Dan swallowed nervously. “I was wondering if I could talk to you about something?” He asked. Phil nodded, patting the space on the ground beside him and setting aside his phone.
“Whatever you need, Dan.” Phil smiled again, making Dan feel far more comfortable and reassured as he smiled back.
“I want to ask you about… coming out.” Dan looked at Phil nervously, and Phil stared at his lap somewhat guiltily for a few minutes before looking up and replying.
“I’m sorry, I probably scared you you about coming out by telling you about my brother. It doesn’t always go like that, Dan, and not everyone is a homophobe. Sometimes you have to take risks so you don’t hold back who you are and what you want; it’s better than pretending to be someone you’re not.” Phil cupped Dan’s cheek in the palm of his hand and Dan nuzzled into it ever so slightly. “If your parents love you, they will accept you.” As he said this, Phil removed his hand.
“Thank you Phil, really. I think… I may be actually ready to do this.”
Phil smiled at Dan, a proud expression on his face. “Good. And if you need any help, I’m here for you.”
Dan chewed his lip. He wanted to ask for one more thing but was unsure whether Phil would find it strange or not. “Maybe, um, you could help?” Phil’s response was to look at him quizzically. “I mean, you could, well-”
“Pretend to be your boyfriend?” Phil guessed. He had been thinking the exact same thing, though he wasn’t sure exactly how he had found the courage to say anything. Dan nodded sheepishly. “I’d be happy to do that, anything to help! I know how hard it is, when you’re so nervous of their reactions. And I’ll be there for you no matter what.” He took Dan’s hand and smiled.
“Would you, maybe, come over after school? My parents wont be home until a bit later, so we could just hang out and get our story straight?” Dan suggested, taking another risky leap into the unknown.
“Sure.” Phil smiled again.
The rest of the school day was just plainly irrelevant. Dan didn’t care about the area of a triangle using sine, he didn’t care what Shakespeare symbolised though his repeated use of verse, he didn’t care about the direction of blood flow through the heart. All that mattered was that Phil freaking Lester was coming over to his house. As if that wasn’t nerve-wrecking enough, they would be discussing their (fake) relationship. And coming out.
Dan wasn’t the loneliest kid in school -  that was probably Phil, at least before he met Dan -  he had a few mutual friends though seating arrangements and groups in classes. As long as he kept on good terms with them, Dan was fine with it. But now he really needed someone he was close to, that wasn’t Phil, so he could talk about Phil. And after school, Dan started panicking. Where would they meet? When? What would they talk about? Should they walk or take the bus? What should they eat? Should Dan change out of his uniform? How should he introduce Phil to his parents? Is the fake boyfriend thing a bad idea?
However, he saw Phil already waiting by the gate. He was staring off into the distance, so Dan jokingly waved a hand in front of his eyes, announcing his presence. Phil grinned, lighting up his whole face, and offered his hand out to Dan, who had to remind himself that it was all an act, and not a sign that Phil liked him. The two made their way to Dan’s empty house, walking the whole way and talking about the many mutual interests they had. Once they started on their similar music tastes, the conversation found it’s way to video games and movies, as well as tumblr and youtube. Dan led Phil up to his room, untidied and covered in band posters. The first thing Phil commented on was the piano, sitting on the stool and lightly brushing the keys.
“Do you play?” He asked, and Dan replied in affirmative. “Will you play for me?” Phil smiled cheekily.
Dan hesitated, but then grinned back and pushed Phil off the stool playfully to sit on it himself. Taking a deep breath, he placed his fingers on the piano and began to play 'Inguene’, letting the music wash over him. When he looked up again, Phil had his eyes closed and was leaning against the wall. The music stopped playing, and Phil opened his eyes, blushing at Dan’s amused stare.
“Shall we discuss details?” Phil changed the subject hastily. “That was beautiful by the way.” He added.
Dan’s blush was darker than Phil’s, but he stuttered “Thank you” and sat down on his bed, inviting the other boy next to him. “So, how long have we been dating? My mum’ll want the story of how we met.”
Phil giggled, and Dan almost died in shock at how cute that was. “Well, my mum always said that the best way to lie is to stay as close as possible to the truth. So why not just tell the real story of how we met, about a month ago, adding that we started dating then as well. That’ll also clear up where you’ve been disappearing early in the morning every day. Then everything’s sorted!”
