Stop trying to make poor people feel guilty for splurging on a $12 bottle of wine once in a while or a $2 coffee every other morning while you throw around money like it’s nothing.

I’m so sorry to tell you, but when someone works 40+ hours a week, or even just part time, and still can’t afford to spend $2 for a damn coffee, THEY ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. Our society is.

You’re out here buying yourself $20 lunches and $50 shampoos like, please tell me more about how a coffee that puts a smile on my face is me “spending irresponsibly”.

What am I supposed to just work, and go home? Never do anything, never buy myself a lunch or a new shirt ever or enjoy life in the slightest? Cause there are millionaires out there with vacation mansions in 8 different countries so please keep telling me how I’m wasting my money on a fucking $10 lipstick that made me feel pretty.

Traveling Through Jakarta with @amandacerny and @prillylatuconsina96

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A sense of adventure comes naturally to 26-year-old actress and director Amanda Cerny (@amandacerny). “The most important lesson I’ve learned from traveling so far is that no matter where you’re going, you should be open to new things,” says Amanda, who caught the travel bug early — and acted on it. At age 18, after working two jobs to save up enough money, she flew to London without a return flight and continued her solo journey to Pamplona, Paris and Stockholm before heading home. “I met so many new friends along the way that I’m still in contact with today,” she says.

Amanda’s interest in traveling to Indonesia was first piqued by her supportive fans in the country. “Now it’s my turn to go visit and show how much I appreciated them!” she says. Indonesian actress Prilly Latuconsina (@prillylatuconsina96) paired up with Amanda while she was in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city, for a few days of adventure. Amanda’s last tip from her travels: “Be spontaneous, and you’ll take more with you than just memories.”


19th of April.

I’m no longer currently living in Venezuela, but my family is still there as well as my friends. Today another protest is happening against the dictator that is Maduro. Venezuela represses freedom of speech and this is one of the few ways I can feel that I can help by sharing word of what is happening.

It is a peaceful protest, however “colectivos” are throwing tear gases to the public (as always), the public is trying to get away from it by crossing Caracas’ river where human disposal is thrown. Today another student’s life is added to the countless victims of their actions.

I could honestly keep going on and on but in summary human rights are being violated in Venezuela. We have been under the same government for 19 years now. Caracas is the most dangerous city in the whole world. People are dying from lack of medicine and food, so they quit their jobs all together to get something out of garbage trucks (as minimum wage can barely get you some eggs). So many other things that I could keep listing but this is just a post I’ve done out of the moment but please take time out of your day to research what’s happening at my home country or at least share what you’ve found as Venezuelans sadly can’t.

UPDATE: Two students were killed on this day. Over 400 people detained by peacefully protesting in this date alone in the Capital.
  • we still don’t have water (i live in an apartment building and we have a water tank, but many people don’t have ANY water at home)
  • classes at schools in lima (the capital city) have been suspended again - they resume on wednesday
  • my uni has postponed classes: i was supposed to start tomorrow but they will start on the 27th
  • right now, a jail is on fire
  • many bridges have fallen and cities at the north of the country are now completely inaccesible
  • probably the rains and mudslides won’t stop for at least a month

also: i’m temporarily closing my studyblr. from now on i’m only going to share info about the situation here in peru. i know i don’t have a lot of followers and many of you have been ignoring this (which makes me feel really sad and dissapointed at the studyblr community) but it doesn’t feel right to go on like nothing is happening. if you want to contact me and ask me how can you help, i’ll be happy to tell you all i know.

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how do you world build? i have all these ideas but i dont know how to translate them into writing.

Hi Anon! There are many approaches to worldbuilding and a lot of them are messy and lead to you working hard on things you don’t end up using, some still are a little simplistic for my taste so I often mix it up. Note: This is just how I do it and not the only way to do it. I avoid writing pages and pages of text on the minutia of life in my world but I don’t restrict things to the rule of threes either, I like my setting with a bit more meat on it. My four stage of world building are under the cut. Looooongnpost warning!

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What I, an European, know each US state for

Inspired by @ralphspina‘s and @ruinsrebuilt‘s very humorous posts.

(Oh god Americans, im so sorry)


Alaska: Orcas, beautiful nature (basically Norway)

Arizona: one big desert (also an iced tea??)

