lovelinhdor said:

hey heyyy inad, what animals do you think you, yaldar, black and white most resemble? also, i made some blueberry muffins, please share them with yaldar for me. you’re the best! xoxo

(I am sorry for the messed up panelling. I worked on this for over a month on/off and lost my focus along the way)

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Bir şarkı bunca zaman kendini nasıl böyle dayatır, ben nasıl…
Artık hiçbir zaman’a geldik, anladım.
Sen inadına seninle, habersiz.

{Neon summer gradient x lines/triangles.}

Practicing/working on my gradients cos they definitely need it! Lol! To cover up the messiness I freehanded lines/triangles (with black acrylic paint) on all my fingers. A take on Chelsea King’s work. What a tedious task! Idk how I did it. Ha!

Colors used (base to tip):
American Apparel in Neon Yellow
Orly Nail polish in Melt Your Popsicle & Beach Cruiser
Color Club in Mrs. Robinson

This is my day late International Nail Art Day mani! I had to have something for the first one ever! #betterlatethannever but I know, #neverlateisbetter lmao.


Vanity Projects hosted the mother of all International Nail Art Day celebrations at China Art Objects in Culver City this past weekend. Featured Nail Artists in attendance were:

Hey, Nice Nails
Britney Tokyo
Destinee Handly
Rita De Alencar Pinto
Sree Roy of NAILS Magazine
Sasha Mikhailovna Kremenetsky (The Holy Nail)

Had such a blast. I hope to attend more girl power nail art events like this in the future! —INAD x Vanity Projects

I know I’m posting late, but I’m finally ready! Happy International Nail Art Day! I’m so thankful to this community, for all the friends I’ve made, all the opportunities opened to me, everything. You rock, @nailsbymimi, for creating a holiday to celebrate this love of ours! #INAD #INAD2014