“Sounds airtight to me.” Dan smiled. “Now I can focus my mind on worrying about how they’ll react.” Seeing how forlorn and nervous Dan looked, Phil scooted closer to Dan and wrapped an arm around him. Dan found himself leaning into his touch, unsurprised at his urge but very surprised at his confidence. Phil rubbed his hand up and down Dan’s arms, comforting him, and though he made Dan’s heart beat faster, it also calmed him down and made him feel more at ease.
“Don’t worry,” Phil murmured quietly, his breath hot on the top of Dan’s hair. “Everything will be fine. And if we don’t get the preferred outcome, I’ll stay by your side and help you through it.”
Dan looked up at Phil with eyes so full of innocence and worry and trust. “Promise?”
Placing a kiss to Dan’s forehead, Phil smiled. “Promise.” But Dan didn’t really have the time to silently scream about the deep blush flooding his face from the tingling spot on his forehead that the hottest boy in the world had kissed so softly but so lovingly, since from downstairs, he could hear his mother entering through the door while talking on the phone to his father.
“Oh shit, she’s early.” Dan whispered, looking at Phil while his stomach lurched. “Do we have to do this now?”
“It’s now or never Dan. We can wait for your father to come home first, but I think we should get it out of the way first. Okay?” Dan nodded. “So how do you want me to act? Should I call you by your name or a pet name? How should I address them? Do you want me to be touchy or not?” It then occurred to Dan just how nervous Phil was.
“You really don’t have to do this, you’re not actually my boyfriend. These strings aren’t yet attached to you.” He joked.
“No, I want to.” Phil argued.
Dan thought for a bit. “Well, in that case, just act as if you were really my boyfriend.”
“But if you were really my boyfriend and I was being introduced to your parents, I would have no idea how to act, so I’d ask you!” Dan chuckled at that. Downstairs, his mother was finishing her phone call.
“Dan, I’m home!” She called up the stairs.
“I’m going to have to go down now. And it doesn’t really matter what they think about you, this is all fake, and we’re going to have to 'break up’ at some point too.” Phil looked down, playing with his hands. “What?” Dan asked.
“It’s just… I do care what they think of me because… well, I want to be your real boyfriend someday, if you’d say yes of course.”
Dan gaped at him. “You… you really mean that?” When Phil nodded, Dan couldn’t contain his happiness. He flung his arms around Phil and embraced him tightly. “Yes. Of course I will be your boyfriend.” He didn’t want to ever let go, but from downstairs his mum was calling him again. “Coming mum!” He reluctantly untangled himself from his BOYFRIEND and called down to his mum. “At least I’m not lying to her any more. And to answer your question, be yourself and be comfortable with that. I’ve never brought anyone home before, let alone a boy, so I don’t really know how you should act, but that seems like the safest bet.”
Phil held out his arm as Dan opened the door, beckoning for Dan to hold on. “What a gentleman.” Dan commented, leaving the room with his boyfriend. “Mum?” He called out. “I’ve got someone here. Someone special.” Dan smiled at Phil, who only blushed. The two went down the stairs, letting go of each other when they met Dan’s mum in the kitchen. “Mum, this is Phil.” His mum gave him a quizzical look. “He’s my boyfriend?” Dan’s voice got higher at the end of the phrase, making it sound like a question.
Mrs Howell stayed silent for a minute, then raised the phone to her ear. “Didn’t I tell you, Howard? I knew Dan was going to come out, I said so! You just heard it with your own ears. I’m going to go now, come home soon! Love you.” She put the phone down. “Sorry, Sweetie. Your dad and I were having a disagreement on when you were going to come out to us. Phil, was it? Welcome to the family.” Phil, who was shifting uncomfortably before this, grinned slightly and and blushed.
“Thanks, Mrs Howell.”
“Just call me Katherine.” Phil’s smile grew. “You treating my son well?”
“Muum.” Dan moaned.
“Um, we haven’t really been going out very long… but yeah, I’d never do anything to hurt him at all.” Phil looked at Dan when he said this, giving him a sweet smile.
“Well that’s good. Do you go to school together? Is that why Dan keeps sneaking off early every morning?”
Phil looked sheepish. “Um, we don’t… we’re not in the same year, but we meet up every morning.”
“Aww, that’s so sweet you two. I expect to be seeing a lot more of you, Phil, but you can go upstairs now. Stay safe!” She joked.
The two boys went back upstairs, both blushing furiously. “I think that went quite well.” Dan said. Phil bit his lip.
“There is just one more think I want to do.” Phil said quietly, edging closer to Dan. Dan closed his eyes, easily guessing what was happening. Phil was taller, so Dan tilted his head slightly upwards, and their lips connected.

