Shadow of Colossus is being made into a movie. You should be more enthusiastic. Why? Well… it’s considered one of the greatest games ever made. If you’re not into video games well… it’s considered one of the greatest games ever made because of the story. I know usually film adaptations of anything suck pretty hard, like REALLY hard like NSFW hard, but this is going to be the exception…hopefully. The story is quiet, desolate and heartwarming. It follows a man named Wander as he enters a shrine in the Forbidden Lands…from a name like that let us assume he’s not supposed to be there at all. He rides in there on a horse with a large item wrapped in a cloak. When he arrives at the “Forbidden Temple” at the “Forbidden Lands” he puts the cloak (assuming it’s the “Forbidden Cloak”) on the altar and upon opening it is reveled to be a woman named Mono assumed to be his lover. After waving his fancy schmancy sword around at some shady guys, he hears the voice of Dormin who is, well kinda like the devil.

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Band You Should Know - FUN.

By: Morgan Y.

Fun is a term very often used by concert goers across the globe, but for this indie pop trio the term is used far more frequently.  From the beautiful state of New York comes a uniquely talented band named Fun, who pack in a live performance that lives right up to their creative title. 

After the breakup of his previous band The Format, front man Nate Ruess took his music to a new level with previous touring friends Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff–whom also faced dealing with an end to their previous tour life–to create the three piece wonder they have become today.

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Summer is here and one of the many problems we face is to try and make the most of it. Each year we think of new ways to try and make our summer memorable whether it be by taking a long drive, going to the shore, or just cutting loose. Well, why not bring something fun along to add to those adventures? 

The “Wreck this Journal” is a fabulous book that evokes the creativity that everyone harbors. This book will have you push the limits of everything you thought would be acceptable to do with a book.

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By: Samantha Round

With the UK festival season already kicking off, it’s the smaller festivals that are stealing the lime light this summer. With Friends of Mine Festival, Slam Dunk and Dot to Dot festival already bringing some of the greatest artist the musical world has to offer, there are still plenty of smaller festivals with massive line ups left to indulge in. I’ve picked my top 4 to check out, so move over Reading and Leeds, good things really do come in small packages!

Summer Sundae Festival

Date for your diary: 12th-14th August

This festival has been playing host to home grown talent for 11 years in the heart of Leicestershire. Bringing in 7,000 music and comedy lovers, it may seem small scale compared to the likes of V-Festival and Glasto, but for just £115 for the full weekend it’s defiantly not one to miss.



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There are few musicians that last for quite some time in the industry, but R&B artist Usher is proving to be one of those few. The hardest part for artists to last a while in the industry is how quickly music changes over time and whether or not they can adapt to the new style while still being themselves and maintaining their fans. Usher has been doing this since his 15th birthday when his very first single, “Call Me a Mack,” from the movie soundtrack for Poetic Justice hit the R&B charts in 1993. Gaining fans, showing off his dance moves, and gradually moving along with the music has been his speciality. 

On June 12, his seventh studio album, Looking For Myself, will hit stores. 

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When the former pop- rock band Sing It Loud moved their separate ways in fall of 2010,Pat Brown (lead singer) didn’t let that stop him from chasing his dreams. He has since started a new project under the name of Good Problems and has released an EP entitled “I’m Changing My World,” and you can look for another new EP by him this year. He recently started DJing and Tour Managing with his friend Mod Sun, working as a drum tech for bands, and is a producer / engineer at Blooming Sounds Studios.

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The Great Gastby by F. Scott Fitzgerald has been a classic American novel since its publishing in 1925. The book is set on Long Island in 1922 after World War I. The book highlights the prosperity of America as well as the millions that bootleggers work making off of alcohol sales during Prohibition.

As of last month, the recreation of The Great Gatsby has began, and the actors and actresses are going hard to work in Australia to make sure this movie premieres next year.

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