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It occurred to me that as my dissertation deadline looms closer, so does the end of my journey in England. I’ve lived in this country for a year now and it’s been… interesting, to say the least. Being said, I do feel comfortable enough to add this city to the list of places I genuinely feel most at home.

I especially love walking by the water, and I think that may be why I was so fond of the Nordic capitals; large bodies of water seem to call for me.

I have this tendency to go on ridiculously long walks (we’re talking two or three hours here) once I’m on a roll (Pokémon Go definitely isn’t helping the situation). After spending the entire morning/early afternoon trying to review some readings and work, I found that I couldn’t concentrate much longer and headed out.

If there is one thing that I know for certain, sometimes being productive means stepping away from your work.

And hey, it’s definitely productive when you walk around long enough to get views like this.

A thing :)

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1. Favorite color: blue

2. Favorite songs: bohemian rhapsody, ever after & no place like home (marianas trench), missing you (ALT) 

3. Favorite Bands: fall out boy, all time low, panic at the disco, marianas trench

4. Country (where I live): Canada 

5. Gender: female

6. Hogwarts House: slytherclaw 

7. Zodiac Sign: gemini 

8. Birthday: 18th of June

9. Cities I want to visit: like every capital city in europe and generally just the world i LOVE TRAVEL  

10. Favorite place I’ve been to: The UK in general 

11. Currently studying/working in: nursing :/ 

12. Current lockscreen/wallpaper: my dog (frodo is bae) and also a nabstablook <3 

13. Why did you choose your url: so it matched all my other social media lol

14. Are there people from this website you’d like to meet: my bffl who I’ve already met that I met on here <3 <3 <3 I don’t really talk to anyone else oops

15. Are you the kind of person who will go and talk to classmates if you see them in public or do you avoid them: nah

16. Last book you read: I’m reading the throne of glass seies and I’m on Heir of fire rn 

17. Favorite TV show: game of thrones !!! also stranger things was great and anime is just generally excellent af 

18. What do you want to be when you grow up: a content creator for writing/theatre/film etc 

19. Favorite online shopping site: ehh where it’s the cheapest but I mostly buy clothes irl so I know they fit 

20. Books or movies: booooooooks 

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