Im done

Im done with all these panic attacks
Im done with all these unwanted thoughts
Im done with the lies
Im done with the pain
Im done with the constant worrying
Im done with perfection
Im done with not being good enough
Im done with the mental toucher
Im done with all the crying
Im done with all the trying
Im just done with life

What is it about the night that brings out our deeper thoughts?
Whispers in the dark once told me sweet lies
Now I hear myself scream bitter truths
Was it better when another body held mine…
Everyone says to give it more time
Cold seeps in the sheets but I think one of these days I will finally sleep
Guilt free. Poison free.
I will only ever need me
—  "Insomniac" // a story a day #106 by d.y.
Me late at night:
  • Me:No one will ever really love me.
  • Me:I'm never going to amount to anything.
  • Me:I wish I could talk to someone.
  • Me:But no one's awake.
  • Me:And even if they were...they wouldn't want to listen.
  • Me:I'd just die but I'd fuck that up too.
  • Me:I ruin everything.
  • Me:I'll always be completely and utterly alone.