Abundant of Denial

Summary: “I was simply pointing out how you don’t usually expose about yourself in front of strangers.”

“I don’t.”

“Nothing to be ashamed of, as you see,” Ulaz continued, and his light tone made Keith tense more. “The Blade doesn’t forbid relationships.”


Keith couldn’t escape the type of interrogation the members of the Blade would give him even if he wanted to, especially if this had to do with his lack of personal life.

voltron. sheith. bom!keith. T (ao3)

Sequel to this

“You admire him.”

Such words had been the last thing Keith thought would come out of Ulaz’s mouth, and it took all of his training to not square his shoulders out of surprise as he glanced at the Galra beside him, who kept his eyes on the same scene they had been watching for the past few doboshes. “Who?”

The corners of his lips curled up at Keith’s tentative enquiry. “It shows,” Ulaz continued lowly, and Keith heard a body being slammed on the ground rather than seeing it, followed by breathless laughter. “When you stand beside him.”

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late-night practice

Originally posted by itsjaebeom

Jaebum | 3534 words | fluffy fluff
anon requested: trying to date a trainee

After reviews, you always ended up in the practice rooms by yourself, until the one time that someone joined you. 

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You’ve Never Been So Wrong - three.

Baekhyun (not in this chapter) x Reader x Chanyeol
Fluff - Angst - Tragedy - Psychological
Word Count: 2,120

Description: The thing that comes at night. The thing that has only spoken once. The thing that has been haunting you since moving here.

A/N: Baekhyun will NOT appear in this chapter. I’m focusing on building more relationships and making this hella psychological. Things are about to get really plot twisty and I’m so sorry if you’re getting whiplash from it lmao. I enjoy writing things that tend to be darker and completely mind blowing. I hope you enjoy still!

one. // two. // three. // four. // five. // six. (in the works)

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Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 13

Jared stepped out of the shower first, shutting the glass door behind him. I was still so wound up that I took a few deep breaths in and let each out slowly, trying to relax even just a little bit. Turning so that the hot water sprayed directly against my tight shoulders helped a little too. I went from uber relaxed to uber tense in a very short amount of time and man, do I feel it.

Through the clear glass door, I watched Jared move around the bathroom, grabbing a towel to dry himself off then one for me. His gorgeous cock looked so hard and beautiful, my mouth watered just looking at it. Being so sexually frustrated and I suppose exhaustion played into this too but I was near tears.

Why does he have to torture me this way?

I suppose it’s not just me he tortures though, he does it to himself too. And based on what I’m looking at right now, I’d have to say that the hard on he’s sportin’ has got to be painful.

Is it really that terrible of me to say that the thought of him suffering too makes me feel a little better?

Holding a large, white bath sheet in his hand, Jared opened the shower door then held the towel up for me to walk into.

“Come here, baby.” Jared said, “Time to get out.”

Leaving the water on as he asked, I stepped into his embrace. Wrapping his arms around me, Jared rubbed his hands over my covered skin as I rested my forehead against his chest.

“Doing okay, baby girl?” He asked sounding concerned.

I actually debated what to say. Part of me wanted to complain because I’m feeling tired, whiny and frustrated. The other part of me knows we aren’t done and if I stick it out, he’ll take care of me.

“Yes, I’m ok.” I responded, lifting my head from his chest.

“Good.” He said with a smile.

Jared finished drying my body off then towel dried my hair too. Taking my comb from my toiletries bag, he held it up to me. I thought he wanted me to take it but instead he pulled it away.

“I’ll do it, I was just making sure I had the right comb.” He said with a shy smile as he quickly started to comb my hair out.

“Thank you, Sir.” I said at his sweet gesture.

Once he was done, he towel dried the drippy ends then tossed the towel onto the counter. Standing behind me, Jared wrapped his arm around my waist as his eyes met mine in the mirror.

