It’s funny how although I know those characters are fictional, they seem more real than some people to me.


I know I already said not to expect much fic wise as finals are approaching but now I’m here to say expect nothing.

To keep a long story short, I believe I’ve aggravated an old shoulder injury and it hurts like hell so I’m borrow my friend’s sling and keeping it rested until after finals when I’m back home and can go to a doctor.

Before you guys ask me why I don’t just go to the on campus clinic- @riseofthehufflepuffs went there for her shoulder injury earlier this year and their treatment for it was giving her a sling (the one I’m using now).

So, I’m just going to wait until after school gets out. By then I’ll be done with finals and if the shoulder pain hasn’t gone away, I’ll go to a doctor to see if I have to get whatever it is treated.