Broken Record

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Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader, implied Kenny Omega x Reader

Word Count: 735

Warnings: implied smut, cheating (again, horrid at warnings guys)

Neither one of us was a good match, we knew it for years. But, we steadily kept coming back - after argument after argument, every glass smashed against a wall, and every bruise left over my skin from the make up. We could sit and pretend everything was okay basking in the aftermath of what we’d done,  fingers ghosting over limbs and lips tracing teeth outlines splayed out over my shoulders.
“Love, why do we keep doing this?” Seth’s voice snuck into my ears, he pulled me closer into his chest. I could feel myself sticking to him already. His hand cupped my jaw and twisted my head up so I was looking at him. I didn’t want to look at him, I didn’t want to see my sins. I would rather be blind than see his eyes like they were, full of remorse and regret.
“Because we’re both idiots, Seth.” I answered jerking away from him. I sat up, gathering the cream sheet around my torso, balling it in my fists. My feet touched the ground in what used to be our apartment and I traced my toes over the cracks in the hardwood.
“I don’t believe that for a second,” he started, “We’re not idiots y/n. We're…I don’t know.”
“Idiots, Seth. Selfish fuckin’ idiots.” I scoffed standing up. I would never tire of seeing him in my bed though. No matter how many times I kicked him to the curb, no matter how many times we went through this dance of back and fourth bullshit. He propped himself on his side now, a hand cradling his head. There was something about his face, the way his jaw cut and curved - his fucking eyes. I was a sucker for it and he knew it.
“So, what now?”
“You leave like always, you go travel. You be the King Slayer. You fuck a different ring rat every night and you live your life. I’ll stay here and continue mine.” There was ice behind my voice, a jealousy I hadn’t seen in months. The thought of him fucking another woman, which according to a few of the girls I was still close to happened often, made my blood run cold.
“There it is!” he proclaimed, spinning up and out of the bed. He strode to my side and grabbed his jeans from the floor, “There’s the fucking reason you wanted me back in bed. Cause you can’t stand the thought of me enjoying anyone else. Well, guess what y/n…I am! You fucking walked away, not me. You do not get to play this card.” His words scolded me like I was a child. He was partially right though. Part of me still felt like he didn’t get to enjoy anyone else, that I was it. Which wasn’t fair, I had  walked away. I had kicked him out. I had told him to get fucked. I had packed his stuff in boxes and taped it shut to be waiting for him when he came back from a two week stint away.
I don’t remember why I did it.
“Of course I don’t want to see you with someone else! Why would I?” I muttered. Seth was in the middle of pulling on his shirt, he paused for a second, shook his head and then finished. He came to sit on the edge of the bed beside me a moment later, sighing deeply.
“Y/N, fuck…babe. Don't…just. It’s been a year. We can’t keep doing this. Decide if you want me or not. Decide if you want to try again. If you do, I’m here. We can fix this and we can try. I’m here, I’ve been here.” God, there was something so sickly sweet, so hopeful about his words. I wanted so badly to believe him. To have my Seth back. My best friend.
“No. I can’t do that to Kenny. You need to go. He’ll be home soon.” I responded emotionless.
“That’s what I thought. A fucking three month long fling with that fucker and you’re ready to just leave us behind.” He slipped on his shoes and stood.
“We were over a long time ago, Seth. I just like your cock.” That was sure to sting him.  A few moments later the door slammed and I collapsed on the floor, holding my chest. My breath heaved and caught in my chest and I sobbed.

So a couple of weeks ago I sketched my very first nsfw rocketshippy pic. Then as per usual life got in the way and I haven’t managed to get back to it (seriously, what with work and building a chicken coop/run from scratch and composing/recording/editing music time is just flying by at an alarming rate!).

I wonder which I’ll get round to finishing first… The next chapter of Undisclosed Desires or my naughty Jess/Jim pic?

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hey!! a few days ago, i saw you post something about calling your reps and i have REALLY bad anxiety so i made myself a script that was 5 1/2 pages long www but anyway, i was wondering - you don't have to be of voting age - do you? because i'm only 6 months away from being 18 but i really want to do something www;; also, does stance tell you when it sends your message? because i've recorded it like 10 times and it still just says "hold to record!" dfghjkl thank you so much even if you just read!