“I think you deserve to be rewarded for being such a good girl.” He said as he gently kissed my shoulder. “Get on your hands and knees in the middle of the bed.”

Like an electric shock, excitement pulsed through my veins at the thought of my reward, “Yes, Sir.” I said, quickly making my way out of the bathroom and onto the bed.

Kneeling on the bed, I made sure my ass was facing the foot of the bed, just as Jared likes me to be. Spreading my knees wide, I brought my hands down to the blanket and began to relax while I waited.

Taking a few deep breaths, I could still hear him in the bathroom. I hoped he wouldn’t make me wait too long. Each passing second was ramping up my anticipation so much I could feel my pussy tingling already.

I let my head hang to relax as I heard his steps coming out of the bathroom, turning the lights out on his way into the bedroom. The only light now came from the lamp by the couch and it set the room in a soft golden glow.

“I’ve missed this view, baby girl.” Jared said as he walked to the edge of the bed and kneeled behind me.

Everything felt like it was in slow motion.

Jared sat back onto his calves then placed his hands on my hips to pull my body back so that I was sitting on his lap. With one arm around my waist, he slid the other around my chest with his forearm between my breasts as he wrapped his fingers around my neck. Sitting this way, I could feel the heat radiating off his cock as it rested against my folds.

Holding me tightly against his chest he softly spoke against my cheek, “It wasn’t so long ago, that I first held you like this, do you remember?”

“I do, Sir. I remember everything.” I said, thinking back to that night in Chicago. That was the first night he gave me the strength to explore my true submissive self.

“So much has changed yet so much has stayed the same.” He began as he slipped his hand slowly down my tummy until his fingers reached my delicate folds. “I told you that you make me want to do dirty things to you…” he continued as he used his index and middle finger to expose my sensitive clit. “We’ve done so many dirty things since then, baby girl. The depths of that desire gets deeper and stronger each passing day.”

Taking the tip of his finger, he began to tap my clit sending shockwaves throughout my body.

“Ahhhhhhhh…”. I deeply moaned, my hand unconsciously wrapping around his wrist.

Jared continued to tap delicately on my clit as he began to tighten his fingers that were around my neck. Bending his head, he brought his lips to my shoulder. He was already bringing me to the brink and I couldn’t help it as I began to rock my hips, allowing my entrance to caress his shaft.

“Do you know what’s stayed the same, baby girl?” He asked and at this point, I honestly could barely comprehend what he was saying. “What’s stayed the same is that you are mine and I’ll never let you go.”

As soon as the last word left his lips, Jared slid his finger into my throbbing pussy. My walls, immediately began to tighten around them.

Oh. My. God.

“Ahhh, Sir, I need to cum, please!” I begged, my tummy taunt as I tried to control my butterflies.

Withdrawing his fingers, I moaned, “Noooo, No, please.” I begged.

“Lean forward and put your cheek on the mattress, baby girl.” Jared said.

Immediately bending forward and dropping my head down, I straightened my back, hiking my ass higher in the air. I wanted all of him far more than just his fingers. Jared inched closer to me, so close in fact that I could feel his cool breath against my pussy.

“I love to see how wet you get for me, baby.” Jared said as I felt him lean forward, “It’s so fucking sexy to see your pussy dripping with anticipation.”

As soon as his tongue slid into my opening, my knees almost collapsed, “Ohhh. Myyyy…Ahhhh…” I moaned.

Using his tongue to fuck me, I could feel my walls gripping him. Jared licked and sucked my pussy, circling my clit with the tip on his tongue then letting his teeth graze my overly sensitive folds. Licking up as he held my ass cheeks open, he used the tip of his tongue to explore the outer rim of my puckered hole. My hands gripped the sheets so tight, my knuckles were white as I tried to control my body.

Before I could even ask for permission, he was pulling away. It took all I had not to punch my fists into the mattress.

Not again!

Squeezing my eyes shut tightly, I couldn’t hold the whimper that escaped my lips.

“Soon, baby girl.” He soothed, “Soon.”

I opened my eyes and straightened my position, trying to concentrate of something other than my aching pussy. Noticing the mirror on the wall, above the dresser, I had a clear view of us.

Jared’s mouth was slightly open as he began to stroke his stiff cock. Placing his other hand on my lower back, he trailed his open palm down the crack of my ass as his thumb grazed my tight hole. Leaning forward, he spit, using that to lubricate my ass.