Arkansas: mentioned in one of edward sharpe and the magnetic zero’s songs

California: Basically pop culture; Malibu, Beverly hills, Disneyland etc.

Colorado: Sayy Colorado! IM A GIRAFFE

Connecticut: hard to pronounce

Delaware: ????

Florida: Miami

Georgia: Oh this is easy, it’s a country in Europe.

Hawaii: Surfing, Lilo and Stitch


Illinois: what even..

Indiana: *starts screaming the Indiana Jones theme*


Kentucky: fried chicken

Louisiana: Cajuns (!!!) and an art museum 

Maine: ehmm

Maryland: Monroe??

Massachusetts: oh, Boston!!

Michigan: almost in canada

Minnesota: the home of that blue bird from Rio

Mississippi: thats a river…

Missouri: ?!?!

Montana: that disney singer’s last name

Nebraska: Omaha?

Nevada: Las Vegas

New Hampshire: ??

New Jersey: Kingston, and my grandcousin lives there.

New Mexico:

New York: NYC, nothing else.

North Carolina: Nu uh.

North Dakota: I got nothing.

Ohio: OH OHIO!! i basically know everything about Ohio, bc i made a presentation about the state in English class (don’t ask why)


Oregon: you can’t buy liquor in Oregon

Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh and Philadelphia

Rhode Island: Is, in fact, not an island.

South Carolina: same as north carolina

South Dakota: same as north

Tennessee: Banjos!!

Texas: Cowboys n’ gunslingers (also a lot of spareribs, i speak with experience)

Utah: Somewhere in the middle of USA

Vermont: Maple trees. Also where i will be an exchange student after summer.

Virginia: The other place the Navy SEALs train other than California

Washington: Wait, this isnt the capital? OHHHH,,, TWILIGHT.


Wisconsin: My friend is taking an excange year there. 

Wyoming: Somewhere with mountains


I have always reacted strongly to the vicious terrorist attacks on our home Europe. Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Nice London… but this time it is different. This time the enemy struck my own beloved country and our beautiful capital city. My close friend almost lost her life. She stood one meter from the murderer.

It could have been me for all I know. I was on the exact spot where the attack happened very recently.

Me and my sister are currently at Stockholm Airport (but will fly to Israel later tonight). I really don’t know what to say. Because this will, once again, be talked about for a couple of days and then be forgotten. Maybe another capital city will light up their main building in yellow and blue. Probably not even that. It does not matter.

Brothers and sisters in Europe: for the love of god don’t make this one pass. The ones of you who can do something, do something. Spread the truth no matter what. Demonstrate. Write on walls, riot anything. Vote right wing. I am aware that these are empty words once again but eh… if you don’t, you might end up in the same situation I am right now; trying to comfort a dear person who almost died in a terrorist attack.

Pray for Stockholm ❤

My heart is broken into a billion pieces and I can’t stop crying. I can’t believe it’s true, that something like this happened to my city, my people, my home. Today something horrible happened, but it won’t brake us, they won’t win. We stand together as a capital, as a country and as human beings! Please be kind to one another and don’t let hate win!❤

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I'm sorry, I don't want to come across as rude but. I used to adore Zara and both their clothes and their house products, but I've read a few articles about how they were found not only exploiting workers in places like Bangladesh, etc. but also exploiting children and refugees and i think you should know that. Not to mention they sell a lot of things that have been designed by independent artists and I think ppl should avoid buying from them. Sorry again & hope you have a lovely day 🌷

don’t worry, pal, that wasn’t rude!! i appreciate the fact that you left that message in the ask box, it’s really important!

i do know that Inditex (Zara, Pull&Bear and other shops) has such disgusting behaviours, but also H&M and any other big chain/shop (for example, IKEA or even the big supermarkets from whenever you are!!). to be honest, i highly dislike that kind of shops because of reasons. they profit from the situation in poor countries and actually exploit people who work for them there (mostly women and children, which is even worse), they don’t respect the rights their workers have in western countries (like sometimes they aren’t even allowed to join a union!!), they do the most horrible things to the environment, they promote impossible beauty standards with their sizing, and i could actually go on. those are facts and i really wish more people knew and acknowledged it.