Nope you don’t! You can call even if you’re not voting age. 

ID #66783

Name: Erik
Age: 29
Country: USA

Hi, Im Erik and Im a 29 year old man born and raised in New York. Ive never had a pen pal before so I figured I would give it a try. My passions are music and food. I spend my free time recording original songs to put online or looking up new recipes to cook. I am a metal guitarist and have been playing since I was 11 (18 yrs. now). I would like to take it to the stage one day. I also lift weights and Im into nutrition. I smoke weed everyday and its always been a dream of mine to grow my own one day. That is why Im making serious plans to move to Massachusetts, Maine, or Canada as soon as possible because they just legalized it there. Im not happy with New York anymore. We have the highest rent cost and taxes in the nation and we get nothing back in return. People are leaving in droves. Between July 2015 to July 2016 73,000 people moved out. Thats a record and it means for every one person moving here three are moving out. I would prefer to have a female pen pal. Age doesnt really matter.. preferably late teens to early thirties age range would be good.

Preferences: Females only, musicians, cooks, chefs, metalhead, weed smoker, legal weed states, Massachusetts, Maine, Canada, nutrition, Christian but not too religious, Marijuana growers, late teens to early thirties, guitarist, one man band, metallica, megadeth, METAL, drummers,

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Marilyn Monroe quote anon here..I know... So many quotes are actually not hers! So funny. Anyway, here's the quote: "The truth is I've never fooled anyone. I've let people fool themselves. They didn't bother to find out who and what I was. Instead they would invent a character for me. I wouldn't argue with them. They were obviously loving somebody I wasn't."

How do the Larries think this applies to them when Louis signed a birth certificate and has spoken multiple times on record about his son and girlfriends? “I’ve never fooled anyone.” Lies. “I wouldn’t argue with them.” I think Louis and Harry and all their family and friends denying it say otherwise.

this week is mostly food so it will be very few lol but this time round i will add beautiful musical photo also (on the next post)~

so yeap finally they start/finish shoot for TESTAMENT Music Clip
they shoot at Yokohama in a church, shoot from 7:30am till next morning 4am ^^;; (as usual…long recording timing lol)

lol more keitan, this time Omama came to Nana’s home excitedly to see keitan in lion form lol ^^;;;;
and took picture of it’s back…..(i…no comments….)

Reiko Yukawa came to help out in beautiful musical (teach them how to sing etc.) she even told nana she met itaru (cherry boy member)

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kinga can we talk about how jin puts his all into lives? like i remember the first time i watched epilogue live on stage jin shot up and almost bias wrecked me bc he put So Much into his performance and sounded so beautiful. like i always know he has a beautiful voice but he really takes my breath away during lives 😢😢😢 even when he's visibly exhausted he sounds like a real life angel and to me he's one of those artists who sounds even better live than in recordings.

story time: about a year ago i thought i was jimin biased. it wasn’t anything strong but…. he was my fave. then, the day has come. i was like damn…. jin is really getting to me lately??? but i chose my bias didn’t i?? well. this was the day when i saw this converse high performance and my life was never the same after that. jin completely snatched me, ruined me and made me forget about jimin. i felt like i just saw the light, his voice sounded so beautiful and he…..god. i’m a loyal jin stan since then. so his live performances are soo special to me, i can never get tired of watching them because he always sounds like an angel!! he truly was born to be on stage

Fandometrics In Depth: Overwatch Edition

One year ago today, Overwatch was released by Blizzard Entertainment. The game had an immediate and overwhelming impact on Tumblr, and the #overwatch tag was quickly flooded with animated shorts, comics, fan art, and, of course, toddler approval of Junkrat.  

To mark this anniversary of this game-to-end-all-games, we’ve analyzed millions of posts from May 23, 2016—May 18, 2017 to precisely identify the most talked about Overwatch characters and ships. Enjoy.

Overwatch is huge

During this 358 day period, the #overwatch tag alone garnered nearly 150 million engagements. It was the second most trending tag during this time. That’s trendier than every TV show and film, and even bigger, more generic tags like #GIF (No. 5) and #art (No. 7). The next highest trending video game-related tag was #Pokémon, at No. 20.