I took a deep breath and tried to relax as I felt the tip on his thumb begin to circle my hole, adding a little more pressure the longer he continued.

“You know what’s going to happen, don’t you baby girl.” Jared said.

“Yes, Sir…. I’m ready.” I responded as I watched in the mirror.

With one hand still tightly wrapped around his cock, Jared worked his thumb slowly into my ass. I did my best to relax through the burn but it quickly became too much for me to deal with. Just as I was going to say something, Jared leaned in again to spit, giving me instant relief.

Once his thumb was firmly seated, I closed my eyes, relaxing in the sensation as he worked his thumb in and out.

“What color are we, baby girl?” Jared asked.

“Green, Sir.” I murmured hoping more was coming.

“I’m going to fuck you hard, baby.” He said, brushing the head of his cock against my opening but not using enough pressure to actually penetrate me, “Because you’ve been such a good girl, you have my permission to cum.”

I felt like I just won the lottery.

“Ahhhh, thank you Sir..” I moaned.

Without hesitation, Jared slammed his cock into me, the force so strong, I was glad I caught myself before I fell flat on my tummy. Quickly bracing myself, I was ready as he pulled his cock so far back, his tip was being cradled by my folds only to slowly push back in. But, that didn’t last long.

When he said he was going to fuck me hard, he meant it. As he thrusted his solid cock into me, pushing in so far he was hitting my back wall, he also began to pump his thumb in my ass. Taking his time, I swear I could feel every vein and every ridge that graced his cock as he pushed into my pussy. My fingers gripped the sheet under me, I was so consumed with absolute pleasure, I couldn’t speak.

Jared’s pace quickened and I knew I was racing towards my climax. His thumb in my ass, the way he was pounding into me, the sensation of my hard nipples grazing the sheet, all of suddenly became too much and I felt that familiar tingle stirring in my core.

“Sir, I’m going to cum!” I loudly moaned.

“Cum hard for me.” Jared said through gritted teeth, his fingers gripping my hip so tightly I knew I’d have bruises tomorrow.

Turning my face so that my moans were muffled by the mattress below me, I tumbled over the edge. My entire body convulsed as he continued to relentlessly pound into me. He kept going and it forced my body to keep going too.

“You’re pussy feels so good gripping my cock.” He grunted as I felt his cock swell.

Pulling his stiff cock back, he started to work the very tip of his cock with shallow strokes into my opening. I wasn’t expecting my body to begin to wind up again so soon but what he was doing felt so fucking good. Having never really come down from my first orgasm, I was again teetering on the edge of bliss.

“Oh my god, Sir, I think I’m going to cum again.” I said, “May I please?”

“Oh yeah, baby…cum.” Jared commanded, keeping his pace.

Every muscle in my body tightened again and within seconds of receiving permission, I came hard. Opening my eyes as I rode out my orgasm, I saw our reflection in the mirror. It was beyond sexy as I watched Jared silently throw his head back, his mouth agape as he fucked me. Mixing sight, sound and touch was incredible and within seconds, I could feel his cock pulse as he exploded and his warmth filled me.

“Ahhh, yeah, baby girl, yeahhh.” Jared murmured as he rode out his own orgasm, gradually slowing to a stop, “My god, baby…”

My body was trembling from exhaustion and not being able to hold myself and the weight of Jared’s upper body in the same position any longer, I finally gave way. Not even the arm Jared quickly wrapped around my waist could stop it. I fell forward, flat on my tummy taking Jared with me. Both of us breathless as he laid on top of me, we slowly recovered.

We rested together, still connected for a few minutes. Eventually, Jared moved slightly off of me, worried his weight was crushing me. Sadly, moving caused his cock to gently slip from my body.

Intertwining our fingers, I tucked his arm under mine as I brought his palm to my lips for a kiss, feeling too emotional to speak. My feeling for him were bubbling up to the surface.

“You mean so much to me, my sweet baby girl.” Jared whispered against my ear as his arms tightened around me.

To Keep Digging

(Rooted in the Stanley theory, my take on why Dipper and Mabel were sent off to spend the summer with Stan)

Stephanie Pines unclipped her earrings with two quick flicks of her thumb. She stuck them in the bedside drawer as she drew back the bedsheets, her attention fixated on the man struggling to unclip his tie.

