Vanity Projects hosted the mother of all International Nail Art Day celebrations at China Art Objects in Culver City this past weekend. Featured Nail Artists in attendance were:

Hey, Nice Nails
Britney Tokyo
Destinee Handly
Rita De Alencar Pinto
Sree Roy of NAILS Magazine
Sasha Mikhailovna Kremenetsky (The Holy Nail)

Had such a blast. I hope to attend more girl power nail art events like this in the future! —INAD x Vanity Projects

Today is the first ever International Nail Art Day! So basically…I have a new favorite holiday! 
I’m going to get cheesy for a second. Nail art has changed my life in ways I never expected. I started Nail Art 101 when I was unemployed and feeling lost and unproductive. I wanted to do something creative, something I was proud of, something that was more than just a paycheck. My boyfriend (now husband) convinced me to start a website sharing my knowledge about nail art. I thought about it, but hesitated starting it. Who would care what I have to say?

Well nearly two years later and 45,000 facebook fans later it’s clear that some people DO care. The fact that you all take the time to comment on my posts, email me photos of your nails or surf around my site and share it with your friends is a dream come true. I never ever thought that my silly little website would get any traffic at all!! So thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support, you are all helping me to live my dream. Nail Art 101 would be nothing without the amazing community of readers and I love you all so much.


I know I’m posting late, but I’m finally ready! Happy International Nail Art Day! I’m so thankful to this community, for all the friends I’ve made, all the opportunities opened to me, everything. You rock, @nailsbymimi, for creating a holiday to celebrate this love of ours! #INAD #INAD2014

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#inad Coming to you straight from the Powerhouse Genius of @nailsbymimi…follow @nailartday2013 For more details…First Saturday of August, hottest month for the Hottest *ish!! #nailart #tipgang (at International)

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