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Overwatch made its debut on the Fandometrics Video Games list on March 14th, 2016 at No. 16, more than two months before the game was even released. On May 9, 2016 Overwatch jumped a solid ten spots to No. 2. The following week, it was No. 1.  It reigned supreme until July 11th, 2016, when it was kicked out by Pokémon Go. Currently Overwatch has had a 29-week streak at No. 1, beating the previous record for time at the top of the Video Games list by two months (and counting). Undertale topped off at just 21 weeks.

Top Characters

We did a full breakdown of all 24 character’s total engagements based on class. The highlights?  Reaper had the most likes and reblogs, Junkrat had the most searches and Mercy had the most original posts. The details? Below:

Top Offense Heroes

  1. Reaper | 20.07%
  2. Tracer | 15.82%
  3. McCree | 15.08%
  4. Genji | 14.16%
  5. Sombra | 12.84%
  6. Soldier: 76 | 11.70%
  7. Pharah | 10.33%

Top Defense Heroes

  1. Junkrat | 32.36%
  2. Hanzo | 24.44%
  3. Widowmaker | 21.93%
  4. Mei | 13.71%
  5. Bastion | 4.53%
  6. Torbjörn | 3.03%

Top Tank Heroes

  1. D.Va | 39.12%
  2. Roadhog | 21.25%
  3. Zarya | 14.72%
  4. Reinhardt | 13.76%
  5. Orisa | 5.85%
  6. Winston | 5.30%

Top Support Heroes

  1. Mercy | 43.31%
  2. Zenyatta | 20.83%
  3. Lúcio | 19.22%
  4. Symmetra | 15.92%
  5. Ana | 0.73%

Top Non-Playable Characters

  1. Efi Oladele | 52.71%
  2. Athena | 18.11%
  3. Doomfist | 11.47%
  4. Tekhartha Mondatta | 10.01%
  5. Katya Volskaya | 4.61%
  6. Emily | 3.09%

Top Ships

With more than 20 characters, Overwatch fandom is rife for shipping. You can find a ship chart for just about any combination you can think of—a possible 276 unique combinations. For the sake of brevity, we highlighted just the top 10:

  1. McHanzo, McCree x Hanzo | 35.03%
  2. Reaper:76, Reaper x Soldier:76 | 17.03%
  3. Pharmercy, Pharah x Mercy | 12.69%
  4. Widowtracer, Widowmaker x Tracer | 9.08%
  5. Roadrat, Roadhog x Junkrat | 8.82%
  6. Genyatta, Genji x Zenyatta | 6.76%
  7. Gency, Genji x Mercy | 5.84%
  8. Meihem, Mei x Junkrat | 2.48%
  9. Mercykill, Mercy x Reaper | 1.17%
  10. Mercy76, Mercy x Soldier:76 | 1.10%

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Want more Overwatch?

The fan art and headcanons (Gremlin D.Va, anyone?) that people share across Tumblr are an excellent way to keep a steady stream of Overwatch flow in your dashboard:

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To Whom It May Concern:

A lot of people have expressed a desire for an update on President Donald J. Trump’s health since his inauguration. I have been the personal physician of President Donald J. Trump since 1980 and I am here to say that Mr. Trump’s health is absolutely better than ever.

Since being sworn in, Donald Trump has lost 50 pounds and gained 17 inches of height. He’s the longest president who has ever lived. His livers are both functioning flawlessly. His blood sets an all-time record for the state of New York for “most” and his blood pressure was rated “excellent” by seven different Fox News Twitter polls. He doesn’t even have one cholesterol.

I can say this unequivocally: Donald Trump has the most bones. Scientists estimate that he now has around 900 bones in his body and more are being discovered every day. Some of those bones have never been seen before. They allow him to be really good at presidential things like signing executive orders and making love nightly to his wife who wants him to.

Mr. Trump’s test results have been astonishingly excellent. He actually has a blood type we’ve never seen before: “All.” It’s both the universal donor and universal recipient, and sprinkling it on your penis makes your penis bigger. Mr. Trump’s blood is gorgeous. It has a rich color that’s hard to describe, but if I had to put it into words, I might call it “red.”

