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Adore's drag is cheap and messy and just not ready for this level of drag. Get over it.

She looked fucking amazing on that stage! 

+ Drag is an art form and there is more than one way of doing it. 

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Why did you specifically freak out over the 3x14 dance scene ?

Oh I just thought it was really intense, haha. You know, Stefan and Elena didn’t have many good moments in the past few episodes, Wickery Bridge was either 3x11 or 3x12 then she told him she kissed Damon, things are leaning one way, she’s spending more time with one brother than bam! she collides into him at the dance, all the feelings are rushing back, he makes her smile, they have some serious eye sex, he trusts her to make her own decisions, and it’s like STELENA. I find it one of the most STELENA scenes.


The evening was well under way. Conversation flourished in every corner and more than one sim abandoned card games in favor of a quick gossip with their neighbors. As time waned, however, there was no sign of Henry or Lawrence Beechworth. The mood became tepid (or perhaps that was only Rachel’s imagination).

It took all of Rachel’s good manners to refrain from interrogating their host, Jasper Thorpe, as to the erstwhile Henry. Jasper, oblivious to the growing tension, limited himself to pleasantries. The evening was turning out to be a dead bore.

“In my opinion, Fordyce’s Sermons and Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management should be the sole readings for an accomplished lady.”

“Along with the good book, surely, Vicar?” Eleanor interposed mischievously. Emma’s face was a frozen mask of politeness.


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You said in your last post (I assumed so already, so it's not too big of a shock), that as a performer, you won't work all the time. For some reason I've always been afraid that having something else under my belt, ie. choreographing, stage managing... will make me look like a less serious performer... I don't want to seem like I'm relying on a "back-up"-but even the best of the best don't work all the time, it can't be a bad idea to find more than one way to pursue what I love (theatre), right?

YES. Having other skills, particularly ones in theatre, are not something to be ashamed of or to avoid. If you have the skills to choreograph, do it. It is so much more lucrative than acting most of the time, so it can cover your costs while you work on your performing. And it is still in your field, so you’re still making connections!


My books always have a mental soundtrack. And my books always have a mental aesthetic. Sometimes I even bring these images/concepts to life because 1.) us creative types are usually creative in more ways than one 2.) I like to keep thinking about my characters after I no longer get to tell their stories and 3.) it’s a fabulous distraction from other more serious/boring/important tasks I should be working on.

So today I share with you character images and favorite related lyrics from all three of my books.

Read more from Karole Cozzo’s blog post where she shares with lyrics helped shape her books and add to their mental soundtrack.

okay but Dipper’s constellation birthmark is showing up a lot, and it’s used in celestial navigation.

The Big Dipper 

leads to the

North Star

the brightest star

in the northern sky

and then the North Star

helps people

find their way

when they’re lost.

[Mabel] knows in her core that Dipper’s quest for maturity is, in itself, immature. So whenever he takes himself too seriously, it is her duty…to keep him in that kid space where he should be.”–Alex Hirsch

The marauders obviously did some fucked up things to Snape, but can I remind everyone that <i>canonically</i>, James and Severus were <i>rivals</i>. Not just a bully and his victim, as far too many people seem to think.