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My big goal is to make the luxury brands, the designers I grew up wishing I could wear my entire life, create clothing for big men. My biggest dream is to have my own clothing line. I want to have a clothing line for brawn men that offers a variety of sizes in general. I want to cater to the big and tall guy, but also someone like my best friend, who’s 5’2 and has a 48 inch waist. I would love to make something for the outliers. We’ve been put in a box for so long, that you’ve only got these six sizes available to you, and if you don’t fit within that, you don’t have any options. I want to help give people more options.

We talk to plus size male model Zach Miko about signing with IMG Models Worldwide, being a body positive champion & breaking the most annoying big guy myth:

hiiii loves. so my name is emily ( postives ). I am a model for Wilhelmina Denver, fogg management, and IMG models worldwide. I have a dangerous obsession for plants, specifically succulents. my fav color is pastel green and I <3 acaiiiiiii. I play soccer and I run a lot. I have 2 birds which I love too. and my hopes in life is to be 100% organic and live all natural lol🌿☕️🐝

We’re back with another serving of our vaguely helpful BBG Video Diaries series. For this next instalment, Fenn O’Meally gets under the skin of what makes Boys by Girls castings a little bit different from the rest.

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