Okay seriously, look at them.

Rwby Wikia describes Dew Gayl as having “Tanned skin, dark blonde hair and violet eyes
Yeah tanned because she lives in Vacuo. and look at those identical eyebrows

So does Taiyang have a brother/sister that hasn’t been mentioned or did he decide fucking everyone on his own team was just the warm up.

Dew Gayl? More like Tan Xiao Long.

Ill-Oum-Inati confirmed

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Is there a word referring to giving back and/or community service?

Communal work is when a gathering takes place to accomplish a task together.

bayanihan (Filipino) - from the word bayan (referring to a nation, country, town or community);  a spirit of communal unity or effort to achieve a particular objective

dugnad (Norwegian) - voluntary work done together with other people; ”dugnadsånd“ is the spirit of will to work together for a nice community

gadugi (Cherokee) - “working together” or “cooperative labor” within a community

gotong-royong (Indonesian) - “the joint sharing of burdens”; cooperation among many people to attain a shared goal

harambee (Swahili) - a tradition of community self-help events (e.g. fundraising or development activities); lit. “all pull together

imece (Turkish) - a traditional Turkish village-scale collaboration (e.g. if a couple is getting married villagers participate in the overall organization of the ceremony including but not limited to preparation of the celebration venue, food, building and settlement of the new house for the newly weds)

inati (Tokelauan) - a communal fishing practice where resources are gathered and shared amongst all, securing the well-being of young and old

meitheal (Irish) -  a work team, gang, or party and denotes the co-operative labour system where groups of neighbours help each other; it conveys the idea of community spirit in which neighbours respond to each other’s needs (e.g. a meitheal could be a party of neighbours and friends invited to help decorate a house in exchange for food and drink)

mink’a / minga (Quechua) - a traditional communal work where community members gather to accomplish a task that benefits all; “carry one another

naffīr (نفير) (Arabic) - to bring someone together from the neighborhood or community to carry out a certain project, such as building a house or providing help during the harvest season; a group recruited through family networks, in-laws and village neighbors for some particular purpose, which then disbands when that purpose is fulfilled

talkoot (Finnish) - a voluntary gathering of friends and neighbors to accomplish a task

yuimaru (Japanese) - “reciprocity”; a warm-hearted, friendly and cooperative effort in sharing and helping each other (an Okinawan concept that is rooted in old work-sharing practices where all villagers cooperated to help each other planting or harvesting crops)