the problem is i honestly think there’s no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism. i never buy stuff from Zara because i don’t even fit in their sizes (and can barely afford such pricing, because in Spain it’s an expensive shop), but i do buy those journals from Zara Home. it’s the only thing i get from that chain. don’t get me wrong, of course i shouldn’t support them in any way and i’m open to any a5 journal recommendations!! but the problem is what i said in my first sentence: to find an affordable and ethical choice (i mean, journals are made from paper, which unfortunately can have bad consequences for entire countries, forests or just the environment, but there’s actually more stuff to consider, because capitalism is a huge monster).

i try my best to do these things when it comes to fashion:
- not buying clothes that i don’t need, not buying clothes that i’m not sure i’m going to use
- buying local. as in local clothes shops owned by ordinary people
- buying vintage!! so important because it gives a second use to clothes
- exchanging clothes with friends
- donating or giving as a present the clothes i no longer use (or maybe re-use to make something i actually like and use!!)

but even if i do all of that, even if journals are the only thing i get from Zara Home, i still can’t help getting things from Primark, C&A and H&M sometimes, because they’re affordable or because they’re my size. any effort is welcome, but i honestly think that the world is built and designed in a way that doesn’t really allow ethical consumption to be a real option :-( but of course that doesn’t mean we can or have to give up!! we have to try our best anyways! it just means we can’t be too hard on ourselves if we “fail”

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Hello there, may I ask something please? I was wondering if Hermes Caduceus works in healing issues? I have read is more an comerce symbol and the one I should use is the Asclepius Rod, but in other sources he is inteligent enough to work in health related issues. PS: When I went to my practice in the capital of my country (Tegucigalpa, Honduras), I worked near the Chamber of Commerce and they used Hermes face as the logo. It always make me remember deities are near us even far from home :).

Awww I bet He just loves having His face on a logo! How neat! 😻

TLDR: Yes!!!!

I enjoy this explanation from

Hermes, the messenger god on Mount Olympus, had a magic wand called a Caduceus, which was given to him by Apollo. The Caduceus is a rod or staff framed by two intertwined snakes; at the top of the staff are two wings.

The Caduceus symbolizes the spinal column, the central conduit for the Psychic Force, or nerve energy, which animates all the organs and members of the body. The places where the snakes cross represent the spinal energy centers or chakras of the subtle body.

The two snakes represent the two complementary halves of the nervous system: motor and sensory, sympathetic and parasympathetic. For optimal functioning of the nervous system, these complementary halves must be balanced.

Hermes, also called Mercury by the Romans, is sometimes pictured as a hermaphrodite, or a person who is half male and half female. So it is with the nervous system; it is neither emissive/masculine/Yang, nor is it receptive/feminine/Yin, because it incorporates both principles, or polarities.

The essence of the nervous system is communication, and Hermes, or Mercury, is the god of communication, transportation, and commerce. Greek mythology also depicts Hermes as a clever trickster, sent out on missions by Zeus and other Olympian gods to do their dirty work. And so, Hermes symbolizes the Mercurial adaptability of the mind, which must survive by living by its wits and ingenuity.

Esoterically speaking, the two intertwining snakes of the Caduceus symbolize the lunar Ida and solar Pingala channels of yogic philosophy, which must be cleared and balanced in order for the kundalini energy, or serpent power, to ascend from the base of the spine to the crown, producing enlightenment. In the Western esoteric tradition, this is called the Alchemical Marriage.

Snakes also have a profound symbolic significance in science, medicine and healing. The snake, which periodically molts, or sheds its skin, is a symbol of healing, regeneration and renewal. In ancient Greece snakes, which move about without any visible means of support or locomotion, were considered to be the wisest and cleverest of all animals.

Asclepius’ staff has only one snake entwined around it, which symbolizes healing, regeneration, and the consummate skill of the medical art. Hermes’ Caduceus has two intertwined snakes, which, in addition to all the above, also represent the need for balance, or homeostasis, for optimum health maintenance and disease prevention.

It seems as if snakes were also solar symbols. Apollo, who gave the Caduceus to Hermes, is often pictured with snakes. And the staff of Asclepius, son of Apollo, has a snake entwined around it. The sun, as the source of all Life and energy in our universe, is deeply connected with healing and the expression of vitality and wellbeing in general.

