THE Old Kingdom of Egypt (c. 2613-2181 BCE) is also known as the ‘Age of the Pyramids’ or 'Age of the Pyramid Builders’ as it includes the great 4th Dynasty when King Sneferu perfected the art of pyramid building and the pyramids of Giza were constructed under the kings Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. 

The historical records of this period, the 4th-6th Dynasties of Egypt, are scarce and historians regard the history of the era as literally 'written in stone’  and largely architectural in that it is through the monuments and their inscriptions that scholars have been able to construct a history. 

The pyramids themselves relay scant information on their builders, but the mortuary temples built nearby and the stelae which accompanied them provide king’s names and other important information. Further, inscriptions in stone found elsewhere from the time record various events and the dates on which they occurred. 

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Article by Joshua J. Mark on AHE

Jaspar Headcanon #115

Just friends don’t snuggle,

Or cuddle, or brush hands and knees,

They don’t look at each other longingly

Or think about each other all the time.

They don’t kiss necks and hands,

Or grab their asses and smile softly.

They don’t share rooms, beds, dreams and

Secret glances. They don’t go on dates

They don’t avoid each others hook ups

Or partners. They don’t get jealous,

Just friends do record the time they’re left alone

They do show the world they’re friends.

Just friends don’t do things you can’t show on

Camera. Just friends don’t call each other babe

And honey.

Just friends don’t fall in love and enjoy every second of it.

That’s why Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg aren’t just friends.

Well look who’s tweeting emo tweets again… 

Jesus.. I think it’s a new record this time.. billie has been here for only a few days, and already yesterday she’s tweeting sad tweets about it. I knew it would happen again but I didn’t think it’d be this soon. I tweeted her saying that greg and billie could give her kisses, cause I want to know what she says, even though I know its probably not true. Also, no sad tweets from billie or onision, so obviously they are fine.

Here we go again…. -_-

Nathan Page Audio Interviews

During the Phandom Rewatch last Friday, the topic of Nathan Page’s interviews came up, which gave me the idea of dedicating another post to them. (Links to my previous posts about these interviews here, here, and here)

Most of us have been around long enough to know that Nathan did a couple of phone interviews and one face-to-face-interview for the fans on August 4, 2015. He was so personable, charming, and funny during these interviews (and all three interviewers asked many good questions) that gave us the opportunity to get to know him better as an actor, a voice actor, and a person. I have listened to these recordings many times, and every time I pick up something new that I didn’t notice before. What’s more, we get to listen to that voice for hours. Although in one of his interviews, he said that “I can’t think of anything worse than sitting here listening to me”, I know we all beg to differ.

For those who would like to listen to them again (or for the first time), you can find them on his website ( under Media, and then Audio Interviews (Direct link here). Note that the first recording is his interview with a radio show, which is fun to listen too as well. Scroll past it, and you will find the following:

1) Vee interviews Nathan Page for the site

2) Sherri Rabinowitz interviews for her blogtalkradio channel Chatting with Sherri.

3) Marie Trevithick interviews for Facebook’s DI Jack Appreciation Society (DIJAS).


p.s. This post is particularly for you, @kanste, since you were asking questions about the interviews during the rewatch. I am also tagging @rithebard and @politicalwhovianblog for their great work on the interviews. I am unable to tag Vee as she has since quit Tumblr, but I am glad that she still remains the administrator of Nathan’s website.

(Posted 27-Sep-2016)

Gonna go get a coffee and when I come back, it’s time to record those sweet sweet Nissa lines for @voiceofallmtg
This time I’m gonna try to save some if my better outtakes since a. I’m not rushing the night before a deadline to get them done b. I have more than two lines this time.

                      HOLY CANNOLIS, GUYS!

This blog has reached two-hundred followers in what is definitely RECORD time for any blog I have ever run. Shout out to the Ghostbusters fandom for being the absolute best, sweetest, most rockin’ fandom EVER. Jillian Holtzmann has come into my life in a blonde, yellow-goggled whirlwind, and all of you have made the experience so much richer. I love playing Holtzy, and I have loved meeting and following and knowing every last one of you. So, since I did a follow forever for 100 followers, I’m putting together a SHORT LIL’ BIAS LIST to show my utter and complete appreciation for those of you who’ve gone the extra lil’ mile. Thank you for everything, for the support you’ve given me along the way, for interacting me and putting up with me and my beautiful tiny gay engineer. 



Oh, my god. Erin. What can I say about you that I haven’t? I love you so much it’s insane. You make me a better writer. Not only that, you make my heart shine and my soul smile. You are the best. Your Erin is actually flawless, and I can’t get enough writing with you- even if I’m complete SHITE at replying in a good amount of time. Thank you for everything, for screaming with me about our tiny gay scientists, for making beautiful icons for me, for Instagramming and Kiking and just BEING YOU. I don’t know what I’d do without you, darlin’. 


JENNIE. Oh my gosh, I love you beyond words. I love being able to scream with you about our beauiful little professor siblings. Plotting is a absolute blast, and I’ve actually come to having my Holtz talk about your Daniel OUTSIDE of our threads. Jillian loves Daniel so much, and I love YOU so much. Seriously. I know I’m not the best at replying, but I hope you know that I love just how much I adore you and your writing and your perfect lil’ Danny-Boy.


Okay so I am lowkey terrified and completely intimidated by you. I watch you all the time- your writing, I mean- and I adore you. I think you are so wonderful and I love writing with you, even the little bit that we do. Jillian admire’s and adores Peter so much, I only hope we can keep expanding their relationship. 

And I’m afraid that’s it! I’m sorry it isn’t longer, but these are the people who I feel I’ve really made a connection with. I’d love to make more connections. PEASE, come into my inbox any time, even if you’re not an rp blog. Let’s chat!


Netflix posted descriptive audio tracks on Daredevil FOUR DAYS after it was pointed out that a show about a visually impaired superhero wasn’t accessible to the visually impaired.

They’re posting descriptive audio tracks for four of their other shows in the coming weeks.

This is how you run a company.

does anyone else think about how fandoms are like cities?

you got your big, bustling ones that are really diverse and busy, maybe a little hard to navigate and full of crime, good areas and bad areas. the locals know the hot spots and how to get around

then the mid-range towns with big city attitudes even though they’re not big cities, a few local hubs of activity, the crazy dude ranting about stuff on the street corner who makes people uncomfortable

and then the small spot towns where everybody knows everybody, you can’t go out without seeing somebody you know, and there’s only one grocery store


Eremarco week, a compilation ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ 

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