Please explain stereotypes about introversion. I am an introvert and I think these kind of stereotypes are really hurtful.Thanks!

I know how hurtful stereotypes can be, but it’s also good to remember that the ignorance of other people does not have to hurt you. Ignorance is often not cruelly meant; it simply means they do not know better. Pity them.

Common stereotypes about introverts:

They are shy: no. Shyness is an individual trait, and has nothing to do with introversion or extroversion. Introverts live primarily in their dominant (introverted) function which means they seem more detached from their surroundings and environment until they have assessed the situation and decide to engage, but that is not shyness.

They lack people skills: if that were true, introverts would never have jobs, never contribute to society in any way, never get anything done, etc. Yet it seems that a disproportionate amount of people in real life are introverts and still manage to have friends, go places, do things, sell albums, become movie stars, write books, do musical tours, and get stuff done, so…

They will never succeed like an extrovert will: wrong. In fact, because introverts take more time to really consider what they want and do not leap into things as quickly as extroverts, their eventual success may be greater. They are not as quick to react, which means they are also not as quick to make huge mistakes. They will get tired of people faster, but it won’t impede their success.

They are all hermits living out in the woods: unfortunately, this is the most often shared stereotype and I’m not sure where it originated. But say you are an introvert and people will look at you funny. “Oh, no, surely not!” It’s because they have an idea in their head of a loner who doesn’t talk to people, not a person who goes places, does things, strikes up conversations, or hosts parties. Introverts do all those things and much more.

The truth:

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert has nothing to do with behavior, and everything with how your brain processes information. Introverts are centered in their minds first and foremost, where extroverts must focus on the external world for constant stimulation. Introverts have a greater advantage in terms of self-awareness but using their extroverted functions wears them out sooner than it would if it was their dominant function. This is why introverts need alone time – socializing, busy work environments, etc., forces them to use their extroverted functions, which are lower in their stack, and they need time to rest afterward. If you asked an extrovert to use only their introverted functions, they would be exhausted at the end of the day too.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Izumi Curtis [INFP]


Introverted Feeling (Fi): Edward and Alphonse’s ‘scary teacher’ is tough as nails, and massively rigid on the exterior. However, as far as her emotions go, she is a riptide. Her mood comes from herself, she’ll be happy or mad about something as she pleases, and somewhat rapidly. Her students may make her enraged, and then her husband will cheer her up at nearly the drop of a hat. Though really and truly, she only wants what’s best for her students, and is hard on them because she cares for them and wants what’s best for them. She forms very strong bonds with others. Her relationship with her husband, Sig, is what one would consider ideal. Her moral code is strong, berating Edward after not seeing him for several years for becoming ‘one of the military’s dogs’. She has a strong idea of who and where she wants to be—a peaceful life as a housewife with a child and her husband.

Extraverted Intuition (Ne): When she took up training Edward and Alphonse, Izumi hadn’t apprenticed anyone prior, but caught the hang of the art of teaching fairly quickly. She uses somewhat bizarre methods and metaphors that may seem downright pointless initially, but have a deeper meaning. She’s a very out of the box thinker. The notion that she even considered Human Transmutation is highly evident that she’s massively open to new and risky ideas.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Izumi’s miscarriage is a huge influence on her. She often sees the Elrics as surrogate sons that fill the gap left by the baby she lost. When she finds out the Elrics also attempted Human Transmutation, she is absolutely furious with them, only because she knows and remembers what occurred when she attempted the act and hated that they had to go through the same. A massive wave of comfort came over when when Edward informs her that Human Transmutation does not make the attempted revival subject suffer and die a second time. This relief from the past comforted her in the present.

Extraverted Thinking (Te): Izumi is the teacher of Edward and Alphonse, two of the best Alchemists of all time, which alone is massively evident of how good she is at teaching, showing, and explaining the art. She’s also extremely headstrong, and is known to act on impulse, especially when angry. As an Alchemist, she looks at things as the elements and compounds that make them, and how she can use them.

  • <p><b>INFP:</b> you know what's funny?<p/><b>INTP:</b><p/><b>INFP:</b> we haven't spoken to each other all summer. And, like, we act like we only saw each other the other day.<p/><b>INTP:</b> yeah...I just realised that. *chuckles*<p/><b>INFP:</b> we could probably spend five years apart and then be like<p/><b></b> "Oh hey INTP how's it going with school?"<p/><b></b> "Yeah INFP no longer apart of that hellhole."<p/><b></b> "Cool. "<p/><b>INTP:</b> *bursts out laughing for a solid 30 seconds*<p/><b>INTP:</b> OH MY GOD THATS US. We're so socially retarded.<p/><b>INFP:</b> *is floating in sea of happiness because I made INTP laugh* yeah<p/><b></b> *goes to class*<p/><b></b> See you in five years. *waves*<p/><b>INTP:</b> *laughs again*<p/></p>

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Infp here anyways so I'm in speech class for the semester and I just get so nervous at giving a speech sweating and shaking etc. Do you have any tips to help and I'm moving soon.

I just had to present a speech in my class recently and I was so anxious about legs were shaking so badly that I had to hold on to the table in front of me so that I wouldn’t fall down.. so  I can completely understand the situation you’re in right now! 

Here are some tips I find useful when I have to present a speech:

- choose a topic that you are really passionate about so that you can lose yourself in it after the first few minutes of utter dread and shakiness.

- PEE BEFORE the speech. 

- don’t anticipate negative things before you speak because it will make EVERYTHING a 1000089 times worse

- if you stumble on a word or do something wrong in the middle, MOVE ON- don’t panic and don’t keep thinking about it. People usually don’t even notice!

- BREATHE!! Taking slow, deep breaths will lower your heart rate and help you get out of the fight/flight mindset.

- Practice, practice, practice and start before a sneaky negative thought even has the opportunity to get into your head. 

- Drink some water just before you speak so that your mouth doesn’t go dry.

- And finally…don’t forget:

Good luck!

- Your INFP Princess

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"Deprived of such an outlet, IXXP types will almost invariably realize their drive for contextual structure in the private realm, by ritualizing everyday experiences or regarding certain routines as all but sacred." - Personality Type, An Owners Manual. That's why some non-Si-doms have their routines and etc. Right?

Yes. Si confers internal stability and a sense of continuity, which is often expressed through the need for routine and regularity.


Hi, yes pls reblog with your Hogwarts House + MBTI type + Moon, Rising + Sun sign. If you don’t know what your mbti type is here’s the link & if you do not know your sun, moon or rising sign, here’s the link I really want to try something. But I’ll start: Ravenclaw, INTJ Female, Sun Pisces, Moon Aries and Cancer Rising

Is this a Fe thing?

Being extremely put off by something, but deciding to not verbally say anything to indicate this in order to keep the peace…

Yet, you can tell that your facial expression is definitely giving away your true emotions, but for some reason you CAN’T change it?

Or you think you’re covering it up pretty well, but someone points it out and now you have to either make up an excuse or reluctantly explain why you’re so bothered?

Normally I’m able to keep a pretty relaxed, stoic face when people tell me something I don’t agree with, but I don’t know, sometimes my face just gives me away.

What is this? An INFJ thing? A Fe user thing? A feeler thing? Or something arbitrary?