“Pick up is 12:30 tomorrow instead of 3:15; last day of school is a half-day. You should try getting there by at least 12:15 to find parking.”

Her husband nodded distractedly as he pulled harder on his tie.

“Dipper will be out on time, but Mabel might take an extra ten minutes, so be sure to shut off the engine while you’re waiting.”

“I know, I know. I pick them up everyday, Stephanie. I know.”

Stephanie pushed herself up in bed, still facing her husband’s back. She gnawed her tongue quietly.

“Sam, what?”

“What?” He yanked his tie off like a belt and moved to his shirt buttons. “Oh–nothing. No, I’m just a little distracted.”

Stephanie laughed after a breath of silence. “And are you gonna tell me?”

“It’s nothing.” Sam sat on the bed to kick his shoes off. “I was on the phone with Mom today. Apparently Uncle Stan has been digging again–

"Oh no…”

“And he’s asking the same like…same weird questions as before. About what Dad was doing right before he disappeared. It’s upsetting Mom.”

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flange5  asked:

For fic-writing night, I'm sure you're swamped, but if it appeals to you, could you do “who did this to you?” with SteveTony? Hope you're having a fun Saturday!

Ahh thanks doll, I slept most of the day, whoops? 

I definitely didn’t write a 616 CW era angsty fic or anything. Oops? Concept: time travelling, Steve lands about a year in the future. 

Also wtf I haven’t written them in so long I think I forget how? If anything sounds rough it’s because I’m rusty, oh boy. 

When he landed, it felt the same as all the other times; the force jolting through his bones, resonating through his core. He grunted, his vision whiting out for a long, disorienting moment, his hand shooting out to brace against the nearest wall, all but slumping against as he fought to regain his balance. 

Once the dizziness started to pass, his vision began to focus as he blinked away the blurriness and disorientation. 

Before his vision fully returned, he knew exactly where he was. He’d been in Tony’s shop enough to recognize it in an instant.

It looked pretty similar to how it did that morning when he’d been in there, but there were enough differences around the room that told him that he wasn’t in the same time that he had been when he’d spoken to Tony in his shop earlier. Things had been added or moved, enough that it was all recognizable, but unfamiliar. 

Gathering himself and straightening up as he felt the strength return to his body, he heaved in a deep breath and made his way over to the nearest screen. A quick look up in the corner told him that he’d landed around a year in the future this time. At least he was somewhat close to home. 

“What the fuck are you doing in here?”

Steve’s head snapped up at the familiar voice, which was hard and brittle in his ears. His eyes met Tony’s, and for a single moment he felt relief pass through him. 

Then, he saw Tony’s face. 

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Untitled - Chapter 12

So I got this out quicker than I thought I would! I don’t have much to say about this chapter so I will let you guys move forward and read on!

Warning: Smut (but very minor).

Also you can read Chapters 1-11 here

P.S. - It a little late here so I apologize for any grammatical errors or any mess ups on the british slang/words! I read it about four times and each time I kept finding something to correct, so hopefully there are not too many issues!

Tags (and I apologize for those of you who may have misunderstood and tagged and those that did want to be tagged but I didn’t (some of you I tried to tag, but I couldn’t! D: )

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Best intentions - part 2

Calum (Frat boy! Calum)

Requested: yes

 - Will you please do a second part to best intentions I just read and it was amazing!!:)

 - Will you do a part two to best intentions.

 - are you going to do part 2 of old friends? it was so good!

Part 1

Girls POV

The world was ending. Well, perhaps not, but I was feeling like it was in a way I really should have considered last night – downing those drinks were not the slightest in my favour.

I might have well have been sick on my brain, my thoughts groggy as I grimaced, squinting in the dimmed room. It took a minute to recognise, I had no clue where I was and I could be in China for all I knew as I began to stir – my whole body protesting as I groaned internally. I laid there for a few minutes, trying to make my world stop spinning until I realised. My head was moving up and down. The thumping was not in fact my brain trying to punish me for drinking. I slowly turned in horror, realising I was sleeping with someone, on someone. My heart dropped as I let out a surprised yelp and scrambled away from Calum as he jolted awake. I landed with a thump on the floor, pain spreading around my lower as he sat up and rubbed his eyes.