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I got stabbed in the palm of my right hand at work and close to severed the tendon that controls my index finger. I had microsurgery to repair it within 20hrs and was home in 3 days. Cost nothing- and thank god. Every day I pray for my american friends to stay healthy and safe, because your other options seem to be poverty or death.

for real. its ridiculous that that seems so amazing in comparison like that should just be standard especially with a country as rich as the united states. fuck capitalism

someone: far right extremists are bad. so are far left extremists.

this fucking hellsite: um!!!! no!!!! left wing extremists are good!!!!!! terrorism is excusable when it’s from left wing people!!!!


Hi guys!🍃 this is a little life update 

I have started university!! maybe you remeber that I passed my A-levels this year and finished high school. yes that happened, so now i’m moving on to a different part of my life: uni!

I’m doing Mass Media and Communication Science, so that should be pretty interesting. It’s sounds like it should fit me quite well, doesn’t it? 

I’m also literally moving on, I have to leave my home town bc the university I chose is right in the capital of the country I live in (it’s about 1h 30mins from home so that’s fine) 

I’m living in a student hall now and moved in on Sunday! My room looks really nice it’s a little bit small tho but hey there’s whole new city I can explore (check the photos i already took)

So now I do the grocery shopping and cooking all by myself, I’m growing up guys. I’ll keep you updated on the mental break downs I’ll experience 😅

Camila Cabello: "Our Dreams Were Bigger Than Our Fears

Beautifully written by Camila herself 👍


A bus. The yellow lighting of the gas station against the dark hours of midnight. Fast asleep. Silence. My head slumped over my mom’s shoulder. Her voice timid and hesitant as she stumbled through a sentence in English at the cash register. A Winnie the Pooh journal. These are the things I remember when I think of when my mom and I immigrated to America.

I was almost 7 at the time, born in Havana, Cuba. My papá is puro Mexicano and we lived back and forth between the heat of Havana and the concrete jungle of Mexico City. I didn’t realize it then, but, boy, does it hit me now. I realize how scary it must have been for them. For my mom to leave the streets of Havana where our neighbors were our friends, where we gathered every holiday to eat pork and my grandma’s rice and beans, to not hear the malecón and the heartbeat of her city pulsing with every crash of the wave. For my Dad to leave behind his four brothers and sisters, the memory of his parents, the street vendors selling the elotes con mayonesa that I would beg him to get in the mornings before school, the best friends he’d grown up with … everything. To decide to start from the ground up.

With a couple hundred dollars, the clothes on our backs, no family in the United States, and no clue of what was going to happen next, that’s exactly what we did. Like my mom said, “I don’t know where I’m going, but I can’t stay here.” And that was enough.

Why were we packing up our stuff? Why was my grandma hugging me tighter than usual? Where were we going? “We’re going to Disney World!” That’s what my Mom told me when we were crossing the border. She packed a little backpack with my Winnie the Pooh journal and my doll, and we crossed the border from Mexico to the US, seeing my Dad become an ant in the distance as he stayed behind.

Just Disney World. Whenever I have to make a decision now and I’m afraid, my mom always reminds me of that day. “That day, I knew if I thought about it, fear would make me turn back. That’s why when you’re afraid, you force yourself to jump. You don’t think, you just jump,” she says to me.

After she sat down with the immigration officer in a tiny office, we and a bunch of people from other countries with similar hopes were placed in rooms with tiny beds in them, a hotel full of these rooms. It was me and my mom and two other families in a little room waiting for somebody to come in and let us know if we were going to be granted permission to enter the US or be sent back. Some people spent days there, some spent weeks in agonizing anxiety over what the answer would be. Meanwhile, I was wondering when the heck we were going to get to Disney. We were there only a day when we finally got the news. The room bursted with joy, everybody around me clapping and hugging and screaming and crying! And me yelling out “Yay! We’re all going to Disney!” Little did I know.

Little me and my mamá ended up on a Greyhound bus to Miami that took 36 hours — that’s where I have my most vivid memories. Other stuff I vaguely remember and know from stories my parents told me years after. But I remember writing in my Winnie the Pooh journal a lot on that bus ride.

We got to Miami and moved into my grandpa’s colleague’s house who later became my godmother. My mom was a very good architect in Cuba, but when she came to America none of the degrees she earned in Cuba counted, so to make enough to keep us fed and put me into school she began stacking shoes in Marshalls and going to school at night to take courses in English, all while taking me to and from school and helping me with my homework all by herself, alone in a strange country. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must have been for her to have worked her whole life in architecture and then have it all erased when she came here.