President Donald Trump has no family history of cancer, diabetes, or death. The president’s family members are immortal beings that walk the earth without end, craving the sweet release of death that will never come unless they make a deal with a cool witch. Donald Trump will never die, he will just keep growing vertically forever until he lives in space. It’s really astonishing.

His physical strength is extraordinary. He can lift as much as a mother whose child is trapped under a car, but he’s more attractive than that mother and he hasn’t let himself go like she has. Have you seen the way she dresses lately? The hypothetical mother in this simile is a total chunk. 4 at best. As the famous doctor Hippocrates once said, “Would not hit.”

Since the Inauguration, Mr. Trump has kept an extremely active lifestyle. He starts every morning by walking straight up into the sky and then walking down again. He also visits me regularly for checkups. Mr. Trump doesn’t let me touch him because of gay, so I just eyeball it and give him a once over. I can usually tell just by looking how much blood is in him that day or which liver has taken the lead, so it’s not a super intensive process.

Mr. Trump is not only the healthiest president that has ever served, but also the most handsome. I usually want to kiss President Trump when I see him, but I would never break the doctor-patient trust, so instead I kiss the portrait of him I drew on my little note pad. There have been no presidents that even come close to President Trump in terms of overall health and hotness. Franklin Pierce was pretty hot, but his body wasn’t great. James Garfield was more cute than hot. President Trump is the total package. I know this because of my stethoscope.

Just to give a little more background on me, I’ve been a doctor for years. I got into medicine the same way a lot of doctors do: I once took an unmarked pill that I found under a toilet in a public restroom, and the next thing I knew, I was blacked out doing surgery on a man on a Benihana table with the big knives they got over there. I flipped this guy’s appendix right into my hat. And that’s when I caught the bug, for surgery and for tetanus!

Now, I want to address some of the slanderous things that have been said about me. It’s just like these coastal elites to say I’m not qualified as a physician. They think you need fancy things, like a diploma from Harvard Med School or a diploma from a med school or a GED or a car or medicine or clean hands. You don’t need those to be a doctor! All you need is the right attitude and a good sense of humor and to be Jewish and a blank death certificate just in case!

This is America. We’re not “fancy” here. You’re supposed to be able to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and put a bunch of clamps in a guy and see what tubes you can clamp up without making him sleep forever. My grandfather was a blue-collar worker, and so was my father. I am a red-collar worker because my collar is always covered in spurting blood. I may not know art or science or what a “lung” is, but I do know that I love America and am a lung-doctor!

Because of my love of America and Donald Trump, it is an honor to be his physician. Donald Trump could teach us all a thing or two about health. Not only is he the healthiest human ever, but also the healthiest dog, house and Faberge Egg. I wish him luck as he continues on his endless journey.


“Doctor” Harold N. Bornstein, M.D. (Mostly Doctor)

In Indian Mythology, a powerful and evil demon was given a boon. And his askance, as he considered women feeble, weak creatures was that only a female could kill him. He believed this would guarantee his immortality. Imagine his surprise then, when the Goddess Kali appeared, a necklace of demon heads like his around her neck, her power far overshadowing his, and he no match for her incredible strength, defeating him in record time. What I am trying to tell you is, they have always underestimated us, no matter what form we take. What I am also saying is, we should channel our inner Goddesses and make them rue the day they made that mistake.
—  Nikita Gill, Ma Kali

how does harry manage to update his fashion sense with each of his eras?

2012 - sweet dorky kid who might offer to pay for your ice cream and will want to “take it slow, yeah?”

2013 - some bratty frat boy who always gets what he wants but you would still let him fuck up your life

2014 - the matured ex frat boy who left the frat when he got educated on “no means no” and “rape culture” & switched his major to art or some bullshit like that

2015 - that one guy who spends WAY too much time at record stores flipping through queen and the rolling stones commenting about how he “listened to this shit wayyy before it was fucking hipster” even tho he was born in the ‘90s

2016 - the cute new dude who your boss just hired and all the girls (and some guys) in the office have a crush on and so you try to find him on social media but he has absolutely none

2017 - intimidating as fuck guy who gets iced coffee every single morning at 7 am with some weird ass bell bottoms on but when you actually have a convo he just starts crying about how much he loves the bees and “we need to save them at all costs”

Nine Months - Harry Styles Imagine

No piece of mine has never had as much interest surrounding it as this one has, so thank you for expressing your excitement to me. I hope you’ll find it was worth the wait. (Protip: if you’re reading on mobile, ditch the app and read on Safari or Chrome instead, as the app is prone to close on longer pieces of text).

