The Beginning End

No one knows when love begins or ends.

All we wish is it starts with two friends.

Look into my eyes and feel my pain.

Will you stay or go never to pass my way again?

If I told you my secrets, hopes, desires, and fears.

Will you completely share your self, even your tears?

By fate under the moon we met one night.

We have enmeshed with one another along this plight.

My intensity and passion for you and life.

Makes me see a future with me, becoming your wife.

Together greatness can and will be accomplished if we only believe.

Perhaps true love we can achieve on the faith of a mustard seed.

Can you feel me like I feel you?

 then you know in your heart the words I am saying are true.

Kiss me now as I kiss you like this is our first last kiss.

Love me like there will be no tomorrow and this right here we will miss.

Forever and two days I will love you 

I promise this to you.

Now take my heart, body, soul and this ring and say I do.

For in you I have found my fantasy in reality, my home.

Even through death we will never part or be alone.

Nothing can deprive me of my pot of gold and rainbow in the rain.

For in you I have found my true love, now I have no more pain.

Come with me on this journey for two to infinity and beyond all endeavors. 

Thank you for being my sexy better half in this shoot @50shad3s you are amazing as you already know. 

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Hit 500+ a few days ago just been putting off shooting I appreciate and enjoy the fact that you guys and girls enjoy my work…and i surely plan to keep on doing what I do……..I have another reason to be motivated <3

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Favorite IMVU Creators
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Shout out to some of my favorite IMVU creators. I love their work so much. I want to know which your favorite creators are, so please let me know.

Btw, WE ARE ALMOST 2.3k NOW, it’s insane! Thank you so much for everything, for your lovely messages, for your continuous support, for your reblogs and likes, this makes me realize that some of you appreciate my work and that makes me so so happy. Just Thank you, and let’s keep growing up♥. 



We Gone Make It Hot Like Fire

I have been modeling for 2 months now and I can say that I have met some truly amazing people. I will only personally name a few, and if I do not name you don’t feel left out… First I have to shout out my SQQUUAAD!! @ladytorturexxx  my AlyBear my Bestie thanks for all your support in everything . @krisamaevu my Krisaboo girl you are strong beautiful and not to be fucked with….thanks for being the amazing friend you are. @dollyxplayhouse my favorite bimbo in the whole wide world…always true and always real thanks mama… @blessingthem My Ninja…My Big Red…My Bff your fucking awesome and I mean that. @neveahsmooth thank you for always supporting, liking and reblogging my work your truly a great artist. @blackkvnglong thanks for always supporting me you are noticed know that… @roberyndell you picked the best person for the job boss…..and saving the best for last @50shad3s my sweetheart…my protector I don’t even need to say anything you know what it is my baby……… I would be here all day acknowledging all you wonderful supporters but the way my time and this weather set up I need to hit the street on my bike…….till next time I love you all and appreciate you more than you know. 

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This is my guy…my friend….my homie… Big Red….. @blessingthem Check him out he don’t like broke people..Custom apparel….posters……Jewelry….and much more RELIABLE….AND ABOUT HIS BUSINESS. 

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Had a great night at @lowlifeent-vu event with this handsome fella @roberyndell quite the gentleman and was honored as being one of the best dressed couples, classy and sassy.  thank you @majestyvu for everything.  @royaltyent @wrath115 @otisjaxon @cocodarkness @triniswag @mrguapobonezimvu @mrtremaine @ladytorturexxx @the–rebeljezebel–rosey @the-dangerouslust @ebonysandman @imperialxxxstacy @blackbadboy11 @cyariavu @lvsanchez @ladytorturexxx @savagehustlers @gumbosauce @relentlessrai @remedyremy @ygtre @taylorbabyface @alex152469 @samanththings @newdityporngroupreblog @id3stinyi @ideicide @dollyxplayhouse @ttbro1 @korey2012 @henvoiv @hennyman13 @zealotdon @returnofaliciathotiemarie @whippingvu @lyonsdenempire @mr601ms @joinereric2014 @l0vebubblez @xlusci0usx @imvu-models @imvudesigns @silkyruffle @longlivemurda @shaun-is-a-d0n @mzstorm @angeldollvu @cupcakezx @beautti-vu