One day, as if God was listening, two elderly Cuban women were conversing with her and told her: “Oye, tu estás muy bonita para trabajar en Marshalls. Where are you from?” My mom told her the story of how she was Cuban and she was actually an architect. You wouldn’t believe it, but the two Cuban women said they had a brother who worked in architecture and needed someone who worked in Autocad, a complicated architectural computer program. They asked her: “Do you know Autocad?” Internally, my mom was like “Autocad? What the hell is Autocad? We use pencil and paper where I’m from.” But to the ladies, she said: “Autocad? Of course. Yes, of course. I can do that.” She learned how to use the program in a week and made enough to move us out of my godmother’s house and into an apartment.

She learned fast because she literally had to in order to survive. Immigrants have one thing in common: Hunger. I don’t mean it literally, although that’s true too, but metaphorically. The hunger to do the impossible because you have no choice, because you came too damn far, because you’ve known what struggling is, and you’re not going to take an opportunity for granted. The hunger and ability to win above people with better circumstances than you simply because you want it badly enough.

Long story short, my papá came over from Mexico a year and a half later — I had a little calendar in my room counting down the days — because he couldn’t stand being away from us. He went through such hardship to cross the Mexican border and had it harder than my mom and I did, literally risking his life for his family to physically make it here. When he first came to the US, he started off washing cars in front of Dolphin Mall in the blistering Miami heat. But we kept moving on up … with the Latin community in Miami, helping each other up as we did it. Slowly and slowly my parents kept working and climbing and ended up forming a construction company together named after my sister and I. They always pushed me to focus on my studies because the whole reason we came here was so my sister and I could have better opportunities in life than they did. They said: “Money comes and goes, but your education, lo que tienes aquí (and they would point to my head while saying that), nobody can ever take that away from you.” They let me know that in order to go a good college I had to get a scholarship, so I worked as hard as I could. However — plot twist! — that didn’t quite go the way we thought it would.

You see, in 9th grade, a little girl who had never sung in front of people before asked her parents if they could take her to Greensboro, NC, to audition for a little show called The X Factor. Yikes! I had never sang in front of people before. Well, did my mom know Autocad? No. Did I know how to perform on a stage on TV? No. But I wanted it badly enough, and I learned from my family that if you work hard enough and you want it badly enough, you can do the impossible.

I was wrong about one thing. My mamá and papá did not leave everything behind, they brought it with them. My grandma still makes pork and rice and beans every holiday like she did, and my mom still feels the waves of the malecón in her heartbeat because she still feels the most at peace when she’s by the sea. My grandma and dad still get drunk and sing Luis Miguel in the kitchen. We found our favorite Taco spot in Miami (I capitalized Taco because they are that good). And whenever we find another person from our country, we freak out. “¿De qué parte?” Because we have home in us. Because we brought it with us. Every Cuban brought it with them and so we have Miami. Mexicans brought it and so we have the best Mexican food ever. The Italians brought it and so we have pizza. The Swedish brought it and we have great pop songs. The list goes on and on. And so, that’s why when I hear a bigoted, racist man with power and influence speak with anger and ill-will about immigrants, I think “what a fool.”

I am so proud to be Cuban-Mexican. This country was built on immigrants. People who were brave enough to start over. How strong we are to leave behind everything we know in hopes of something better. We are not fearless, we just have dreams bigger than our fears. We jump. We run. We swim, we move mountains, we do whatever it takes. And so next time, when anybody wants to tell you they want to build a “wall” on our border, remember behind that wall is struggle, determination,hunger. Behind that wall, could be the next cure for cancer, the next scientist, the next artist, the next drummer, the next anything they work hard enough to become!

P.S. I did end up going to Disney for the first time a year later.

Camila Cabello (September 14, 2016)


10 Facts!

okay so i was tagged by @redstringlovers @surpeme-bean and @ellie-bee242 thank you my loves :)

1. i am 26 which is old as heck (especially on here)

2. i live in adelaide, south australia, which is the third smallest capital city in australia (basically a glorified town)

3. i have three cats and three dogs: i love animals, always have

4. i am a single foster-mum to a two year old girl and am taking on some more tiny babies soon. extra fun fact: my last day of work is tomorrow and then i get to be a full-time stay at home mum (so excited)

5. i hate pasta (i know its so bad) because i was severely allergic to tomatoes as a kid and had some bad experiences with it

6.  i actually grew up in the country on a small island until i was eleven, so i am a water-baby but only in pools… the ocean freaks me out!