This one is dedicated to @permanentcross, simply because she’s the best. E has listened to me ramble on and on about this story for longer than anyone should have to. She’s the inspiration behind many things beneath the cut, all of which I will leave up to your own interpretation. 

Without further adieu, I present you with Nine Months…

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humans are weird -- adhd.

So after reblogging literally every single “humans are weird” post that came on my dash I decided it’s time to make my own!

Consider the following;

Humans are already weird space orcs that like either worship the term “fuck it” or make sacrifices to the ship’s rulebook, basically. They have a strict series of social interactions that even distinguish themselves between cultures. Deviation is rare, and sometimes ostracized, no matter how seemingly arbitrary.

So when the ship of the Vyrg’s first human shows up, they were expecting a smiling (humans smile for a lot of the time) human who will shake their first right hand.
Instead, they got a messy, spaced out creature whose hair was falling in their face and whose things were overflowing from their arms, all seemingly hobbies and random trinkets. A backpack hung on their back.

Their first words were accompanied with a (sheepish…the captain thought) smile;
“Sorry, I overslept and I forgot deployment was today! And I forgot my saline for my contacts back in my room but we’ve got to take off, right?”

Great. The crew got a dumb one.

Or so they thought, until their human explained the entire summary of how their ship’s mechanics worked, and fixed their left engine to work at maximum capacity in record time. The human followed it up with a seemingly random tangent about something called the “Stonewall Riots” and “gay rights”.

“Sorry,” Human-Clara said.
“A bit of light just reflected here and it looked like a rainbow and it made me think of it.”
Human-Clara had a tendency to speak either so fast they ran out of breath, or with so many pauses it sounded like they were gathering their scattered thoughts at that moment.

Life with Human-Clara was – odd. They kept to themselves mostly, quietly chatting with crew mates on certain days or absorbed in their transponder for others. Sometimes they would walk out of their room so wholly absorbed in yet another new hobby that the Captain feared xe’d never pull them out of it. The crew never saw a hobby finished. Sometimes when they were spoken to, Human-Clara responded slowly and distractedly, eyes distant and far away as if still thinking of something else. They regularly forgot to eat, or sleep, or take care of themselves if they were absorbed in something else. Directions had to be written down or sent to their transponder. The Captain learned to be patient, as Human-Clara seemed to excel with patience.

Human-Clara was also oddly sensitive. It was quite a culture shock for them to learn that the Vyrg didn’t really have a notion of “friends” other than immediate family, and was almost – crushed, for a few days, the Vyrg’s usual polite friendliness not enough. They seemed depressed when their crazy, thousand-lightyears-an-hour tangents weren’t paid attention to, so the crew began to adapt, and things became much more harmonious.

Sometimes Human-Clara got angry. They were terrifying when angry. It lasted only a few seconds, really. They would blow up, the explosion big enough to scare even the Captain, and after the explosion, be calm in seconds afterwards.

Stimulant chemicals made them sleepy, which the Vyrg thought was adorable. They watched videos of what they called “stims”, and flapped their hands when they were happy, and slapped them quickly and repeatedly on flat surfaces when they were really excited about knowing something. These were “stims” too. The Vyrg wasn’t sure what these “stims” were, really, but they seemed to regulate Human-Clara, emotionally.

Then they got another Human, Human-Steve. Human-Steve was often condescending in their remarks, saying that if Human-Clara “tried”, they could concentrate. It was then that the Vyrg learned what “attention deficit hyperactive disorder, primarily inattentive” was.

They panicked, a little. Was their first human sick?

“No,” Human-Clara explained. “It’s just where the connections in my brain are different, so some things I do differently. Human-Steve doesn’t have that, so he doesn’t understand”.

The Vyrg didn’t either, but their previous methods of interaction worked just fine, so they kept using those.

(If anybody wants to add anything, you don’t have too, but feel free!)