 “Oh, morning!” He said, his tone still startled and his voice thick with sleep.

 “M-morning.” I stuttered, hastily beginning to pick my things up, including my dress, causing me to look down in surprise and confusion.

 “I- uh, it’s mine.” He scratched the back of his head as mine pounded.

 “Well, um, thanks for the party.” I mumbled as I made a beeline towards the door.

 “Wait! Don’t rush off!” He was on his feet in seconds, by the door as he caught my arm. “You can stay for breakfast if you want.” His grip softened as I tried not to look at him. I didn’t need a mirror to know what I looked like, knotty hair with mascara smeared down my cheeks.

 “Thanks but I really should, I don’t want to,” I caught sight of him properly, pausing as I breathed heavily and got caught up in his gaze. His eyes were still half open with sleep, his beautiful curls rumpled messily. His white t-shirt was crumpled, the left side of his tanned chest showing more than the other due to the lopsided nature of the v-neck. I forgot my train of thought, instantly lost in his chocolate eyes as we stood and stared at each other. “Impose.” I breathed out the last word as I shook my head to break the contact.

“Thanks again.” I rushed down the stairs and was out of the door before he could do anything; hearing a slight “Y/N, wait!” and silently cursing myself as I walked back to my house. It was too early for the campus to be awake so I thanked that.

Why do you always have to make a fool of yourself? I thought angrily as I entered, heading straight for my room as I threw myself onto my bed, head buried in a pillow and desperately tried to remember any main events from last night.

And two hours later, there was still nothing. I sighed in defeat, sitting up as my head rushed again. After pints of water and paracetemol, I was back on my feet and finally looked in the mirror, confirming what I earlier thought.

I headed for the shower, deciding it was the best thing for me right now as the water ran down my body, washing off last night. It was instant relief, brushing my teeth as I rinsed the shampoo out and humming to my music. I didn’t have to focus on anything else.

 Calums POV

 All my nerves settled in the centre of my stomach as I walked slowly up to the door. Hesitating first, I knocked loudly as I tried to run over what I had to say to her, again.

I knew that last night shouldn’t have happened, the kiss and all. I knew she’d regret it and even if I only managed to stutter out “I’m sorry.” It was better than the oblivious silence we both seemed to have assumed.

A girl I didn’t recognise answered, sneering at me as I asked to see Y/N.

“No boys, sorry.” She began to shut the door as she said it, obviously not meaning it.

“At night, actually.” I said back, stopping the door with my hand as I gently pushed past her. She protested but I was tired, and I just needed to tell Y/N what I had to say before it was left for too long and it was unsalvageable.

I knew where her room was, having entered it once at a party of theirs, back when we’d both moved in, newbie’s, as I had laid eyes on her and heard her voice and learned her ways and developed the completely infatuated state I was now in.

I knocked gently, the girl at the door having given up as I scaled the stairs in seconds. I heard a slight noise inside, slowly opening the door to see her back to me, blow drying her hair. She stopped it a few seconds later, standing to plug in her straighteners as I coughed slightly, causing her to scream a little and jump. I smiled apologetically as she looked down, embarrassed.

“Sorry, I, um, I knocked on your door-“

“It’s ok.” She smiled, still not meeting my eyes.

“Look I’m really sorry about last night and everything-“ I began as she also started.

“Calum, I’m so sorry.” We both stopped abruptly, gesturing for the other to go on. She eventually did.

“I wasn’t trying to be rude this morning. I really appreciate it, everything, but I just wanted to – um – look better before I had a real conversation with you.” Her sheepish smiles made me want to pull her close and chuckle deeply but it wasn’t the time for my clouded thoughts.

“No, it’s fine. Not that you. Looked bad or anything. In fact, you looked great this morning. Not in a weird way or anything. I just. Wanted to check you were ok. Not in a creepy way-“ I rambled whilst my thoughts went wild. Never in your life have you rambled. What is this girl doing to you? You sound like an idiot. Stop talking. Stop it. STOP IT. You’re embarrassing yourself, for god’s sake. Breathe.

“Calum,” She giggled quietly, cutting me off as I smiled gratefully. She pointed to her bed. “You can sit down, if you’d like.”

She began to straighten her hair.

“I’m sorry about your shirt too, I was going to wash it and bring it back, you know, it just smelt like alcohol – not great if you know what I mean.”

