The marauders obviously did some fucked up things to Snape, but can I remind everyone that canonically, James and Severus were rivals. Not just a bully and his victim, as far too many people seem to think.

okay but Dipper’s constellation birthmark is showing up a lot, and it’s used in celestial navigation.

The Big Dipper 

leads to the

North Star

the brightest star

in the northern sky

and then the North Star

helps people

find their way

when they’re lost.

[Mabel] knows in her core that Dipper’s quest for maturity is, in itself, immature. So whenever he takes himself too seriously, it is her duty…to keep him in that kid space where he should be.”–Alex Hirsch

Jeffmads headcanon???
Thomas fucking hates ‘Tommy’ 'Tom’ 'Jeffrey’ as nicknames and think they are the worst names ever and if you call him one of those he’ll punch you square in the jaw.
One day Madison manages to call him all three,at separate times and everyone’s like ’ Boi,you done fucked up’ but Thomas doesn’t do anything because he loves hearing his name in any form get drawled from Madison’s mouth.

★ Underswap Brothers! ★

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okay but can we talk about the fact that shao trusted zeke enough to reveal his own name????? like that must have taken him a lot of guts and courage to do that?? he let zeke in he was letting zeke see the real him underneath all his thirst for money and the desire for staying a street kid he’s a human being trying to reach his dreams just like the rest of us? zeke almost in a way broke down his walls just that little bit????? shao feared losing him so much? it makes me so sad????

I find it mighty interesting how many people are suddenly soooooooo concerned about seeing Iris in her role as a journalist in the season where Westallen is happening and in the forefront romantically. 

I find it mighty interesting that SB shippers are writing bullshit ass posts about how badly treated Iris is like if Katrina didn’t have the EXACT SAME STORYLINE they wouldn’t be wetting themselves over it. 

I find it mighty interesting that every time there’s a big Westallen episode, there are suddently all of these people concerned about seeing Iris’ development outside of Barry when I know I didn’t see any of those people in her tag making those complaints for the last three weeks where Iris didn’t really have much to do and their white fave was getting some attention.

I find it mighty interesting that Iris literally can save the day with heart, the thing that drives this show, and yet she’s somehow useless. Newsflash, the tech didn’t do anything, at the end of the day the tech isn’t saving the day for Iris. 

I find it mighty interesting that Katrina finally gets a storyline that should be all about her personal development as a woman, and it’s centered around MEN from Cisco, to Julian to now Savitar. 

I find it mighty interesting that Iris has consistently been the most well rounded character on the show, but now all of a sudden she’s “just a love interest” and people are SUPER invested in her career, and only her career. 

I find it mighty interesting just how fucking predictable this fandom is, especially the white feminist contingent. The very same people who say they don’t want to see the Black woman be “just a love interest” but then turn around and start shipping the only available white woman with the souless version of the Hero because they just need to see some version of that white woman hop on some version of a character played by Grant’s dick (it doesn’t even have to be Barry, just has to have his face at the time)– all while complaining that the show ignores Becky’s pain. 

Mighty, mighty interesting. 

When your friends not only support your thirst for 2d dick, but fully understand it

(bless @feelsgood-anon, she gets me.)

so recently i made a hella long thread on why otabek and yuri are so important for each other + how beka is also yura’s agape, and now i’m migrating it here bc i love character studies // @otayuriwriterscollective

my friend linked me to this otayuri on ice vid on facebook and i got to thinking about how important they are for each other as people and as skaters because they are, and especially in yura’s case because beka is actually another form of agape in his life

think about otabek altin, thirteen years old, in a country that is not home, struggling so hard to keep up; otabek who was forced to come to terms w a bitter truth that he has no flexibility, no inherent grace and elegance; whose execution and technique are far from perfect. how alone and out of place does he feel in a ballet training camp, knowing he can’t do these things? how frustrated at himself and at the people around him, how angry – if he wants to skate (and he does, he really does) these are things he has to do… and he cannot. 

and then he sees yura: strong, proud and ambitious yura, who has the technique he envies, the grace and style he covets, who isolates himself with his attitude & talent; he sees yura, and maybe beka falls a little bit in love. maybe he decides that he wants to stay on the ice, so he can cross paths with this boy again someday. 

and beka takes himself to canada, to america, across a whole ocean just to keep skating – to find a way he can skate that suits him, that will take him where he wants to go; to prove there’s more than one way to skate, to win.  and always in the back of his mind is that boy with sunshine hair and fierce eyes; he keeps up with yura, watches him win, lets that fuel him to keep going, keep skating: one day they will meet on the ice, and he’s going to be ready with a challenge (and maybe a confession). because beka has never doubted that yura will go far, that yura will be something great, and otabek wants to be able to stand on equal ground when they do meet; he wants yura to see him, not just walk by at another competition, yura’s eyes on someone else, yura not knowing he exists.

and yura? brash and uncertain yura, so insecure, so desperate for validation (refer to this thread for a discussion of yura’s character) –  just like his grandfather, yura finds his agape in beka, because beka’s love and admiration are just that: unconditional. they aren’t predicated on anything other than yura, aren’t reliant on the perfection of his skating, on the image the other person has of him. beka sees yura as just yura: talented, insecure, uncertain, determined, and ambitious. and beka loves all of it. he doesn’t want to mold yura into something else – not a prima ballerina, not an angel, not a fairy, not another viktor nikiforov. when yura comes to him on the night before the exhibition skate, with his ideas, asking for his help, beka just smiles and says: that’s the yuri plisetsky i want to see – the image of yuri that yuri himself determines; young, tempestuous, unbridled, and strong. the way yuri wants to define himself. beka faces yura and gives him the acknowledgment and validation he’s been asking for all his life, something that no one – not viktor, yuuri, yakov, lilia – has never quite given him.

beka takes him seriously. and more than that, beka sees everything of him and loves him anyway. even goes along with his outrageous skate idea.

and even the way beka confesses: yuri plisetsky had the unforgettable eyes of a soldier; acknowledging that strength, that struggle,   and echoing it in his own journey, the way he has fought tooth & nail for every scrap of talent, pushed himself past everything to stand where the world will acknowledge his skating, where he can prove there are more ways to fight on the ice.

for the first time yuri has someone who sees him as an equal and not as someone to be used (ahem viktor), as someone to be molded into something else, as someone not quite enough; and yura is beka’s inspiration, because beka wants to meet yura on equal terms on and off the ice.

and i love how they show each other off, look for each other on the ice, search each other out, trust each other; i love how beka doesn’t mind that yura’s preoccupied with himself and doesn’t quite return his obvious admiration in equal measure; i love how beka lets yura explore and just be his age, be himself, without asking for anything in return; and i love how yura lets himself be uncertain and vulnerable with beka, be a little weak, be honest of his own initiative.

and beka gets that right now yura’s still frustrated from the gpf, still figuring out himself and his own emotions, and so he’s fine with yura not reciprocating or even realizing beka’s feelings, bc he’s admired yura for 5 years and now he gets the chance to stand beside this boy and yura sees him – that is more than enough, for now, for him, and he will simply be there for yura and let yura be honest, be insecure, be himself. and yura loves him for that (and perhaps for something more)