7. my favourite weather is when it’s raining and i can sit in bed with a good book and hot chocolate

8. i was actually one of four finalists in a nation wide writing competition when i was twelve (very cool at the time)

9. i have one younger brother who’s 24 and almost a doctor (intern next year) who i’m super proud of

10. my full name is susannah but my family call me zanna

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"the’re literally nothing wrong with killing communists" lmao great job equating nazism, the movement that wants to see me dead, and is actively killing people like me simply for existing as trans women, with communism, the only movement that is actually capable of bringing about transgender liberation, go fuck yourself if you honestly think i deserve to die for not wanting to see myself dead at the hands of capitalism and patriarchy :^)

Yeah communism did sucha good job helping people, remember the Ukraine famine caused by soviet soldiers taking all the crops way?

Remember how the soviets massacred my people at Katyn and proceeded to falsify documents to plant on the corpses to pin the blame on the Germans?

Remember not being able to speak your language in public for fear of being shot? Remember when family friends were dragged out of their homes, sprayed with water and dumped into the lake with bricks tied to their feet? Remember when your entire country lived on food stamps that supplied you with more vodka than meat a month?
Remember that?

Because my mother does. I do. Stalin was responsible for far more deaths than Hitler. Communism has utterly ruined my country.

And you have the gall to complain about the patriarchy?

You’re pathetic.

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What part of the nation are you from? Did you feel the earthquake? Are you ok? We didn't feel it here in my region but my town is currently being besieged by the CJNG with the viagras cartel defending, no matter where we are we all somehow suffer in this country, my thoughts and prayers to those affected in the capital.

I’m actually from New York but I have family in Mexico and my father just came home from Mexico City early in the morning before the earthquake hit, when my family wakes up we’re gonna check if our relatives are okay. I hope you’re doing alright and my prayers are with you love I greatly appreciate you caring 💜💜


I’m feeling a little homesick so I made this

1) Cameroon’s traditional attire
2) Erykah Badu finding her roots in us———— 3) the markings and patterns on the cloth are usually done by hand. Each symbol holds its own meaning.
4) bride and groom both wearing another Cameroon traditional print
5) Unity Palace (home of le president)
6) Monument de la Réunification (symbolizing the unity of French and English Cameroon). Can you guess who divided us up in the 1st place? 😒 Colonialism.
7) National Capital, Yaounde
8) Milla Roger. He is why you know about Cameroon’s football team. He is why you know about Eto'o. 1st African country to make it to the world cup quarter finals, thanks to him….and he basically coined the goal dance
9) My 2nd favorite fruit 😄

There is so much more! I left 10years ago. These are a few beauties I remember
the signs as things Steve Rogers (probably) says
  • Aries: water? no thank you, I'd much rather have a tall glass of independence
  • Taurus: [entering another country] [sniffs] well...this doesn't smell like the home of the brave
  • Gemini: boy I love waking up to the beautiful aroma of capitalism and frEEDOM
  • Cancer: what do you mean I don't have to do the pledge of allegiance before every meal
  • Leo: I love this country...the way it just.. [clenches fist] is free
  • Virgo: [screech of freedom]
  • Libra: what color are my underwear? well I'll have you know they are onLY RED, WHITE AND BLUE
  • Scorpio: what a country
  • Sagittarius: yes I sing the national anthem while showering ????
  • Capricorn: the only tea I drink is liber-tea
  • Aquarius: so what if I say "God bless America" after every sentence
  • Pisces: [sniffs] can you smell that? it smells like hard work and perseverance

Hello everyone! Just wanted to let y’all know I’ll be traveling tomorrow and won’t be home until the 21st. My aunt was kind enough to invite me to go with her on a trip to Washington, D.C. This will be my first time visiting my country’s capital! I’m bringing my new camera with me. I’m still learning how to use it, but hopefully I’ll get some nice photos. I will have internet access but I’m not sure I’ll have much time to post anything while I’m there. In case I don’t get to, I hope everyone has a great week! Love you all.