“Keep it.” I smiled warmly, watching her as she did her stuff.

“So, last night huh. Did anything happen?” Her eyes were trained on herself in the mirror, luckily as a moment of confusion passed on my face.

“Uh- no.” I started as she turned around alarmed.

“Liar liar.”

“You don’t remember anything?” I asked, slightly in disbelief.

“I feel like if you told me something had happened, I would remember it happening, but no.” Her hair began to fall sleek down her back.

“You asked me to stay with you – otherwise I wouldn’t have slept in the same bed as you but I just fell asleep.”

“It’s ok,” she had hard concentration on her face as she tried not to burn herself. “Why did I ask you to? Did I say?”

“Um, Jason.” Her face fell immediately, remembering as I asked curiously, “You didn’t just see him – did you? What did he do? You said you didn’t want him to come back and do anything.”

“He, came and said hello.” She said as I looked at her, eyebrows cocked as I knew there was more. “He tried to kiss me, ok? He had me pushed in a corner, kissing my neck and I clearly wasn’t enjoying it. Luke pulled him off, though he didn’t recognise me. He just saw an uncomfortable girl.” I growled, hatred growing as she turned around to look at me properly instead of in the mirror.

“But Calum? Calum.” She repeated it as I was lost in angry thoughts, reacting to let her know I was listening. “I didn’t tell you this because I wanted you to go and kill him, okay?”

“Why did you then?” I asked, breaking through my red vision to focus on her again.

“Because I trust you and because I know I can tell you stuff. Don’t do anything. Seriously.” All fury disappeared in a second as my body warmed. She can tell you stuff. My heart beated fast every second as I nodded furiously.

She finished, turning the straighteners off as she sat down next to me.

“But there’s something else. What else did I do?” I furrowed my brows as I looked at her. “Come on Calum, just tell me. I know there’s something else.”

I looked down guiltily and didn’t answer. She gasped her eyes wide as she guessed.

“I kissed you, didn’t I?” No answer. “Oh my god. I tried to have sex with you.” I nodded bleakly as she shoved a hand through her newly washed hair. It glinted in the light.

“Fuck. Fuck. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine, honestly.” I tried to comfort her, putting a hand on her shoulder as it moved with every quick breath.

“Yeah, actually, you might be used to it. Girls are always throwing themselves at you anyway.” I froze, words coming up like vomit as I blurted out.

“Maybe, but none of them matter like you do.” She turned around, her eyes huge as she whispered,

“What?” I looked down, fear overcoming me. That was not the plan.

“I- uh, you, um.” I stuttered, red rising up my cheeks as she clambered in front of my crossed legs, her face completely opposite.

“Calum?” she dragged out my name in question as I fought to meet her gaze.

“You might as well know, ok? Really.” I threw up my hands, running them through my hair and leaving a messy trail.

“I really like you, Okay? No, just listen.” She tried to interrupt as I shushed her. “I think you’re beautiful, really beautiful, especially this morning when you woke up in my clothes in my room, and you’re always so smart and I know all the boys want you and  you could easily have your pick, but I don’t want you to pick them I want you to pick me and I want you to know I wont ever treat you like Jason or those other assholes, I’d treat you like a queen and I’d always protect you from people like them-“ I was cut off suddenly by her soft lips. They were different from last night, precise instead of sloppy as she brought her hands behind my hair, tugging on it slightly as I moaned. She pulled away slightly, resting her forehead on mine and whispering as I gasped for breath.

“I know. You always will.”

I hope you enjoyed it :)

You can request any type  of writing here!

Don’t Stop Here 

Part Two. In which we wrap things up in Texas.

Part One here (x). 

Notes: I know on the show it was implied that the kids took a train to Texas, but I find the implication that they did that for a weekend trip utterly ridiculous. So they’re flying. It just makes more sense. 

“And then she told me that she’ll consider it a personal offense if I don’t keep in touch, and that she’s gonna try and convince her parents that they should take their vacation in the city this year.” Zay unrolls a sleeping bag across the living room floor while he excitedly recounts his night out with Vanessa. “Who knew that all it takes for a girl to notice you is to have other girls flirt with you in front of her?”

Lucas and Farkle share a look with each other before staring pointedly at their friend. “Everyone.”

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